Permanent Backlinks – 8 Most Effective Ways to Grab Them.

Permanent backlinks are essential to increasing your search engine rankings. If you want to improve your rankings, you need backlinks from high-quality websites pointing back to your website. The higher quality of the website, the more positive effect it will have on your page rankings.

When it comes to SEO, the key is permanent backlinks. In order to rank highly on Google, Bing, or any other search engine, you need backlinks—lots of them.

Unless your business is just getting off the ground, you probably already know that backlinks are essential for improving search engine rankings and growing your website. However, they aren’t one of those SEO essentials that you can mindlessly pursue. Links are especially important in this new age of Google Penguin and Penguin 2.0, where you have to be extra careful about outsourcing low quality work or spamming forums with comments and spammy links.

Here is a list of 8 effective ways to get permanent backlinks for your brand:

If you’re looking for a way to get high-authority backlinks, it’s not as easy as it used to be. Google has cracked down on link building, and most webmasters have learned the hard way that you can’t just build any old contextual backlink from blog commenting, bookmarking, and forum commenting and expect it to work.

That said, there are still ways to get quality backlinks. You just need to know what to look for and how to do it right. For example,

Spend time on other sites in your niche: This is the first step in building quality backlinks from other websites. If you’re just starting out online, this may seem like an intimidating task, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not as hard as it sounds! All you need to do is visit each website in your niche one by one and start interacting with their community. The more involved you get with these communities, the higher your chances of getting a backlink from them (and vice versa).

Use freelancing sites to hire someone who has experience with SEO and link building techniques and ask them to do the work for you.

Post on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, asking for people to share your link on their own profiles (be careful about how much of this type of activity you do; it can be seen as spammy).

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    2. Submit Guest Posts

    guest blogging

    When you’re in the content marketing business, it’s important to be a guest blogger. Not only does guest blogging help build your brand and generate new traffic for your website, but it also gives you an opportunity to promote your products and services.

    Guest blogging is a great way to get exposure for your brand, but finding a willing host can be difficult. The good news is that there are plenty of websites that accept guest posts from marketers. These sites range from general interest publications like the Huffington Post to niche blogs on topics like SEO or design.

    There are a lot of benefits to guest posting, but the most obvious is that it helps you build relationships with other bloggers. If you can work well together on one post, there’s a good chance they’ll be willing to write another one in the future.

    Another benefit of guest posting is that it allows you to reach new audiences in your niche. If someone writes a post on their blog about something related to yours, they’ll probably link back to your site and mention you in the article. The more people see your name and link back to your site, the better chance they have of remembering you later when they need help with something related to what you do.

    3. Help A Reporter Out


    HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a free service that connects journalists with experts for interviews.

    The site was founded by Peter Shankman in 2006 and has become a go-to resource for reporters looking for expert sources.

    HARO has more than 200,000 registered users and receives about 1,500 queries each day. At any given time, it has about 5,000 open requests from journalists looking for experts on various topics.

    The service is free for both journalists and experts, but there are also paid options available to both groups.

    4. Write Extensive Reviews

    Reviews are a very powerful way to establish authority, build brand awareness, and generate leads.

    In fact, according to this study, 79% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase.

    The more reviews you have, the better your chances of ranking higher in Google’s search results. In addition, you’ll also get permanent backlinks from authoritative sites.

    Reviews help improve your rankings on Google because they show that your business has been trusted enough by other people to leave a review for it. You can also use reviews as a way to learn what your customers want and how they interact with your products or services.

    The first thing to do is to write a comprehensive review. You can write reviews on any topic, but in order to get permanent backlinks, it’s best to write reviews on products or services that you have purchased and used yourself.

    Next, write a blog post about the product or service that you have reviewed. The purpose of this blog post is to provide more information about the product or service you are reviewing and encourage people to purchase it themselves.

    Include a link to your review in your blog post so that anyone who reads it will be able to find your product feedback easily and can give you a permanent backlink to your site.

    5. Use Link Building Data base Tools

    Link building database tools are powerful resources that revolutionize the process of building backlinks for SEO purposes. These tools offer a vast collection of websites, blogs, and directories that are ideal for obtaining quality backlinks. By utilizing these tools, SEO professionals can save significant time and effort that would otherwise be spent on manual research.

    With advanced filtering options, users can refine their search criteria based on niche relevance, domain authority, and other metrics, allowing them to identify authoritative websites more efficiently. Additionally, link building database tools often provide features that automate outreach efforts, streamlining the entire process and making it more scalable.

