Frase Review: Your Shortcut to SEO Excellence Through AI

Frase: Your Shortcut to SEO Excellence Through AI

Frase, a startup based in Boston and supported by Underscore VC, consists of a team of enthusiastic data scientists, software engineers, and marketers who are deeply committed to advancing the fields of search, content creation, and conversational AI.

Their mission is to empower companies to provide answers everywhere. The transformation in how people seek information, where the customer journey now commences with a question rather than a keyword, and the subsequent demand for answers, is the driving force behind all their endeavors.

In this Answer Economy, businesses suffer losses whenever they fail to supply real-time answers through various channels like search, chat, and voice. The absence of a comprehensive Answer Strategy takes a significant toll on enterprises, either because potential customers cannot find the information they seek or existing customers cannot resolve their issues independently. Frase aims to rectify this situation.

Their vision is to establish an internet that is answer-centric, more accessible, and human for everyone. They firmly believe that adhering to these principles will lead to greater success for both their customers and themselves.

Be Answer-driven: They are convinced that exceptional companies will understand their customers in-depth, enabling them to offer readily available and helpful answers consistently.

Be Accessible: They foresee a future internet characterized by seamless, conversational, and omnichannel experiences.

Be Human: They anticipate that AI-driven technologies will assist companies in delivering personalized, human-like experiences on a large scale.


a. Research 

Make SERP research easy!

Don’t waste time randomly clicking through SERP results – Frase streamlines the process by examining and summarizing content from the top search results for any query.

  • Effortlessly assess the content of SEO competitors using an intuitive research panel.
  • Display essential SERP metrics such as word count, domain rating, and heading count.
  • Utilize AI to create comprehensive, optimized content briefs in just 6 seconds.

b. Outline

  • Create outlines in minutes instead of hours.
  • Rapidly craft outlines by utilizing headings from the SERP, or employ AI to produce one in mere seconds.
  • Efficiently construct a thoroughly researched outline by choosing headings from the leading SERP results.
  • Simplify the organization of your outline by effortlessly rearranging headings in our user-friendly Outline Builder.
  • Leverage AI to generate ideas for headings and sub headings.

c. Write

  • Generate content inspired by SERPs automatically.
  • Create SEO-optimized text instantly through an AI Writer that draws inspiration from the search results for your specified query.
  • Develop an outline using our Outline Builder and immediately transform it into a complete draft.
  • Produce controlled content outputs, including blog introductions, high-converting copywriting templates, FAQs, headings, and more.
  • Streamline collaboration with freelancers and colleagues using user-friendly in-product tools to enhance teamwork.

d. Optimize

  • Create content that ranks with your detailed guide.
  • Our user-friendly text editor employs a topic model to evaluate your content about your competitors, offering a list of relevant subjects and their suggested mention frequencies.
  • This assists you in crafting content that will earn Google’s favor.
  • Utilize our topic model to pinpoint the keywords that should be incorporated into your content.
  • Conduct a keyword comparison between your content and that of your leading competitors.
  • Visualize the array of topics employed by your search competitors and their respective usage frequencies.


Begin your journey with a 5-day trial, priced at just $1. You can cancel it at any time. Enhance your capabilities by adding the Pro Add-on to your subscription for an extra $35 per month.

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2. Capterra

Why is Frase better than its competitors?

You’re probably seeking a platform that can streamline your SEO content creation process, encompassing everything from content brief creation to writing and optimization. Both Frase and SurferSEO can offer you these features and workflows.

Here are a few common reasons why our customers prefer Frase over Surfer:

  • Frase is much more cost-effective. This is significant for both self-employed practitioners working within budget constraints and larger teams aiming to scale up.
  • Frase’s Basic plan provides 30 document credits for just $45 per month. To access the same tier with Surfer, you’d need to pay $119 per month. That’s more than twice the price.
  • While Marketmuse’s topic model is a respected approach, the reality is that most content managers and SEOs initially focus on competitor analysis. In other words, they seek a snapshot of the topics mentioned in the search engine results pages (SERP). Frase’s approach is more transparent because users can easily reference the exact sources of these topics.
  • Frase begins with SERP analysis but doesn’t stop there. We understand the importance of “information gain” and how Google encourages content creators to go the extra mile by incorporating relevant topics beyond those mentioned by competitors. To facilitate this, Frase allows you to explore related topics and questions, helping you make your content more comprehensive.

Final Thoughts

Frase’s vision is to establish an internet that’s answer-centric, accessible, and human-centered. They believe that being answer-driven, accessible, and human in the digital space will lead to success for both their clients and themselves. 

Their platform offers streamlined SERP research, efficient outline creation, AI-powered content generation, and optimization tools, making it a compelling choice for SEO content creation. Plus, its affordability and transparent approach set it apart from competitors.