Best Digital Marketing and Link Building Communities in 2022

Best link building communities


Link building is the process of building relevant links to a website from external websites. It is the process of making other websites link back to your website. Link building can increase the number of high-quality links leading to a website, successively increasing the possibility of the website ranking highly in search engine results. Link building is additionally a proven marketing tactic for increasing brand perception. Seo’s are always interested in building links to drive referral traffic and increase their site’s prestige.

When combined with strong technical SEO frameworks, high-quality content, great on-page SEO, a great user experience and link building can drive more natural (organic) traffic. Link building collects hyperlinks from other websites to yours. A hyperlink (usually called a link) is a way for a user to navigate between different pages on the Internet. Search engines use these hyperlinks to crawl the Internet. They will crawl the links between the different pages on your website, and they’ll crawl the links between all websites.

Digital Marketing communities

Since link building is a part of the digital marketing umbrella and there are online communities for professional groups that have become more popular than ever. Online platforms like Reddit, Slack, Zoom, etc. have made it easy to build and maintain such digital marketing communities.

However, Slack is one of the popular and biggest platforms for digital marketing professionals to assemble. 

As a messenger app, it is extremely intuitive and easy to build and maintain a community. Slack communities can have different channels and pinned resources.

On Slack, you can interact with various teams of the same or different communities, collaborate on projects, and so on. 

If you’re a marketing professional and you’re expecting to meet others in your field, then you’ll find our list of these digital marketing and link building Slack communities very interesting.

1. Marketing Lad Slack community

Marketing Lad Slack

Marketing Lad Slack SEO community is an invite only community on Slack developed by Shahid Shahmiri. It is specifically for discussions, guest-posting, link opportunities, and blog sharing to enhance the growth of its members and bring them together. It was established in July 2021 as a community to openly exchange ideas.

People across the world have joined, all to share in the discussion about digital marketing, growth, tips, and trends. There is a channel for members to advance one another’s content, for introductions, promotions, updates, SEO, and more. If you are a beginner in SEO and want the right direction for your website on a way to improve its efficiency, it is well worth joining.

At Marketing Lad, we used to face many challenges like meeting fake people, and spammers while working on building links for the brands. We decided to take this initiative where we can come together with the brands we previously collaborated with and that’s how we created a slack community for genuine link builders. 

Joining the community is very easy unless you are a spammer.

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#Backlinks is a free-to-join community of professional digital marketers. It mainly focuses on discussions and information for getting backlinks and content marketing. Members share new trends and articles talking about the most reliable methods for both areas of online marketing. They also share content ideas and new opportunities they find for guest posts with one another.

There are three channels to keep the different types of discussions separate. There’s one for general, random, and guest-post conversations. Then there are other smaller channels for diverse businesses, like healthcare services or e-commerce, for sharing industry-specific insights.

Guest posting is typically the main area of focus, it produces the most discussion among members. Towards that end, the main channel includes a link to a live Google spreadsheet with guest posting opportunities. You can build relationships and seize opportunities within the Slack community by sharing guest posts.

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3. Buffer

Social Media Marketing company named Buffer has founded a community of the same name. It developed out of its large social media following that already included many professionals within the field. Now, they formed a Slack community with over 7,000 active members.

On Slack, as a marketing community, Buffer is more general and covers every topic a marketer would ever think about, including:

  • Blogging
  • Content Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship/Business
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Web development

It is very ably moderated to encourage discussion, advice, challenges, and support among its members. You can also visit their channels for sharing funny jokes or GIFs to have fun among your peers.

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 4. OnlineGeniuses


OnlineGeniuses was founded by David Markovich. A gem in the digital marketing field to bring other experts together. It is a free community that began as a chat group on Skype. Its membership has since grown to incorporate digital marketers, SEO specialists, and also IT professionals.

It includes discussions on every conceivable topic for the profession. People can share apprehensions and trends, or help one another find jobs and networking opportunities. Live events and regular Q&A sessions for members are hosted regularly across the US with experts like Gary Vaynerchuk, Rand Fishkin, and Dmitry Gerasimenko.

OnlineGeniuses truly is a community, in almost every sense of the word. But it’s lasted due to assurance of quality. Every member who signs up goes through the review process before being accepted into the group.

