Clari Review: Roadmap to Revolutionize Your Revenue Process!

clari review

In 2013, Clari embarked on a mission to address the prevalent challenge of unpredictable revenue in businesses. 

Recognizing the lack of cohesive information for sales, marketing, and customer success teams to collaborate seamlessly, we aimed to transform these teams from reactive to proactive and from guessing to executing. 

Today, their market-leading Revenue Platform empowers go-to-market teams of all sizes, providing unparalleled control over their entire sales process and revenue operations. 

The outcome is flawless sales execution, unprecedented productivity, and highly effective revenue forecasting. 

With six consecutive years of recognition as a Bay Area Top Place to Work, over 220,000 active users across 170 countries, and $520 million in venture capital funding, Clari stands as the unrivaled solution in turning sales teams into revenue machines.

Why Clari?

Clari stands out as the unparalleled leader across multiple RevTech categories, consistently securing the top position on the Forrester Wave and maintaining the #1 rank on G2. 

Offering best-in-class RevTech solutions encompassing forecasting, sales engagement, conversation intelligence, mutual action plans, revenue analytics, and data capture, the Clari Revenue Platform is the market leader in Forrester’s flagship RevTech categories: Revenue Operations & Intelligence and Sales Engagement.

As the sole unified platform purpose-built to drive revenue, Clari closes the loop between insight and action, making revenue teams 80% more effective with a remarkable 448% ROI, as validated by Forrester’s research. 

By eliminating manual data entry, app-switching, and report pulling, Clari provides reliable insights for reps and managers, enabling swift action.

Empowering revenue leaders with unprecedented visibility and control over the entire revenue process, Clari prevents revenue leaks, resulting in a substantial +30% increase in opportunities created, a +10% win rate increase in the first year, and a +24% increase in the second year. 

The platform also enhances forecast accuracy by 12x. Recognizing that Revenue Operations is the future, Clari has brought it to life, becoming the fastest-growing job in the United States. 

Clari’s Revenue Platform offers a single source of truth for RevOps, executives, and reps, ensuring complete strategic alignment across the revenue engine and control over team execution.

With over 10,000 RevOps users and 50,000 executive users on the platform, Clari receives widespread acclaim, earning a 4.8/5 rating on G2 in both SMB and Enterprise segments.

CROs and RevOps leaders unanimously regard Clari as a “must-have” in their tech stack, attributing their teams’ success in hitting targets, delivering trustworthy forecasts, and influencing GTM strategy to the platform. Clari is recognized as the key to running revenue teams effectively.


a. Capture

Automated data quality and activity auto-capture!


Streamline your revenue process with Clari’s automatic capture of every revenue-critical signal. Clari takes on the heavy lifting, eradicating manual entry, cleansing data, and matching it back to your records. 

This allows your team to reclaim valuable time while simultaneously enhancing data quality across various channels such as email, calendar, and calls.

b. Inspect

Effective opportunity management and comprehensive deal/account inspection!


Confidently manage your business portfolio with Clari’s seamless account and opportunity inspection solution. 

Reps and managers can easily scrutinize their accounts and opportunities, identify potential risks, and take prompt action. 

Embrace AI-driven health scores to replace intuition with intelligence, enabling you to invest time where it’s most needed.

c. Align

Collaborative mutual action plans with Clari Align and enhanced buyer engagement!


Utilize mutual action plans to connect your revenue-focused team members with buyers. Clari facilitates the sharing of plans, alignment of business objectives, and stakeholder management. 

Ensure reps adhere to processes, while buyers remain engaged and committed to the collaboration.

d. Copilot

Intelligent revenue conversation insights and coaching!


While you can’t be present in every sales call, Clari’s Copilot revenue conversation intelligence can. Ensure your reps respond optimally in crucial revenue moments, as these moments can determine the outcome of a deal.

e. Forecast

Accurate forecasting and streamlined pipeline management with Clari Forecast!


Shape the revenue future you desire by consistently meeting your targets. Clari provides a tailored view of performance, robust inspection capabilities, and analytics that are favored by industry professionals. 

With Clari, you’ll always have the right insights to make informed decisions, gaining more control over your success.

f. Analyze

Comprehensive analytics, dashboards, and reporting!


Gain insight into all facets of your business through user-friendly analytics and visuals. Skip the two-week wait in an analyst queue and obtain the information you need with just two clicks.

Gain visibility into every facet of your business with practical and user-friendly analytics and visuals. Instead of waiting in an analyst queue for weeks, obtain the information you need in just a few clicks.

g. Groove

Efficient sales engagement and prospecting!


Effortlessly scale your prospecting efforts, manage deals, and expand accounts with Groove’s powerful engagement workflows. 

Benefit from robust top-of-funnel capabilities to boost pipeline creation, providing sellers with the tools they need to increase conversion rates and win deals. 

Groove ensures ease of use and administration, enhancing seller productivity without causing operational headaches.


clari pricing
  • Zero platform fees.
  • Receive a complimentary premier customer support package.
  • Experience full implementation in just 8 weeks.
  • Achieve a remarkable 448% return on investment, as per Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Study.
  • Save valuable hours.
  • Enhance win rates.
  • Accelerate deal cycles.
  • Boost engagement and net dollar retention.
  • Minimize rep training and onboarding time.


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2. TrustRadius


Final Thoughts

Clari stands as an industry leader in revolutionizing the revenue process through its comprehensive and unified platform. 

With a focus on simplification and consolidation, Clari provides a roadmap for businesses to excel in their revenue operations. 

Boasting top-tier rankings and recognition in Forrester’s RevTech categories, Clari offers unparalleled solutions across forecasting, sales engagement, conversation intelligence, mutual action plans, revenue analytics, and data capture. 

By eliminating manual tasks, enhancing visibility, and delivering actionable insights, Clari empowers revenue teams to become 80% more effective, resulting in a significant return on investment. 

With a proven track record of success, positive user ratings, and strategic alignment capabilities, Clari is the go-to platform for businesses aiming to elevate their revenue processes and achieve sustainable growth.