Cucumber Review: Boost Performance With Behaviour Driven Development

cucumber review

Cucumber, a software tool supporting behavior-driven development, centers around its ordinary language parser known as Gherkin. 

This parser allows the specification of expected software behaviors in a user-friendly language that is comprehensible to customers. 

Consequently, Cucumber facilitates the execution of feature documentation presented in business-oriented text, commonly employed for testing other software. It operates automated acceptance tests in a behavior-driven development style.

Initially developed in the Ruby programming language, Cucumber complemented the RSpec BDD framework for Ruby testing. 

Over time, Cucumber has evolved to support various programming languages through diverse implementations, including Java and JavaScript. Notably, there is a .NET port of Cucumber called SpecFlow.



1. Cucumber Open

Cucumber tools

Incorporate executable specifications validation into your codebase across any contemporary development stack. 

With a remarkable 40 million downloads, Cucumber Open stands as the premier automation tool for Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). 

More than just open source, Cucumber Open serves as an open platform, seamlessly integrating with the tools already in use.

Key Features:

  • Plain Text Storage: Safely store plain text specifications alongside your code within your chosen source control system.
  • Shared Understanding: Clearly articulate how the system should behave in a manner accessible to all stakeholders.
  • Automation Options: Automate processes using Selenium, API calls, or direct function calls within the same process.
  • Versatile Reports: Generate reports in various formats such as HTML and JSON, or construct custom reports to suit your needs.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with CucumberStudio, and JIRA, or develop your plugins to enhance functionality.

2. Cucumber Studio

cucumber tool

Be the premier collaboration platform for Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), ensuring the delivery of quality at the pace of contemporary business requirements. 

The transformative impact of Behavior-Driven Development on software development processes is reshaping organizational approaches. 

CucumberStudio emerges as the quintessential platform for BDD success, serving as a unified source of truth that resonates with your entire team.

Key Features:

  • Activate your Single Source of Truth with effortless Git integration, ensuring your BDD documentation remains consistently updated. Eliminate the need for circulating documents and the concern about everyone having the latest version.
  • Foster seamless collaboration with CucumberStudio, granting the entire team the ability to read and refine executable specifications without the necessity of technical tools. Facilitate collaboration between business and technology teams on acceptance criteria, bridging the gap between them.
  • Bring your team’s feature files to life by presenting them as visually appealing, easily comprehensible documentation, automatically verified with each developer check-in.
  • Implement Agile Test Management by instilling confidence and trust throughout the team with automated tests. Provide all stakeholders with visibility into testing activity and results using analytics tailored for modern agile organizations.

3. Cucumber for Jira

cucumber tool

Embrace the essence of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) seamlessly within Jira. Enhance collaboration to expedite teams in crafting the correct features right from the start.

Key Features:

  • Capture feature behavior through feature files and BDD scenarios effortlessly. You have the ability to associate Jira issues with both feature files and BDD scenarios, and even generate issues directly from the interface of the living document. 
  • Exporting the feature file to a Git repository is a seamless process, allowing you to publish full Gherkin scenarios, transition to draft mode, or download feature files at your convenience. Additionally, generate living documentation directly from the Git repository (compatible with Github, Bitbucket, and Gitlab). 
  • Integration with the leading Git providers (GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket) enables the visualization of feature files from Jira, with the added capability to synchronize filters by tag. 
  • You can also effortlessly upload test results from the living document or push them directly from a Continuous Integration (CI) tool.


a. Enhance your collaborative efforts with Cucumber

Engage all stakeholders in defining feature files through Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), ensuring automatically generated, up-to-date, and easily shareable documentation.

b. Collaboration Solutions

Bridge the communication divide between business and technical teams by fostering collaboration on executable specifications.

c. BDD

Learn strategies to promote collaboration across diverse roles, fostering rapid, incremental work cycles to enhance feedback and workflow.

d. Automation

Expedite development processes by employing BDD specifications that serve as both documentation and automated tests.

e. Living Documentation

Align your team through living documentation that precisely outlines how your software functions.

f. Git Integration

CucumberStudio seamlessly integrates with your source control system, ensuring BDD documentation remains consistently current.

g. Gherkin

Facilitate team collaboration with our integrated Gherkin editor, empowering every team member to contribute effectively.



Every team, regardless of size, can choose from a range of plans.

Experience a complimentary 30-day trial before configuring your chosen plan.

Opt for the package that aligns with your users’ requirements, with billing conducted on an annual basis.


1. G2

2. TrustRadius

Final Thoughts

Choose Cucumber, the leading tool globally for Behavior-Driven Development. Improve your team’s productivity with a workflow that emphasizes teamwork and cross-functionality, allowing you to outpace your competitors in terms of speed and efficiency. 

Whether selecting the open-source or commercial version, our collaborative tools aim to enhance the capabilities of your engineering team through the implementation of BDD. Moreover, with our high-quality training, venture into unexplored territories and unlock new capabilities.