What is Link Building? A Simple and Extensive Guide For Everyone

What is link building


Link building is the process of receiving links from other relevant websites to your webpage. For example, Website A has a link that goes to Website B, which means Website B received a link.

The more high-quality backlinks of your website in relevant and niche-oriented sites, the better will be your chances to- 

  • Improve Organic traffic
  • Move up your search rankings
  • Web credibility
  • Increasing leads, sales and revenues

The above can also be taken to be some of the major advantages of high-quality link building. Links are the foundation of Google’s ranking algorithms. In addition to high-quality content and mobile optimization, they are the third vital ranking factor on search engines. 

Link building is one of the top factors that comes in Search Engine Optimisation.

Doing only content optimisation and working on technical SEO without link building is useless. 

Link building is an essential part of SEO including other important aspects – Content, On-Page Optimisation and Technical SEO.

In the below image, you can understand the authority of each section. I have given link building 5 stars because it is one of the best ways to move up your rankings quickly on search engine result pages aka SERPs. Backlinks/Link building are also responsible to increase your domain authority/strength.

SEO Linkbuilding

Other than improving rankings and authority, backlinks also help in increasing organic traffic and search impressions.

Let’s imagine you built a new website, published the content and did the on-page optimisation. Now to quickly move up your rankings, you need to get high authority backlinks to your website. 

This is pretty much clear now!

Link building explained via infographics

In simple words, Acquiring backlinks from other websites is also known as Link Building.

  1. Do-follow Backlinks
  2. No-follow Backlinks

Question: What is a do-follow backlink?

Do follow backlinks are the most useful links for building domain authority and improve rankings. SEO expert always checks the link types to ensure the link is a do-follow.

When the link is do-follow that means “Search engine bots can read or crawl on your link that is placed on another website, eventually, that generates an authority”

No matter what, only do-follow contextual backlinks pass the link juice to your website 

Here is a quick tip: Always try to get a link from a website that has a good domain rating score. You can check the FREE domain rating score from various SEO tools. 

Domain rating has many other names in the SEO field. 

Don’t get confused!

SEO tools like Ahrefs named it Domain Rating, and other tools like Moz, Semrush and Ubersuggest named it Domain Authority, Authority Score and Domain Score. All of them are rating the domain strength and popularity of your domain from their different algorithms. 

As I mentioned, all of them use different algorithms to measure your domain score. So your DA/DR/AS/DS might differ and oftentimes will not be the same.

If you are confused with SEO tools, Check out my published article on Ahrefs Vs Moz. These are the leading SEO tools.

Question: How to check a dofollow link?

It is as simple as opening google chrome from your laptop.

Now you know the importance of a do-follow link, It’s important to check on that, right?

I will share the two ways to check whether a link is dofollow or not.

  1. Basic HTML code:
    < a href=”https://marketinglad.io” rel=”dofollow”>Example1
    < a href=”https://marketinglad.io” >Example2
    < a href=”https://marketinglad.io” rel=”external” >Example3

You can simply inspect the webpage and check. All of the above links are do-follow links because the “rel attribute” defines the link type and if there is no rel (check example 2) the link will remain a do-follow link.

  1. Check with a Moz chrome extension:
    Moz chrome extension can also help in understanding the link attribute. Simply enable the chrome extension and check the link attribute without even having the knowledge of HTML.

Here are the steps to follow:

Click on the Moz extension.

You see a pencil-shaped icon, right.

Moz chrome extension

Click on the pencil and you will get options like – followed, nofollowed, external and internal.

Just click on the followed, and you see all dofollow links in the green color, no coding is required.

Question: What is a nofollow backlink?

Nofollow backlinks have the rel”nofollow” attribute that tells search engines “do not crawl this link” and most likely nofollow links doesn’t make any impact on rankings and building domain rating.

Here is how the code looks like: 

< a href=”https://marketinglad.io” rel=”nofollow”

The links you post on social media channels like – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and so on are always nofollow links. Those links don’t pass any link juice and crawlers ignore them.

In the same Moz Bar extension, you can click on the pencil and select nofollow, if the anchor’s color changes with purple that means the link has a nofollow attribute.

Normally, when users click on the link, they don’t know the difference between nofollow & dofollow. When it comes to search engines it has a huge difference.

That’s why always start link building with dofollow links.

At Marketing Lad, we have link builder experts who can audit your brand and give you the best advice on link-building.

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