    These tools not only simplify the prospecting and outreach stages but also enable users to analyze their competitors’ backlinks, identify potential link opportunities, and stay ahead in the SEO game. By leveraging the power of link-building database tools, businesses can supercharge their SEO strategy and achieve improved rankings and increased organic traffic.

    6. Use Mentionable


    Mentionable is a free marketplace that helps website owners (almost passively) get mentions (backlinks).

    The platform connects website owners with bloggers looking to mention (link to) the marketplace’s websites in their content.

    Website owners have a straightforward process on Mentionable. All they need to do is list their website(s) on the marketplace and select the specific pages or posts where they would like to receive mentions.

    It’s as simple as that!

    From there:

    1. Bloggers can browse through the listed websites on the marketplace.
    2. When bloggers find a website that aligns with their content and would like to mention it in their article, they select it.
    3. Next, bloggers choose an anchor text, the clickable text that leads readers directly to the website owner’s website.

    With Mentionable, bloggers can seamlessly incorporate mentions into their articles, driving traffic to the websites they mention and unlocking an extra revenue source with each approved mention.

    It’s a win-win situation that benefits both bloggers and website owners.

    One key aspect to emphasize is that website owners on Mentionable have full control over the mentions they receive. They can choose to accept or deny any mentions that come their way. 

    This level of control enables website owners to ensure the quality and relevance of the mentions, maintaining the integrity of their brand and content.

    If you’re interested in learning more about Mentionable, you can visit the website:

    7. Create Infographics


    Infographics are visual representations of information and data. They are an effective way to convey complex information to your audience and can be a great source of permanent backlinks.

    The reason infographics work so well is that they are easily digestible. They require little effort to understand and the images themselves are memorable.

    They also have the added benefit of being shareable and linkable. If you include links in your infographic then it will get picked up by other sites as well as social media sharing sites like Pinterest and StumbleUpon.

    Broken Link Email Template
    Broken Link Email response

    Broken link building is a great way to get permanent backlinks. With the right tools and methods, however, broken link building can be a powerful SEO strategy!

    Broken link building is an SEO strategy that involves finding broken links on sites that are relevant to your niche. You can then contact the webmaster and ask them to replace the broken link with one of your own. If you do this consistently with good websites, you can build up a ton of permanent links to your website.

    Are Permanent Backlinks a Reality or Illusion?


    While the current impression might be that the backlinks directed toward your website are enduring, their permanence hinges on the linking website’s decision not to eliminate the link or delete the page containing the link leading to your site.

    In strictly technical terms, the concept of a permanent backlink doesn’t exist. Nonetheless, there are specific backlinks that possess a higher likelihood of remaining intact over an extended period.

    Therefore, when discussing permanent backlinks, the focus is on those links that hold the greatest potential to consistently contribute link equity to your website for an extended duration.

    Given the ever-evolving nature of the internet, your collection of backlinks will also change. This is perfectly normal. However, within your endeavors to establish links, your objective should be to acquire the type of backlinks that can yield substantial and enduring value over the long run.

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      The Value of Long-Lasting Backlinks: Why They Matter?

      For webmasters who opt to purchase backlinks from subpar vendors or individual freelancers on platforms like Fiverr, there is a potential risk associated with the short-lived nature of these links.

      Entities such as link farms or substandard SEO firms might provide backlinks that remain active merely for an initial period, typically around 3 to 6 months, during which you might observe some initial alterations in your SEO performance. However, after this initial phase, these acquired backlinks could vanish, subsequently nullifying any influence they had on your website’s authority or search engine performance.

      Permanent Backlinks Unveiled: Why They’re Essential?

      Permanent backlinks are regarded by search engines as an endorsement from another website owner. According to Google’s perspective, receiving incoming links from such websites indicates that your site is deserving of increased recognition.

      While improved search rankings are a clear advantage of obtaining permanent backlinks, there are additional benefits as well.

      For instance, acquiring links from websites with high page ranks can lead to expanded visibility among potential customers and foster a sense of trust.

      In general, reputable websites tend to have higher page ranks compared to less trustworthy ones. Striving to secure these types of links can contribute to enhancing your brand’s reputation.

      Final Thoughts

      Many people have fallen for the idea that building permanent backlinks is hard and takes time. This is not true! The truth is that if you know how to do it correctly. It can be extremely simple and very fast as well. At Marketing Lad, our experts have extensive knowledge of building permanent backlinks. Get in touch with us and we’d love to help you with building high-quality backlinks.

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