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5. CRO Growth Hacks

CRO Growth Hacks

CRO Growth Hacks is a Slack community specifically for discussing digital marketing tactics. Discussions on Conversion Rate Optimization hacks that enhance growth using techniques such as CRO, SEM, SEO, email, business strategy, and much more. It was established as a community by a group of like-minded peers to openly exchange ideas and advice. There’s also a channel to post open jobs for people working within the field, and there are regular Q&A sessions and giveaways for members.

Otherwise, the channels are separated into different sections or strategies of conversion. There are channels for social media, SEO,  chatbots, and more. If you join, you’ll be able to learn new strategies to drive more online conversions through different means available to you.

They also have a channel for members to promote their businesses, blog, videos, etc. You can also look for networking opportunities with other members or offer them yours. Members can host or join webinars and meetings for each other, or simply share insights in regular chats.

This is an exclusive group and you can submit your request for review to join. They review submissions within a week or two. You will receive the information if you are a good fit for the community. But may not notify you if you are not a good fit.

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6. Creative Tribes

Creative Tribes

Creative Tribes is a paid Slack community with a one-time entry fee of 27$. Its origin is similar to Buffer., a digital marketing company was the founder of this. Its focus for discussions began with SEO and digital marketing.

It also includes channels for entrepreneurs, startups, and professionals in the fields of:

  • Data analysts
  • Designers
  • Web development
  • Writers

There are also regular Q&A sessions within the Slack community with specialists in the industry for members to take part in. Members also share new podcasts and articles to promote each other’s growth in their careers.

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7. Think Tank traffic


This slack community is known by the name Traffic Think Tank (TTT), it was founded by Ian Howells, Nick Eubanks, and Matthew Barby. All of those have expertise in the SEO realm, and they created “TTT” to share their knowledge and experience with other SEO professionals.

To join the community you have to pay, it has two different price levels depending on if you want to take part in discussions,  learn, or both. You can access hundreds of hours’ worth of videos and gain access to training connections and private webinars with other experts.

If you are just a beginner in SEO or want advice on a way to improve your skills, it is well worth the price of admission. Whether you join only for a brief period to get your foundations in the right direction, you’ll get what you wish for in just a few months.

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8. Marketers Chat

Marketers Chat is another Slack marketing community created by Syed Irfaq, who is the founder and CEO of Lukonet, it’s an Accredited Professional Company specializing in displaying ads, PPC, search engine marketing (SEM), and campaign analytics by using Bing ads. He was motivated by what he thought was a problem that endured in communication between internet marketers and their affiliates.

There were already some groups on forums and other chats, but to Irfaq they weren’t organized properly. Slack was more suitable for the discussions that a community of digital marketers and their affiliates could have with one another.

He created various channels specifically to organize discussion for appropriate topics, including:

  • Blogging and content marketing
  • Marketing tools
  • PPC advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO

Professionals and experts love to share tactics and experiences to help each other grow. With over 3,300 members, there are always hot discussions on diverse topics daily. Like other communities, there are channels to promote your work, share news, and look for jobs.

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9. Startup Chat

Startup Chat

Startup Chat is a huge community on Slack with over 7,500 members. The community is for like-minded entrepreneurs who want to share their success stories and insights with other startups to encourage their growth. Even those people that are about to establish their own business within the marketing industry can join to gain advice on their startup.

For Q&A sessions, channels are having successful startup owners and professionals. There are channels for different countries so that people can get advice relevant to their region. You’ll be able to find partnerships among other startup owners who are willing to support your business. All the recommendations and resources can be a significant help to new businesses from inexperienced entrepreneurs.

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You can find so many awesome link-building communities on Slack for digital marketers with thousands of members for those looking for actionable advice and collaborations with like-minded professionals and beginners for every part of their work. 

From simple tips, discussions, and advice to resources like Q&A sessions, to job, freelancing, and networking opportunities or to give something back, share experience and feedback you can find or get in return on these communities. You can find guidance for marketing in specific industries or countries or multiple areas of digital marketing. You’ll communicate with your peers with similar levels of experience, or seek advice from leading experts in your field.

Not only that, but you won’t find more valuable resources for your interests anywhere else.

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