Ocean Review: B2B Success With Targeted Prospect Discovery

Ocean Review: B2B Success With Targeted Prospect Discovery

Ocean.io gives B2B sales and marketing teams emails and phone numbers for the RIGHT individuals in the RIGHT organizations, at the RIGHT moment.

Discover your best-fit consumers simply.

Enter your ideal customer’s URL below to get a list of lookalikes. The only site designed to locate your ideal prospect. Gain access to the efficient, precise, and trustworthy data that your B2B team requires to go to market.

Let’s dive to know more about tool!


a. Launch new markets and verticals within days.

Sign your first contracts quickly by focusing on organizations that need your solution right now.

b. Improve conversions across the whole pipeline.

With their unique lookalike company search and filters, you can double your demo rate and schedule more appointments.

c. Get the pipeline and results that you deserve.

Increase the quantity and quality of Opportunities, MQLs, SALs, SQLs, and Won Deals by focusing only on those that matter.


Maintain CRM data hygiene. Keep your CRM in excellent form with smart features that allow you to automatically add new contacts, eliminate duplication, improve your existing customer data, and export contacts to various teams.

Effective prospecting in just three stages:

1. Connect your CRM.

2. Complete your Onboarding Meeting.

3. Create your first Lookalike List!

Fresh, relevant, and intelligent data.

Say goodbye to databases that just scan LinkedIn and old registries and apply current filters…and welcome to a platform that collects, analyses, normalizes, and organizes data to help you identify the most relevant firms.


A. Their Data

ocean features

AI understands your consumers. Over the previous six years, they’ve taught their algorithm to understand what businesses do so that it can match them to similar requests given by sales and marketing teams.


ocean features

Duplicate your greatest customers at scale. Stop spending time on unsuitable possibilities. Their AI-powered Lookalike Search can help you replicate your existing delighted clients. Everything you need is to provide the URL of a suitable customer and an overview of your ICP.


ocean features

Razor sharp company targeting. With their AI-driven Company Search, you can stop guessing who to target and instead use your best-fit customers to locate their twin.


ocean features

Identify the ideal persons to target. Stop stabbing in the dark and start contacting the individuals you want using their AI-powered individual Search.


ocean features

Prioritize your hot accounts. Stop prioritizing the incorrect individuals and begin with those who are actively seeking your answer right now.


ocean chrome extension

Prospecting on the move. There is no need to waste time signing in and out; instead, use their Ocean’s Chrome Extension to incorporate rapid Ocean insights into your daily activities.


ocean pricing

Custom price to fit your strategy. They understand that efficiency in corporate growth is critical. It is also important to have tools that will support you as you progress. Each customer’s price is customized by them.


1. G2

2. Capterra

Final Thoughts

Want to uncover look-alikes of your top customers?

Ocean only requires a URL and a few minutes of your time. They provide Free Trial, Dedicated CSM, Global Coverage, and GDPR compliance. The only website designed to locate your ideal prospect.

Gain access to the efficient, precise, and trustworthy data that your B2B team requires to go to market.