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Explore boundless possibilities with our free plan tailored for business accounts. Gain access to a variety of features, including tracking 100 keywords, monitoring 2 domains, enjoying automatic daily refresh, and tracking both desktop and mobile rankings. 

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Google rank check stands as your reliable partner in the journey to track your rankings and optimize your online presence. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

a. Is it feasible for me to terminate my subscription at any time?

Certainly! You have the flexibility to cancel either through your dashboard, triggering automatic cancellation, or by reaching out to us directly.

b. What is meant by on-demand checks?

The keyword tracker is structured to update daily, ensuring that your data remains accurate and current. If you need the most recent rankings, you have the option to refresh your rank tracker on-demand, as frequently as you desire.

c. Which search engines do you support?

Currently, we exclusively display search results from Google.

d. Can ML – Rank Tracker be effective for Local SEO?

Yes, ML – Rank Tracker can be beneficial for Local SEO. By monitoring keyword rankings specific to a particular geographic location, it can offer insights into a website’s performance in local search results. This information helps businesses optimize their website and content to target local audiences more effectively, enhancing visibility in local search results.