Email Octopus Review: Boost Business with Email Marketing

Email Octopus Review: Boost Business with Email Marketing

Founded in 2015, EmailOctopus emerged with a mission to facilitate audience growth for individuals across diverse sectors. The company is dedicated to delivering email marketing solutions that are simpler and more intuitive and offer better value.

The commitment extends to ensuring cost savings for users without compromising on deliverability. EmailOctopus is driven by a passion for delivering exceptional service with a personalized touch.

Having served a wide range of entities, from self-published authors to influential food bloggers, charities, and online stores, EmailOctopus has assisted over 76,000 organizations in sending over 33 billion emails.


a. Grow Your Audience

email octopus features

Expand your audience by importing current subscribers and continuing to attract more through customizable forms on your website. Alternatively, craft captivating landing pages to capture additional subscribers.

b. Create Beautiful Emails

email octopus features

Create visually appealing emails using pre-designed templates, tailoring them to your preferences with the user-friendly email editor. Alternatively, exercise full creative control by constructing your designs from scratch or importing HTML templates.

c. Automate your marketing

email octopus features

Streamline your marketing efforts by automating tasks, saving time, and engaging new subscribers during their peak interest through an automated welcome series. Whether your automation needs are simple or intricate, utilize the visual automation editor to effectively communicate your brand message.

d. Tailor your messages

email octopus features

Personalize your messages by leveraging insights and data to segment subscribers into targeted audiences. Maintain data organization by tagging contacts, enabling the delivery of highly tailored emails that enhance engagement.

e. Analyze the results

email octopus features

Evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns by monitoring open, click, and bounce rates through user-friendly email reporting. Gain quick insights into what’s working or delve deeper into historical activity for individual contacts.

f. Connect with your favorite apps

email octopus features

Seamlessly connect with your preferred applications such as Shopify, Gravity Forms, and Carrd, facilitating the direct importation of new subscribers into EmailOctopus.


email octopus features

The free Starter plan, available for all users, enables the sending of campaigns to a maximum of 2,500 subscribers. 

To assess the suitability of the service, interested individuals should sign up for this plan and consider upgrading after a trial period. All the plans operate on a month-to-month basis, allowing users the flexibility to cancel at any time. 

Upon cancellation, users are billed upfront for the month, and even after cancelation, they retain access for the remaining duration of the month. Subsequently, they are automatically downgraded, with no additional payments required.


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Final Thoughts

Email Octopus presents an opportunity to elevate your business through seamless and cost-effective email marketing. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, mastering email campaigns becomes effortless. 

Affordable yet potent, Email Octopus is poised to be your partner in achieving marketing success. Take advantage of its capabilities to streamline your email marketing efforts and propel your business to new heights with ease.