Website Development & Design Services

At Marketing Lad, we offer you all types of web development services with results that are client focused and customer-centric.


Website Development

Custom Website Design and Development

Our frontend developers work with languages such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, along with frameworks like React.js and Vue.js, to create visually stunning and interactive user interfaces. Our backend developers utilize languages such as Node.js, Python, or PHP, coupled with frameworks like Express.js, Django, or Laravel, to build robust and scalable server-side logic.

Responsive Web Design

In today's mobile-driven world, it's essential to have a website that looks great and performs flawlessly across all devices. We specialize in responsive web design, ensuring that your site is accessible and user-friendly on smartphones, tablets, and desktops alike.

E-commerce Solutions

Our frontend and backend developers collaborate to create seamless e-commerce solutions. Frontend technologies like React.js or Angular ensure a smooth user experience, while backend technologies like Node.js or Django handle the complex business logic and database interactions to power your online store effectively.

Backend Development

Powering the functionality behind the scenes, we offer robust backend development services. Our team specializes in building secure and scalable backend solutions using technologies such as Node.js, Express.js, Python, and Ruby on Rails. We integrate databases like MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL to store and manage your data efficiently.

API Development

We develop custom APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to enable seamless communication between different software applications and systems. Whether you need to integrate third-party services, build mobile apps, or connect internal systems, our API development services ensure smooth data exchange and functionality.


WordPress Development

WordPress Migration Services

Are you looking to migrate your website without any loss of data? Our team can make it easy for you by simplifying the process of WordPress Migration.

Re-Design website

You can start fresh and new by redesigning your old website using our website redesign service.

WordPress Bug Fixation

Our quality team makes sure to optimize the performance of your website and fix all the bugs and errors so that your website runs smoothly.

WordPress Installation & Configuration

We make the installation & configuration a stress-free process owing to our talented team of professionals. Get a hassle-free installation and configuration of WordPress.

WordPress Maintenance Services

We understand that all of our clients are not technically sound to maintain their websites and some of them don’t have time to do so. We offer WordPress maintenance services so you can hire us for that!

WordPress Support

Our team provided you with all the technical support for customization, troubleshooting, migration, maintenance, and website design.

WordPress Plugin Development

We provide our clients with all the plugins and extensions required for their business needs.

WordPress E-Commerce Website

We offer a full range of eCommerce options, from one-click payments and paid subscriptions to a fully customizable online store.


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