Case Studies

Boosting online visibility and driving targeted traffic to your website through effective SEO strategies.


Since October 2020, we've been an integral part of LeadGenApp’s Blog Partnerships and PR/backlink efforts, increasing search traffic from 677K to 1.2M per month and reached to DR 68 from 10.


Elevating Apexure's online presence through a successful link building campaign resulting in a DR 48 Domain Rating and 83% search impression growth.


Increasing Domain Rating by 28 and acquiring 98 high-quality backlinks for INFUSEmedia through a targeted link-building campaign

   Waseem Bashir

Transforming Waseem Bashir's online reputation with a comprehensive SEO strategy resulting in a 35 point increase in Domain Rating, 50+ backlinks and 675 organic keywords

 Heavy-Duty Mobility

Boosting Heavy Duty Mobility's online visibility in just 3 months with a Domain Rating increase to 15, 25+ backlinks and a 3X increase in search impressions and clicks.


The company’s Domain Rating increased from 1 to 30. Search impressions increased from 124 to 348000.