Slack Community Privacy Policy

Marketing Lad

Thank you for visiting the Marketing Lad website. Your privacy is important to us, and we want you to feel comfortable using our website. This privacy policy describes the types of information we collect from and about you when you visit our website, how we use and disclose that information, and the steps we take to protect your privacy.

Data Collection:

We collect your name, email, and LinkedIn profile for individual verification purposes.

Use of Data:

The data is exclusively used by Marketing Lad for marketing and analytics purposes.

Data Sharing:

No data is shared with third-party entities.

Data Security:

We adhere to Slack's security measures as detailed in Slack's security practices.

Terms and Conditions

Community Guidelines:

#guest-posting: For guest posting requests only.

#discussions: For link-building/SEO discussions.

#promotion: For promoting and upvoting content.

#introduce-yourself: For new member introductions.

#random-chats: For any non-topic specific conversations.

#seo_news: For sharing SEO news.

Content Ownership:

The content posted by individual users in any channel is owned by the respective user who posted it. Marketing Lad doesn’t hold any ownership rights over the content shared within the community.

Dispute Resolution:

Use the #help channel for disputes, resolutions, and support, or email us at

Community Membership and Removal Rights:

Marketing Lad or the Marketing Lad Slack community reserves the right to remove any member who does not adhere to community rules or at its discretion, without the need for explanation.

Policy Changes:

Modifications to terms or privacy policy will be announced in the #announcement channel and updated on the community page.

Anti-Spam and Community Safety Clause:

Marketing Lad reserves the right to remove any group or individual found to be engaging in spamming activities within the community. This includes, but is not limited to, excessive self-promotion, irrelevant link sharing, and unsolicited messaging. Additionally, link-building agencies or any entities that pose a potential harm to the integrity and safety of our community will be subject to removal. Our priority is to maintain a productive, respectful, and secure environment for all members.