Top Free Article Submission Sites

Free article submission sites


You need to submit your post for publication on a third-party website in order to build high-quality backlinks to your blog or website. Sites that accept do-follow article submissions can raise the value of your domain authority and enhance page traffic. You can promote articles about your business on well-known article submission websites by incorporating article submissions into your content marketing plan.

As mentioned above, article submission refers to the process of submitting excellent articles associated with your blog to reputable websites. Raising your blog’s search engine ranking and increasing the number of visits it receives are the main objectives of doing this. Article submission is one of the most efficient, reliable, and easily accessible tactics used in SEO. 


What are Article Submission Sites?

Writing the article and posting it on a third-party website is an off-page SEO approach. They are among the safest ways to create do-follow backlinks pointing to your website or blog. Additionally, it aids in increasing traffic and the value of domain authority. It is also advised to submit original, high-quality material to article directories in order to obtain backlinks with high domain authority and PageRank. You might rapidly build some backlinks for your blog by submitting the articles to an article directory.

Do Follow Article Submission Sites: What Are They?

These websites give search engines the ability to slither-that is, to travel slowly to the same website where you receive the backlinks by following a link to an external website. Websites that accept article submissions also assist in improving your website’s or blog’s visibility across a number of search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. You can use a variety of free high DA Do Follow article submission sites and avail the benefits.

Are Article Submission Sites Worth Using?

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There are a few factors that distinguish the best article submission websites, including:

  • Keywords: They are the core of the content because they can increase your website’s reac+h if they are used correctly. If you use good keywords, it might increase your page reach.
  • Subject: Make sure your writing contains original and creative ideas. People will wait for it if your material is interesting and innovative and your website’s traffic will definitely rise.
  • Publishing Medium: If you use good keywords and have attractive content, but the publishing medium is wrong, your efforts will be in vain. It is important to publish your blog on a good publishing page so that it reaches the relevant audience.

Free Article Submission Sites List:


TechWyse is Canada’s largest internet marketing agency and you can submit a well-written, informative guest post on their website. They accept guest posts related to SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Website Analytics, etc.


They are looking for passionate writers who can write articles related to strategic advice, branding, relationship building, campaign creation, etc.

Mangools / Blog

If you are an SEO expert or freelance writer, you can write for them. They accept unique content which should be at least 2000 words.


If you want to blog for a high-quality website then Linkody is a good choice. You can check the famous SEO-related questions on Quora, Reddit, and LinkedIn groups and start writing.


Rankwatc supports every author and gives them the opportunity to get their articles published on their blog. You will have to write at least 1800-2000 words.


Their main aim is to make the Serpstat blog as helpful as possible for their readers. They accept unique content which should be at least 2000-3000 words.

Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is another great website to submit your guest blogs and you can write about social media, digital marketing, digital technology for business, startups, content marketing, etc. The article should meet their quality guidelines and then you can submit it on their website.

Search Engine Watch

It is one of the oldest communities of search marketers in the world today and has over 1.3 million global readers they accept articles related to SEO, PPC, web analytics, etc.

Search Engine Land

They are looking for unique content for their audience and most of their audience are experienced marketers so they focus on sophisticated and evolving topics.

SEO Blog

They are looking for passionate writers who are committed to writing a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly column. They are looking for authors who believe in article readability, grammar, and value.


If you are a popular blogger or expert and are active on social networks then they are happy to publish your case studies, practical advice articles, and statistics regarding digital marketing, intriguing ideas or developments that may be used to boost SEO

EZ Rankings

They are looking for unique topics related to digital marketing trends, SEO trends & guidelines, PPC, Social media marketing tips, email marketing, etc.


It is a website that promotes content and provides readers with a wide range of stuff. It is a popular place for content promotion and marketing activities. The best thing is that it is free and its audience base is solid.


It is a decent paid article publishing website that enables users to publish their articles on more than 2000 different websites. On this platform, article submission gets cheaper the more credit you buy.


You can also publish the information online using My article. It offers an entire room for recognizing the user’s content because it has many categories. Users of can post their content online. It includes a wide range of categories, giving users a full space to acknowledge their posts.


This website is used by both readers and authors. It has a large database of articles like the website that was mentioned previously. It has a significant audience as well.


It is a premium site with rapid approval where you may post your articles for a larger readership.It features a database of articles with a list of many different categories.


It is a steadily growing content platform that uses a question-and-answer style to present its content. It is a good free article publishing platform as you can reach your target audience directly and get many backlinks. Their main goal is to spread knowledge worldwide.


You can make microblogs and assist users in sharing content with a network of publishers with the help of Tumblr. The ability to swiftly create blogs is this site’s main advantage.


It is another popular website for sharing and writing blogs and articles for free. It offers its readers an outstanding feature that allows them to focus on one subject or mix several pieces.


Article submission is one of the most popular and preferred off-page SEO techniques. It makes it easier to increase the popularity and visibility of your blog. A person can easily add their content to a list of free article submission sites and earn many backlinks. There are many free article submission websites and you may use any one of them based on your business needs.

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