Link Insertions – An Ultimate Link Building Strategy

SEOs live in the world of link building. There is no doubt about this. A study revealed that users have indexed over 130 trillion pages on Google. While other search engines make up an even bigger part of the pie, this figure alone should be enough to make us consider the vast amount of opportunities for link building. With so many links to go around, there are several strategies you can use to get valuable links. But if I had to pick a single strategy that deserves a place among the best link building strategies, it would be link insertions.

Link insertions are one of the best link building techniques I’ve learned in my time as an SEO. This strategy has helped me rank dozens of pages across dozens of different niches and put them on the first page of Google.

Link Insertions – An Ultimate Link Building Strategy

Link insertions are a great way to build links quickly. Instead of creating new content, you’re simply adding your link to existing web pages.

Link insertions tend to work faster than other link building strategies. Normally, you have to create new content, publish it and then wait for people to find and link to it (or ask them to link).

The process is much quicker with link insertions because the content already exists. You don’t need to create or publish anything. You just need to find relevant pages that are not yet linking out and then contact the site owner/editor.

Create a list of sites you want to get links from. You can do this by searching for your target keywords and checking the results for sites that are not yet linking out. Also, check the competition — what sites are they getting links from? You can use tools like Ahrefs, Moz, Semrush and so on.

Once you’ve created your list, you can start contacting website owners/editors and requesting a link.

link insertion email template
link insertion email template

Link Insertions – An Ultimate Link Building Strategy (3)

The average success rate of link insertions is about 30 per cent, according to a recent survey. That’s significantly higher than the success rates for traditional link building tactics like guest posts, buying links and broken links.

Just think about it: You’re not asking them to write an article or mention your brand or product, you’re only asking them to add a link. That’s it.

Link Insertions are Easy for the Site Owners

It makes sense why site owners are more willing to add a link to their site than do something else. I researched hundreds of examples and found these reasons for its success:

1. The content already exists on the site — you don’t need to create anything new.

2. Your site’s audience has already expressed interest in the topic, which makes them more likely to accept it.

3. It can be done at scale, using tools that automate most of the process.

4. It can be paid at times, keep a normal budget in mind and negotiate before you close the deal with site owners/editors.

Once the content is published, no further maintenance is required.

The insertion of a link into an existing publication is a simple, yet effective, way to add value to the content that already exists online.

The concept is simple: you search for relevant blogs, outreach to their webmasters/site owners/editors and then insert a link in the body of the content. This link might be as part of an article or it might be as part of a resource list.

Once the content is published, no further maintenance is required.

You will notice a boost in traffic within the first 100 days of using this method.

Link Insertions – An Ultimate Link Building Strategy

It’s a method for increasing traffic by inserting links to your website.

This is different from guest posting because you’re not writing the blog post. You’re just finding blog posts that mention something related to your website, and then inserting links within those articles.

To increase your site traffic, you should aim to put a link to your website on highly-trafficked sites that are in your niche.

The marketing lad link building process explained: comparing link insertion and guest posting

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How to Close a Link Insertion Deal?

There’s a huge difference between link insertions and other link opportunities.

Link insertions are where we place a link directly into the content of a page, as opposed to guest posts, by simply placing links in the body text.

Link insertions are valuable because they are often dofollow and appear within the targeted anchor text. This makes them easier to target and get indexed, and therefore more likely to pass value.

Let’s talk about how you can negotiate with webmasters to close the deal.

a. Keep a Budget in Mind

Link Insertions – An Ultimate Link Building Strategy

A well-crafted budget is a roadmap to financial success. Monitor cash flow, reduce unnecessary spending, allocate for essentials, and allocate some for leisure. Regularly review and adjust to attain stability and achieve your goals.

b. Check Credible Metrics

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You honestly need to check a few metrics before outreaching:

      • Organic Traffic

      • Spam Score

      • Site relevancy

    That’s all, If all these metrics sound good then you can go ahead and shoot out the emails.

    c. Negotiate

    Link Insertions – An Ultimate Link Building Strategy (2)

    Site owners can come up with a huge amount. Don’t panic, if they ask for money just understand there is room for negotiation. It’s like they want to do it as well. Be smart and play around with good tactics. For example, you can ask them for a long term collaboration, we have been doing this less lately, our budget is tight for this month and so on.

    Complete Your Deal

    Link Insertions – An Ultimate Link Building Strategy

    Once they agree to your offer. Go ahead and share your link insertion placement. Here is the simple format you can try:

    Your Blog Link: (Add a blog link i.e where you need a link)

    Anchor: (Write an anchor text)

    My Link: (Add your target link)

    Important Note: You have to make sure the link placement looks 100% natural otherwise there would be no benefit and even your site could be penalised by Google.


    Link insertions is a very powerful link building strategy that is used by experienced SEOs. This technique can be said as one of the best link building methods because it can give high-quality links that will improve ranking in search results.

    At Marketing Lad, our experts are ready to handle your link insertion campaign. Feel free to get in touch with us and we will make a great plan for you.

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