Scrap Review: Google Maps Data Available for Ideal Search

Scrap Review: Google Maps Data Now Available for Ideal Search

Scrap is your Google Maps lead generator. Turn Google Maps into a lead generation machine. Try for free for 7 days and cancel at any moment.

People at Google Maps work to make the data accessible to everyone, enabling the creation and real-time updating of prospecting files.

A cloud-based application that allows customers to scrap Google Maps to collect prospect emails and download leads into CSV/Excel formats. Scrap goes public on October 8, 2021. You may search Google My Business’s 4000+ activities from anywhere in the world.

Their Values

a. Transparency

They believe in a future in which everyone can safeguard their information and privacy. They only give info that is publically available on the Internet.

b. Availability

Their top goal is to listen to the consumer. They take their questions, concerns, and ideas extremely seriously. Customers get direct access to the co-founders.

c. Integrity

They always behave honestly. They maintain their commitments and are responsible for their actions. Integrity is the cornerstone of all trust.

d. Simplicity

They favor items that are straightforward to comprehend and utilize. They avoid introducing too many features and focus on the fundamentals.

e. Efficiency

They aspire to do more with less. They are always optimizing their processes to move quicker and produce significant outcomes in the shortest amount of time.

f. Flexibility

They don’t have preconceived notions about what should or should not be done. They test everything, listen to their market and consumers, and implement what works.


Search by city, state, or entire nation. Choose from Google Maps’ 4000+ categories and target specific nations, states, counties, or cities in 195 countries. Filter results with accuracy.

You wish to find just firms with an email but no Facebook profile. The ones with a Google Maps rating of 3.9 to 4.4 and less than 15 photos? It is possible using their search filters. Scraping in real-time.

No more faulty data! Scrap is not a scraped database from months ago that contains outdated and invalid data. You get the most recent and correct data from Google Maps in real-time for all extractions.


scrap pricing

You may cancel your membership at any moment by clicking the “Cancel Subscription” button. You will have access till the expiration of the current term. Upgrade to a higher plan by going here and selecting the desired plan.

When you upgrade to a higher plan, you will receive a proportional refund of the unused time from your prior membership, while you pay for and begin the new subscription immediately.


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scrap review
scrap review

Final Thoughts

Scrap is a powerful application that scrapes Google Maps and generates business leads with a few clicks. You may store the data as export files (CSV/Excel) or using their API.

For each business, they supply all of its Google Map data (address, phone, photographs, opening hours, attributes, etc.) as well as all of its website data (emails, social networks, contact pages, meta tags, ad pixels, etc.).