Link Building for Startups – 4 Best Ways to Get Started.

Link building is a way of getting links from other websites to your own. Links can be placed in a variety of different places on different pages, but what they all have in common is that they direct people to your website. Because links are a primary factor in how search engines decide which pages are relevant and which aren’t.

Link building is an essential part of SEO, period.

You can build links to your website by requesting them from other websites (also called backlinks), creating content that’s shareable and valuable, and earning links over time through link-building best practices.

Gaining backlinks to your site requires careful planning and execution.

Here are some ways you can go about it:

Research sites with a good domain rating that you want a link from.

If you want to get backlinks from websites with high domain ratings or domain authority sites, you need to create content that’s worth linking to. This could be an infographic, podcast episode, video or blog post — anything that has the potential to go viral or attract visitors back to your site time after time.

Make sure your content is shareable by adding social media buttons or promoting it across social media platforms.

Start with these 4 Best Strategies

Link building is something every start-up and business should be focusing on because it can have a huge impact on your website rankings. Links tell Google that other websites want to rank you, which in turn increases your chances of ranking higher.

1. Join SEO/Link Building Communities

Link building Slack

The Link Building Community is a place for SEOs to discuss link-building strategies and tactics. The focus is on helping each other out with general questions about link building, opportunities for guest posts, or anything else related to the process of getting links to your site.

The community is a place where you can ask questions, share ideas or even give feedback on others’ ideas. You can also share your content and are welcome to upvote others’ content.

We created the Marketing Lad Slack community as a place for SEOs to interact and help each other out. We want this community to be welcoming to all levels of SEOs and all specialities (local, eCommerce, agency, etc.).

This community does not tolerate any trolling or spamming of any kind or buying links. We have 700+ brands already joined and they discuss everyday link building, guest postings and so on.

2. Guest Posts

guest posting

Guest posts are a great way of building links.

You write an article for another website and in exchange, they’ll publish your article with a link back to your website.

If you can find a site that has thousands of visitors, it’s an easy way to get rapid growth in traffic as well as build white hat links.

The key is to find websites that have high traffic and good domain ratings and that are relevant to your niche.

Guest blogging is a popular marketing tactic, and if you do it right, it can be a highly effective link-building strategy. Of course, for your guest posts to have any link-building value, you’ll need to insert links back to your website.

A link from a relevant, authoritative site is a powerful way to improve search rankings. It’s like an endorsement from an expert, which search engines recognize as valuable input that can help rank websites more accurately. These “votes of confidence” help Google and other search engines determine how people perceive your site.

However, not all guest posts are created equal. If they’re not done correctly, they might not be worth the trouble at all.

3. Connectively formerly HARO

Connectively formerly HARO

Connectively formerly HARO is a service where journalists and bloggers can connect with sources to get quotes, stories and other information. The idea is that it helps journalists get accurate information and it helps sources get publicity.

The platform is a great way to get your content published on other websites and build links. It is a service that connects journalists with sources for their articles.

As a start-up owner, you can use Connectively to build links to your website. The process is simple:

Sign up – Create your account.

Search for Relevant Queries

If you have relevant expertise, send the perfect pitch

If the journalist uses your response, they’ll publish your quote in their article and link back to your website.

4. Unlinked Mentions/Link Reclamation

When you search your brand name on Google, what do you see?

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a few mentions of your brand with a link to your site as well. But what about the other 99% of mentions that don’t have a link?

If you’ve ever shared something without linking to the source, other people have likely done the same thing with your content. Finding and securing these links is a great way to get backlinks that are already relevant to your content. This process is an essential part of link-building services that can significantly enhance your online presence.

In case, no one has written about you yet. You can set alerts for your brand name and other related keywords on Google Alerts. Once you receive the alerts, you can go ahead and ask for the link mentioned.


A good link-building strategy for startups is based on creating relationships with bloggers in the startup community who are in a similar niche.

Link building is one of the most beneficial activities a startup can do in terms of gaining legitimacy and authority. It’s also one of the most overlooked but important tasks a startup needs to complete when trying to grow organic traffic, rankings on the SERPs and domain authority.

At Marketing Lad, we have experts who can help you with executing these strategies. Contact us to see how we can support you.

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