Lusha Review: Qualify Sales With Trained B2B Company

Lusha Review: Qualify Sales With Trained B2B Company

Lusha is a data-driven team that commodifies self-service B2B SaaS solutions to improve the go-to-market process. 

Assaf Eisenstein and Yoni Tserruya launched Lusha in 2016 to build the world’s largest crowdsourced data community for B2B salespeople, sometimes known as a “Waze for salespeople“. Lusha’s easy, self-service tools provide accurate and accessible data to B2B salespeople of all company sizes. 

It’s prospecting platform, browser extension, and API help sales professionals locate, engage, and close prospects. It’s network now includes more than 670,000 salespeople and 223,000 sales organizations, including Zendesk, Google, and Yotpo.

Who is Lusha?

who is lusha
  • The preferred personal assistant for B2B.
  • The cheerful animated woman that powers your in-app prospecting tool and appears on Gmail, Linkedin, B2B websites, and other platforms.
  • Who you thank for making it simple to locate B2B prospects and their precise contact information.
  • The nickname of the person who gave us our name, Assaf’s daughter.
  • A lively team of data enthusiasts that like what they do, work hard, play hard, and get their kicks from making our clients happy.


a. Prospecting

lusha capabilities

Like an instant library with all the proper decision-makers. Check it out for yourself and begin prospecting with purpose.

Contact search

  • Find the appropriate prospects at scale.
  • Get up to 1,000 contacts and richer info in a single search.
  • Pull up millions of decision-makers’ direct dials.

Company search

  • Find organizations that fit your target consumer profile.
  • Get up to 1,000 companies and richer data in a single search.
  • Aim for high-priority accounts and exceed your targets.

Laser-focused lists

  • Convert all your searches into an accurate and tidy contact list.
  • Increase your productivity and access lists straight from the dashboard.
  • Export listings to your CRM or CSV with a click.

Dashboard analytics

  • Gain quick visibility into your team’s prospecting activities.
  • Spend understanding how credits are used.

Simple integration

  • Save eligible prospects to the proper sequence in one click.
  • Enrich your CRM and simplify all of your data.
  • Follow up with key prospects immediately away.

b. API

lusha api

Enrich any system using Lusha’s One-Click API. Automatically keeps your B2B database fresh and correct.

Person API

  • Enhance your system with prospect contact information, such as direct calls and emails.
  • Receive alerts when current contacts move workplaces or have a new work email.
  • Enrich your database just with contact email addresses or a LinkedIn URL.
  • The bulk API allows you to retrieve up to 100 contacts at once.

Company’s API

  • Update your database with new firm profiles that include precise facts like size, industry, and technology.
  • Route the correct accounts to the appropriate sales agents or territory managers.
  • The bulk API allows you to retrieve up to 100 businesses at once.

c. Extension

lusha extension

How does the Lusha Extension contact finder work?

Add the Lusha Extension’s contact finder to your Chrome browser to make prospecting faster. Open Lusha Extension on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter, Salesforce, or any corporate site to rapidly get your prospect’s contact data and B2B company facts in seconds.

Lusha on LinkedIn

Lusha on LinkedIn provides instant contact and company information for prospects you’re looking for. You can enrich data on any prospect directly on their LinkedIn profile page, or you can bulk enrich multiple prospects using LinkedIn’s people search and Sales Navigator.

Lusha Everywhere

Lusha Everywhere makes it much easier to sell ABM and ABS. Go to any corporate website and launch the Extension to see crucial info about the firm’s buying committee. Enroll decision-makers in the appropriate

d. Buyer Intelligence

lusha buyer extension

Find ready-to-buyers immediately. Discover which firms are looking for the solution you provide and connect with their top decision-makers.

Buying Signals

  • Determine a company’s propensity to acquire based on its behavioral cues.
  • Personalize messages to meet the demands of each company.
  • Make timely and appropriate offers to increase the number of sales closed.

Prospect Activity Alerts

  • Understand when your prospect makes a move that affects their purchasing potential.
  • Customize messages and outreach depending on current prospect information.
  • When decision-makers are ready to discuss business, consider fresh opportunities.

Advanced Search Filters

  • Intent scores indicate which firms are interested in the solution you offer.
  • Technology lists show you what technology a corporation has or lacks.
  • Funding information provides insight into a company’s possible budget.

e. Enrichment

lusha enrichment

Proactively enrich and update your CRM. Easily add new contacts and companies to your CRM with automated workflows.


  • Maintain CRM data hygiene effortlessly.
  • Automate lead qualifying, prioritization, and scoring.
  • Streamline lead routing and territory management.


  • Avoid the physical labor and have high-quality leads ready for you.
  • Develop a consistent and predictable lead pipeline.
  • Optimize conversion rates and overall productivity.


  • Improve your ABM campaigns and lead generation.
  • Automatically generate segmented lists depending on your ICP.
  • Create effective marketing funnels for high-intent leads.

f. Integrations

lusha integrations

Lusha integrates with every tool in your tech stack in under 60 seconds, allowing you to manage your pipeline from one location. It’s time to scale team efficiency.

Are you constantly importing and exporting spreadsheets with data?

Lusha’s one-click interfaces with top data management and CRM solutions enable businesses to prioritize revenue development.

g. Engage

lusha engage

Email Sequence with Lusha Engage. Find your ideal prospects and provide excellent messages.

Connect at the proper moment

Set up automated sequences depending on time zones to connect with the right prospects when they’re ready to engage.

Instantly send from anywhere

Add appropriate fresh prospects from the Lusha platform or extension to your live sequences with a single click.

Get hassle-free interaction

Save crucial time. Avoid complex onboarding, integrations, and administrative permissions.


1. G2

lusha review

2. Capterra

lusha review
lusha review


lusha pricing

Depending on your company’s requirements, each plan provides a unique set of credits and features. Lusha has ideas for teams of all sizes. If you have five or more users, please contact the sales staff to discuss your needs. They would love to make your ideal strategy. Your plan renews automatically, and you receive monthly or annual credits automatically.

Final Thoughts

Whether you work in Sales, Marketing, RevOps, or Recruitment, Lusha’s intelligent go-to-market platform provides you with B2B contact and business data that you won’t find anywhere else.

Lusha’s simple prospecting solution and go-anywhere extension provide precise, direct contact information, allowing you to connect and engage more quickly. Use intent data to locate firms who are actively seeking what you have to offer. Stay in touch with your prospects by receiving updates when they move to employment.

You may also use straightforward, automated workflows to add new contact and corporate data to your CRM regularly. Their API allows you to augment and manage data in any database, system, or app. 

Connect with prospects directly from Lusha Engage, establish email sequences, and send targeted messages to your prospect lists without having to link with another outreach system.

And when it comes to data privacy, they have got it covered so you can, too. They are GDPR and CCPA compliant, with independent third-party validation, and they hold SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and ISO 27018 certifications.

Join over 1 million B2B professionals who have put their confidence in Lusha data.

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