Pumble Review: Streamline Your Team’s Workflow

Pumble Review: Streamline Your Team's Workflow

Welcome to Pumble! The All-in-One Team Collaboration App. Send messages and files to team members, easily locate them with an unlimited message history, and begin video conferencing with a single click. 182,498 teams interact using Pumble. One App for All Your Work.

Create a channel, share documents, have a video or voice call, invite other collaborators, and feel confident about your job. Everything A Modern Team Needs

From security to support, there’s everything your team needs. Chat from anywhere. Communicate with your colleagues regardless of the device you use.

Why teams use Pumble?


Pumble enables teams to reduce email volume, centralise communication, and increase productivity. 47% reduction in emails , 63% time savings, 23% faster partnership and 30% increased productivity.


  • Emails are messy.
  • On average, office workers get at least 200 messages every day and spend around two and a half hours reading and responding to emails. 
  • With all the long email chains, infinite cc’s, forwards, and reply-to-alls, it’s hard to figure out who said what and when, let alone monitor the discussion.


  • Pumble keeps all of your communications organised.
  • In Pumble, all talks take place across channels, on themes you choose (for example, #general, #marketing, #myproject). 
  • People may join channels that interest them, remain up to speed on various issues, and engage in conversations that are important to them, eliminating the need for emails altogether.

63% Time Saved


  • It is impossible to find stuff.
  • As we receive more emails, it becomes increasingly difficult to discover a certain message or piece of information. 
  • You have to waste a lot of time and sift through hundreds of useless emails before you locate what you want.


  • Pumble allows you to locate precisely what you need.
  • It allows you to view all of your messages, so you can always go back to previous chats, links, files, and so on. 
  • Search by phrase, filter by channel or person, then navigate among matched messages, persons, and files to swiftly discover information.

23% faster collaboration


  • People are taking too long to react to messages.
  • On average, people check their email every 37 minutes, so responding to messages takes a long time. 
  • Attempting to phone, text, or email someone who is unresponsive impedes progress, hinders decision making, and reduces overall productivity in the organisation.


  • Pumble allows you to see a message quickly.
  • It allows everyone to follow discussions they’re interested in, receive notifications when they’re directly referenced or someone sends them a direct message. 
  • You can mute everything else so they can focus on work and review non-essential information in their own time. 
  • Furthermore, you can typically quit a post that you’re no longer interested in, so you don’t have to.

30% increased productivity


  • Communication is everywhere.
  • Today, communication takes place via email, various applications, virtual meetings, and even timezones. 
  • This causes confusion about where to ask for something and where to locate it, as well as a lot of repeated effort.


  • Pumble brings your team together.
  • It provides a platform for organisations to develop channels based on their needs and stay connected via voice and video conversations. 
  • When everything happens in one location, teams can remain transparent and productive regardless of when or where they are working.

Pumble Features

a. Real-time communication

You can conduct private one-on-one talks, group chats that require an invitation, and public conversations that anybody can join:

1. Channels

Create public and private channels to ensure that everyone in your organisation stays connected and receives essential updates.

2. Direct Messages

Start a one-on-one or group conversation to facilitate focused discussions that drive work forward.

3. Threads

Reply to messages to turn a topic into a thread, avoiding cluttering a channel or chat.

b. Productive Collaboration

Move away from emails and increase your team’s productivity with phone and video messaging, file sharing, and limitless search:

1. Voice messages

Record an audio message for your team and let them hear it several times.

2. Video messages

Send a video message to your team to share ideas and vital updates.

3. File sharing

Share files, photos, videos, and links with anybody who needs them. Search through previous chats, share links, and view old files.

c. Meetings

Voice and video communication provide a comprehensive view of the situation:

1. Voice calls

Stay connected and save time with their voice calls service, designed for all organisations.

2. Video conferencing

Begin a meeting with your colleagues or visitors in your workspace using video calls.

3. Screen sharing

Make sure your meetings effectively share ideas by ensuring that yours are heard.

d. Smart notifications

Choose when, where, and what you want to get notifications for:

1. Notifications

Stay up to date whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

2. Reminders

Let Pumble remind you of the messages you’ve chosen.

3. Schedule a message

Choose a date for sending a message on a Pumble channel of your own; arrange for the message to be sent then.

e. Administration

Manage your workspace, including roles, permissions, and files:

1. Permissions

In Pumble, everyone has a role, each with their own set of rights and access.

2. Integrations (coming soon)

Integrate Pumble with all of your necessary applications to do all of your tasks in one spot.

3. Customisable portions

Organise your sidebar so that you can easily access your daily DMs and channels.

f. Security

Secure and make your office more compliant.


Pricing plans for businesses of every size. Begin using Pumble for free, then upgrade when you want additional features. If you pay annually, you receive two months for free. 

Their FREE plan has no constraints and is ideal for startups and non-profit organisations. You may cancel your membership at any time. 

When you cancel your subscription, you can use the premium features until the end of the subscription cycle. After that, you will be downgraded to the FREE plan. They do not give returns.


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Final Thoughts

Pumble presents an innovative solution to streamline team workflows through its all-in-one collaboration app.

Pumble simplifies communication and enhances productivity within teams of all sizes. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, Pumble offers a seamless experience tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern teams. 

Embracing Pumble means embracing efficiency, transparency, and cohesion within your team, ultimately leading to greater success in achieving your goals. 

Experience the power of unified collaboration with Pumble and propel your team towards success.