Mailshake Review: Boost Reply Rate with Inbox-Friendly Tips

mail shake review

Mailshake provides intuitive and robust sales engagement software that resonates with users. The company values and celebrates the unique attributes, characteristics, and perspectives that define each individual, acknowledging their valuable contributions to enhance the organization’s strength. 

The firm conviction at Mailshake is that a diverse group collaborating is essential for developing superior products and fostering a stronger, more successful organization.

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a. Streamline Your Email Outreach Process

  • Initiate prospecting outreach swiftly: reach out to your sales prospects collectively through email outreach campaigns and automated follow-ups in minutes.
  • Incorporate personalized text and links tailored to each recipient with a robust mail merge feature.
  • Enhance deliverability by automatically pausing sequences when a prospect responds, unsubscribes, or encounters a bounce.
  • Boost response rates by tailoring your sending schedule to align with your prospect’s preferences.
  • Create your initial sequence effortlessly using proven email templates.

b. Become Acquainted With Every Lead Activity

Achieve insight into all lead interactions by tracking opens, clicks, and replies for each email. Utilize Mailshake Lead Drivers to identify the components of your sequence driving conversions. Enhance your effectiveness through continuous improvement with A/B testing of emails, follow-ups, or entire campaigns.

c. Utilize Mailshake’s Data Finder to Locate Prospects

Discover potential leads effortlessly using Mailshake’s Data Finder, eliminating the need for toggling between various tools. 

Streamline your lead identification and cadence initiation processes within a single platform. With Data Finder, easily filter prospects based on specific criteria such as role, location, or company. 

You also have the flexibility to combine all three filters, providing a seamless and efficient prospecting experience.

d. Follow Up On Leads With Ease

Effortlessly monitor the status of leads within Mailshake. Streamline lead management directly in Mailshake by categorizing leads as either won or lost, and swiftly respond to leads using Mailshake Lead Catcher. 

Gain a comprehensive overview of a prospect, detailing every email, social message, and phone call they’ve received across various campaigns. 

Seamlessly transfer all lead data to your CRM through both native and third-party integrations.

e. Reach Through Making Cold Calls

Conquer cold calls effortlessly with unlimited VOIP calls to the US and Canada, along with cost-effective international calls. Boost connect rates by choosing a number with the area code that suits your preferences. 

Enhance your campaign management by recording calls and adding notes directly within the call window for effective tracking and improvement.

f. Be Present Wherever Your Potential Customers Are

Establish a widespread presence across platforms where your prospects engage. Enhance response rates by integrating LinkedIn and social media seamlessly into your outreach sequences. 

Integrate tasks within your sequences to prompt offline prospecting activities, ensuring a comprehensive approach. 

Automate the inclusion of recipients in a sequence directly from your CRM or other applications through native and third-party integrations, streamlining your outreach process.

g. Prospects Will See Your Message

Your message is guaranteed to catch the attention of prospects, increasing emails delivered to their inboxes. This, in turn, leads to a rise in replies, more booked meetings, and ultimately, higher revenue per representative.


mail shake pricing

Your team’s billing is determined by the number of users you acquire, allowing each user to connect to one mail account. For instance, if you purchase three users, you can connect three mail accounts, even if you have only one person on your team.

Mailshake seamlessly integrates with various email platforms, including Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, most Outlook and Exchange accounts, and any email address supporting SMTP and IMAP connections.

All plans operate on an annual billing cycle. To avoid additional charges, simply cancel your plan before its renewal date, unless there are outstanding costs, such as pending prorated charges resulting from modifications to your subscription.


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mail shake review

Final Thoughts

Mailshake equips you with the tools to achieve a 2x higher reply rate through innovative and inbox-friendly strategies. 

With seamless integration across various email platforms and flexible billing based on your team’s needs, Mailshake empowers you to connect with your audience effectively. 

Enhance your email outreach and engagement with Mailshake’s user-friendly features, allowing you to optimize communication and drive meaningful results. 

Elevate your outreach campaigns, boost your reply rates, and unlock new possibilities for successful communication with Mailshake.