Skyrocketing Prospeo’s Traffic and Domain Rating Through Strategic SEO

Client: Prospeo

An Innovative Email Finding Tool


Software as a Service (SaaS)


8 Months and ongoing.


Traffic increased from 15 to 3500 visitors, Domain Rating improved from 2 to 50


Prospeo, a cutting-edge email-finding tool designed for sales and marketing professionals, faced challenges in gaining online visibility and attracting its target audience. With an initial traffic of just 15 visitors and a Domain Rating (DR) of 2, Prospeo needed a robust strategy to improve its online presence and attract more users.


Low organic traffic hindering brand visibility. A weak backlink profile affects search engine rankings. Underutilised potential in organic keyword targeting.


Our approach:

Our approach centred around enhancing Prospeo’s organic reach and authority through strategic SEO and link-building efforts. Key components of our strategy included:

High-Quality Backlink Acquisition:

Focused on securing 56+ high-authority links from websites with an average DR of 64 to boost Prospeo’s domain authority and search rankings.


Over 8 months, we implemented a targeted link-building campaign, leveraging relationships with high-DR websites across relevant industries. This approach enhanced Prospeo’s backlink profile and overall SEO performance, leading to significant gains in organic traffic and domain rating.


Organic Traffic

Grew from 15 to 3500 monthly visitors, marking a substantial increase in brand visibility and user engagement.

Domain Rating:

Improved from 2 to 50, reflecting a strong backlink profile and higher search engine credibility.

Organic Keywords:
0 +

Expanded to cover 2000+ keywords, significantly broadening Prospeo’s reach and potential for user acquisition.

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