Apollo Review: Evolve Team’s Engagement & Intelligence Today

Apollo Review: Evolve Team's Engagement & Intelligence Today

Apollo.io combines a buyer database of over 270 million contacts with strong sales interaction and automation technologies in a single, simple-to-use platform. 

Apollo has one of the largest prospect databases on the market, allowing you to identify the best client fit for your company. 

You may prospect consumers using Apollo’s 60+ filters, create personas and saved searches to locate the relevant individuals and organizations faster and take rapid action with in-app interaction features. 

Apollo also has one of the largest databases of mobile numbers on the market today.

Over 1,60,000 organizations, including Autodesk, Rippling, Deel, Divvy and Heap and it has over a million users worldwide.

Apollo assists sales professionals in finding their potential consumers and intelligently automating outreach, allowing go-to-market teams to sell anything.


a. Enrich

apollo enrich

Provides up-to-date data to any system. Apollo data enrichment provides greater insights into your target market. Automatically update your CRM data, making it more actionable and productive.

CRM Enrichment

  • Maintain a CRM your team can trust for fresh and accurate data.
  • Automatic enrichment from Apollo’s dynamic database to your CRM provides a comprehensive view of your contacts and accounts.

API Enrichment

  • Apollo API enables you to search, edit, and improve systems.
  • Apollo’s API will supercharge your systems.
  • Users can search and enrich lead data using their comprehensive and deep B2B database, and can also auto-sync tasks, sequences, opportunities, and more.

CSV Enrichment

  • Enrich any of your systems using CSV.
  • Upload a CSV file and add data points from Apollo’s live database.
  • Manually examine or change as needed before importing into any of your other systems.

b. Engage

apollo engage

Be where your prospects are!

All your essential outgoing channels in one location. Create sequences, hyper-personalize emails, make excellent cold calls, and connect on LinkedIn to fill your pipeline with qualified leads.


  • Instantly book high-value meetings.
  • Apollo’s automatic scheduling eliminates the back and forth and makes it simple for your buyers to schedule demos or follow-up appointments, allowing you to spend more time selling.

Apollo AI

  • Send the correct message at the right moment, driven by AI.
  • Apollo’s Messaging AI leverages its extensive contact database to generate highly customized emails for each prospect in your pipeline.
  • Boost engagement, improve conversions, and build connections faster than ever before.


  • End-to-end automation straight out of the box.
  • With Plays, you can automate time-consuming workflows throughout the sales funnel.
  • These are simple, effective automations for everything that’s too critical to leave to chance.

c. Living Data Network

apollo living data network

Access a dependable B2B live data network with unparalleled breadth and depth of data, backed by the best data practices from collection to verification.


  • The greatest worldwide live data network is at your fingertips.
  • The largest B2B database allows you to reach your complete target market.


  • Actionable lead intelligence in one view.
  • No more wasting time on manual research.
  • Access more than 65 lead data points.


  • Unlock reliable, validated data that produces outcomes.
  • To increase accuracy rate, their verification systems are continually being improved.

Privacy & Security

  • A platform that puts security and privacy first.
  • They value your privacy and adhere to the strictest security standards.

d. Prospect

apollo prospect

Whether you need 1000 fresh leads or 100,000 validated emails and phone numbers, Apollo’s live database of over 275 million contacts has you covered.

Sales Intelligence

  • Get precise and extensive buyer data.
  • With the largest and most accurate B2B database of over 275 million contacts.
  • Apollo enables you to construct lists and filter with accuracy using over 65 data criteria to identify your ideal prospects.

Lead Scoring

Prioritize high-value prospects with AI. Their lead-scoring system provides easy, rapid, transparent, and real-time AI-generated ratings for all leads.

e. Close

apollo close

Improve your pipeline execution by using conversation and deal intelligence, actionable analytics, and tailored coaching to execute deals more quickly.

Conversational Intelligence

  • Transform talks into closed wins.
  • Their AI-powered discussions provide you with the video call insights you need to win more business in the most efficient way possible by automating mundane procedures and making actionable suggestions.

Deal Intelligence

  • Bring more deals across the finish line.
  • Increase your transaction velocity with intelligent, simple, and streamlined deal management.


  • Empower your team with data-driven insights.
  • Apollo has pre-built reports and dashboards that provide a comprehensive picture of the complete sales funnel.

Goal Tracking and Coaching

  • Unlock exceptional team performance and outcomes.
  • You will receive personalized insights and professional coaching to help prioritize activities that promote success and are aligned with your North Star metrics.


apollo pricing

Trial plans contain 50 credits, 5 mobile credits, and nearly all of the features of the plan you choose. You will have the choice of upgrading to a paying plan or downgrading to their Starter plan, which is free forever. 

You may cancel, upgrade, or reduce your plan using the app’s billing settings. All cancellations and downgrades will occur at the end of your plan cycle, whilst upgrades will take effect immediately.


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Final Thoughts

Apollo is a sales intelligence platform that provides tools to assist users in communicating with prospects. Sellers and marketers may utilize Apollo to identify new customers in the market, connect with contacts, and develop a contemporary go-to-market plan.

Apollo’s B2B database has approximately 220 million contacts and 30 million organizations. Teams may use Apollo’s Engagement Suite to grow outbound activities and sequences successfully. 

Finally, Apollo’s Intelligence Engine assists users with their go-to-market operations by providing suggestions and data that help them close.

Apollo has a vast, precise B2B lead database. Their data quantity and quality provide sales, marketing, recruitment, and finance professionals an advantage in accessing information that they cannot acquire elsewhere.