Litmus Review: The Ultimate Email Testing and Tracking Tool

Litmus Review: The Ultimate Email Testing and Tracking Tool

Litmus is a comprehensive email marketing platform that enables you to enhance and tailor each email, maximizing your return on investment (ROI), and delivering exceptional brand experiences to every subscriber.

Our powerful features and user-friendly interface provide comprehensive email testing and analytics, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that drive better results. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting your email marketing journey, 

Litmus is your indispensable tool to unlock the full potential of your email campaigns. Get ready to elevate your email marketing game and achieve unparalleled success with Litmus, the definitive solution for email testing and tracking.

Litmus is a comprehensive email marketing platform that enables you to enhance and tailor each email, maximizing your return on investment (ROI), and delivering exceptional brand experiences to every subscriber.

Their Story


Their story starts like many others: a few entrepreneurs faced the challenge of finding a suitable solution, so they took matters into their own hands, crafting and refining a product that addressed their needs. 

In 2005, three colleagues embarked on this journey, creating a solution to tackle the arduous task of cross-browser testing. As initial users found value in their creations, demands for more features began pouring in.

Driven by these requests, the platform’s capabilities expanded beyond websites, encompassing emails and analytics that could be utilized across various marketing channels. Over time, Litmus transformed into an empowering force, prioritizing email as a key component of the marketing mix. 

Today, with more than 700,000 users spanning diverse industries, including 80% of the Fortune 100 companies, Litmus offers solutions that enable testing, analysis, and improvement, revolutionizing the way businesses approach email marketing. 

By leveraging Litmus, companies can break through the noise in advertising, amplify their message, and achieve results beyond their wildest expectations.

Why Litmus?

why litmus

Numerous companies are unknowingly sending out malfunctioning emails, lacking the necessary in-depth insights to enhance their email strategy. Additionally, they face difficulties in personalizing emails effectively on a large scale. Litmus comes to the rescue, offering a proven solution that eliminates these challenges, ensuring every email sent is optimized to its fullest potential.


a. Email Design

email design litmus

Optimize your entire email design process with seamless efficiency. Save valuable time by avoiding the need to start from scratch or manage assets. Instead, concentrate on crafting stunning emails that yield impressive results. 

Litmus’s email design is your solution for scaling up your team’s email design process without sacrificing quality. It offers a streamlined approach to sending on-brand HTML emails swiftly, providing a centralized hub for reusable templates, code modules, and brand settings. 

With Litmus, your entire team can effortlessly create eye-catching, on-brand emails, accelerating your path to market.

b. Email Builder

email builder

The streamlined process offered by the platform enables users to create on-brand emails with unprecedented speed. It eliminates production bottlenecks and the complexities of traditional email editors. The platform’s versatile email builder tools empower team members, regardless of their HTML skills, to effortlessly produce on-brand emails.

The litmus email builder significantly reduces email development time, enhancing efficiency and productivity. The user-friendly interface facilitates the creation of stunning emails, even for those without advanced coding knowledge.

Design assets are centralized in a single location, promoting easy access and seamless collaboration among team members. Integration with Email Service Providers (ESP) ensures smooth email delivery and simplified campaign management.

The built-in testing feature allows users to test emails with a single click during the building phase. This ensures that emails are flawless and optimized for success. The email builder’s capabilities revolutionize the email creation process, enabling users to achieve outstanding results in a remarkably short time frame.

c. Email Personalization

email personalization

Establish a genuine connection with every subscriber during each email send. Bid farewell to irrelevant emails by leveraging their robust email personalization tools, and witnessing a surge in engagement and revenue. 

Statistics reveal that 80% of customers are more inclined to purchase from brands that offer personalized experiences. However, many brands miss out on potential revenue opportunities due to the perceived complexity of effective email personalization. But worry not! Now, you can effortlessly send smart, customized emails without excessive time and effort. 

Experience a whole new level of return on investment (ROI) with our powerful email marketing personalization capabilities. Tailor each email to suit every subscriber’s preferences with just a few clicks. Rest assured, every email will resonate perfectly with each recipient, allowing you to send your emails with confidence and achieve unparalleled results.

d. Email Testing

email testing

Bid farewell to broken emails with Litmus email testing, which guarantees that each email you send is free of errors and aligns with your brand. 

With Litmus, you can cut the time spent testing and ensuring the quality of emails in half due to a guided check that evaluates important factors impacting email performance and delivery prior to sending. 

Optimize your emails for every subscriber and inbox, ensuring seamless and flawless delivery to maximize engagement and impact.

e. Email Analytics

email analytics

Acquire the essential data to make informed decisions and achieve superior outcomes in your email marketing efforts. Avoid relying on guesswork and gain a profound understanding of your subscribers through comprehensive and dependable data analysis. 

Are you eager to enhance your email ROI by 43%? Brands utilizing Litmus Email Analytics achieve a remarkable 43% higher ROI compared to those that do not. Go beyond mere opens and clicks and uncover the valuable insights you may have been overlooking until now.

f. Email Collaboration and Review

email collaboration and review

Improve collaboration speed, enhance email quality, and achieve superior outcomes by centralizing your email review process. Streamline the review cycles, elevating teamwork to a whole new level of efficiency. 

Effective email marketing thrives on teamwork, but lengthy feedback threads can drain time and cause frustration. The tiresome task of aggregating feedback, seeking clarity from stakeholders manually, and re-circulating emails for final approval can be overwhelming.

However, there’s good news! Reviewing and approving emails doesn’t have to be this stressful. By implementing a centralized email review process, you can eliminate the stress and make the entire review process more efficient, paving the way for success.

g. Email Integration

email integrations

Litmus seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack, eliminating the inefficiencies caused by disparate systems. By providing a unified workflow for all your favorite tools, Litmus helps you save time and minimize errors. Achieve a harmonious alignment of all your email technology with Litmus.

This platform effortlessly integrates with your email service provider (ESP), code editor, and other essential tools. Say goodbye to risky manual processes, and free up valuable time to focus on more critical objectives that yield higher returns. With Litmus, you can optimize your email operations and enhance overall efficiency.


The trial period for a Basic or Plus plan is valid for 7 days. After this duration, the trial will automatically transition into a paid plan, unless you opt to cancel it before the end of the 7 days.

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Final Thoughts

Litmus stands as the ultimate email testing and tracking tool, revolutionizing the way we approach email marketing. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, Litmus empowers businesses to craft flawless, on-brand emails that resonate with every subscriber. 

By providing comprehensive email testing and analytics capabilities, Litmus ensures that each email campaign is error-free and optimized for success. Its seamless integration with various tech tools further streamlines the email marketing workflow, saving time and resources. 

With Litmus, businesses can make data-driven decisions, drive better results, and achieve a new level of email marketing excellence. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just beginning your journey, Litmus is the indispensable tool that unlocks the full potential of your email campaigns.