6 Best On-Page SEO Techniques in 2024

Let us begin with a question that still lacks a bit of clarity among SEOs, digital marketing agencies, and brands- 

‘Does On-Page SEO matter for Digital Performance?’

According to leading experts, On-Page SEO is the foundation of your digital performance on search engines like Google. Also known as ‘On-Site SEO’, it refers to the practice of optimizing your brand website and other web pages (landing pages) for search engines. 

Many consider On-Page SEO to be the starting point of any digital marketing related activities. If your web pages are not properly optimized for Google’s algorithms, crawlers and bots, chances are that your performance will suffer. 

In this article, we look at why On-Page SEO is important. In addition, we also look at the best techniques or strategies for the same in 2024. 

On-Page SEO: What is it and why is it important?

Let us start with the basics. Google offers certain guidelines and suggestions to webmasters to ensure that their sites are most friendly to users of search engines. 

You can say that On-Page SEO is like a Checklist of Guidelines, which informs webmasters about what works best and what doesn’t. This is why it is important to revisit your On-Page metrics every once in a while, to see if they are perfectly aligned with Google’s guidelines. 

If your On-Page SEO is not optimized, Google will not show your web pages to audiences in its search lists. This means that if you are not present on search rankings, you will lose out on clicks, traffic, and potential sales. 

If you are a brand looking to optimize for the best digital performance, On-Page SEO is as important for you as Off-Page SEO. 

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List of 6 Best On-Page SEO Techniques in 2024.

1. Optimizing for High-Quality SEO Content

 The first thing webmasters need to focus on is creating SEO-optimised content. This means concentrating on the following- 

  • Keyword Injection
  • Titles and Meta Description (presence of keywords)
  • Long Format Original Content (1500+ words)
  • URL Structures 
  • Blog Section

Keyword-rich content helps Google’s crawlers and bots in understanding what your page is all about and the kind of information it is carrying. It then uses all the above to judge whether it should show your content in search results when people type into the search bar. 

2. Focussing on Mobile Responsiveness

Did you know that Google has introduced a Mobile-First Indexing Policy in 2018? It has done so because it wants to concentrate on the 70% of search, which is conducted from mobile phones. This is why it is important to ensure that your brand website and other web pages are highly optimized for mobile view. You also need to focus on tablets, given their mass use. 

3. Compress Images and Video for Better Loading Speeds

As SEOs, we all know how slow website loading speeds can lead to an increase in bounce rates. This is why it is important that you use compressed media files on your website. This will help memory space and allow lightning-fast loading speeds. High bounce rates are a strict no for any website and directly contribute to lowered search rankings. 

4. Optimizing Meta Descriptions

Google loves well written, unique, original, and keyword-rich meta descriptions. In fact, Google’s own executive, John Mueller has stated that webmasters should not leave meta descriptions blank. By using rich meta descriptions, you boost your chances of getting healthy Click-Through-Rates (CTRs). While your title might not say much, your meta description can. 

5. Local SEO Matters (GMB)

Webmasters need to realize that for Google, the aim is to connect users with the best information on the web. This means that if you are focussing on your Local SEO by having a properly optimized Google My Business Page, you will see a significant boost in your digital performance. While Local SEO can be treated as a separate discipline in itself, some of the major agencies club it together with On-Page SEO. 


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In OCT 2017, Google officially started displaying “warnings” to websites that are not secure with SSL certificates. It is bad because the visitors will stay in doubt while surfing your website and go away immediately and that can also increase the bounce rate. To stay on the top of Google rankings you need to make sure that SSL is enabled on your website.

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The Final Word

With so much competition increasing every single day, business websites and agencies always need to be at the top of their On-Page SEO game. Monthly check-ups and reviews can help you identify your On-Page status. In addition to the above-mentioned five techniques, webmasters can also align for Voice Search optimization. Apart from this, having videos on your website is also one way to improve search performance. 

It is important to be aware of the changing norms, guidelines, and trends. What works today might not do so tomorrow. By following credible journals, you can ensure that you are always up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world of On-Page SEO.

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