Link Building for SaaS Companies: Tips, Tools and Practices               

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for any business, particularly for SaaS (Software as a Service) companies. One of the most effective ways to improve your website’s search engine ranking and visibility is through link building. 

Link building involves acquiring links from other websites to your site, which can increase your website’s authority and improve its chances of ranking higher in search results. However, link building can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially for SaaS companies that may not have dedicated marketing teams or extensive resources. 

In this article, we will explore tips, tools, and best practices for effective link building specifically for SaaS companies. 

Whether you are a startup or an established SaaS company, these strategies can help you build quality links and boost your website’s search engine ranking, ultimately driving more traffic and revenue for your business.

What is SaaS Link Building?

SaaS link building refers to the process of acquiring links from other websites to a SaaS company’s website to enhance its search engine ranking and visibility.  The primary aim of SaaS link building is to increase the number of backlinks from third-party websites, commonly known as referring domains. 

The desired outcome is to obtain backlinks from high-quality websites, which are considered more valuable by search engines than those from less credible sites. 

SaaS Link Building

The rationale behind this is that high-quality referring domains generally have higher click-through and conversion rates as visitors trust websites that are endorsed by reputable sources. 

Moreover, search engine algorithms view high-quality referring domains as more authoritative and credible than low-quality ones that lack credibility in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Why is SaaS link building important for SEO?


SaaS link building plays a vital role in SEO as it provides numerous benefits such as:

Enhances your credibility: When your website is featured on authoritative websites, it enhances your credibility and trustworthiness among visitors.

Improves your backlink profile: To outperform your competitors in search engine rankings, you need to have more high-quality links than them. Google scrutinizes your backlink profile, and having more links of superior quality increases your chances of ranking higher.

Drives more traffic: When your website is linked from different sources, it attracts more visitors and drives traffic to your website.

Boosts your SEO rankings: Having numerous quality backlinks increases your domain authority, which means your website is more likely to rank higher in search engine results.

Increases organic traffic: As your website ranks higher for targeted keywords, you are more likely to get more organic traffic.

Boosts sales and revenue: Aptly placed links can direct high-intent traffic to your website, increasing the likelihood of getting more leads that convert into sales, ultimately increasing your revenue.

Expands your reach: Through multiple websites, you can reach various niches, providing you with a more extensive audience base.

Positions you as a thought leader: The more mentions your website gets, the more likely it is that your opinion on a particular topic will be respected, enabling you to emerge as a thought leader in your industry.

Link Building Strategies for SaaS

Guest Posting

Numerous SEO experts who focus on link building rely on guest posting, a traditional technique. Despite being time-consuming, this approach can yield benefits in the long run by boosting domain authority and generating natural traffic to your website.

Guest Posting

A significant number of SaaS enterprises utilize guest posting as a means of promoting their content. This technique operates on the premise of establishing relationships with high-authority websites or leveraging guest post marketplaces.

Broken Links

The strategy of broken link building is a technique used to optimize external websites. It involves identifying and substituting broken links on authoritative websites that are relevant to your niche, with functional links to your site. This approach benefits both parties involved. 

The marketer gains valuable backlinks to their site, while the website owners receive a complimentary analysis of their internal links. They can swiftly replace broken links with active ones, enhancing the user experience. 

Broken Links

The process of recovering broken links entails three uncomplicated steps: locating the broken link on the website, producing content that is comparable to the broken resource, and then requesting the website owner to replace the faulty link with your new functional one.

Brand Mentions

Brand Mentions

An effective marketing strategy is to have your brand mentioned on other websites. You can conduct research to identify instances where your brand has been mentioned without any backlinks attached to it. 

If you find any results, reach out to the website owner and propose adding a link to your site. This can increase the credibility of your site and help build your link portfolio.

There are four types of brand mentions:

Thematic: Mentioning relevant topics without referencing any particular brand or product.

Direct: Specific mentioning of a brand by name.

Product: Mentioning a product being sold without referring to the company. If the content is relevant to your product, you can try to obtain a backlink.

Branded: If your site sells branded products, there may already be a link to one of your popular brands. You can reach out to sites that mention your brand (or similar terms) and suggest adding a link to your products.

Brand mentioning can yield great results, but it is crucial to have already established credibility and a positive reputation. The process involves tracking mentions of your brand, contacting the content editor, and requesting a link instead of a mention. You should regularly monitor brand mentions and repeat the process periodically. You can do this manually or with the assistance of specialized software on third-party sites.


Roundups are compilations of the best resources or tools related to a specific topic. Although it can be time-consuming, many SaaS companies prefer this method of link building. 

The process generally involves the following steps:

  • Choose an online service or product that you find interesting.
  • Write a comprehensive review of the product or service.
  • Reach out to representatives of the service or store and share your review with them.
  • Mention that the post will be useful to their users and encourage them to share it.
  • Wait for a link back to your site.

In the review, it’s important to address a topic or question that people are seeking answers to and offer practical advice. All questions should be answered by an expert.

Free Tools

Utilizing SEO tools that are available at no cost can help you draw in your intended audience to your SaaS website and encourage them to subscribe to your product.

By developing pages that showcase your most valuable tools as resources to your users, you can increase the number of links pointing to those tools. 

However, promoting free content in relevant online or SaaS communities requires effort to persuade people to link to your tools.

Help A Reporter Out (HARO)


Journalists and reporters are always in search of credible sources to obtain fresh content from various fields. 

Becoming one of those reliable sources increases your chances of receiving recognition on prestigious websites such as Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

To connect with more than 75,000 journalists, you can use a platform called Help a Reporter Out (HARO), which already has over a million sources. However, it is important to review their guidelines before registering.

PR Campaigns

PR Campaigns

Public relations (PR) campaigns are an effective way to bring a business into the spotlight and increase brand awareness. These campaigns often result in media websites and online journals featuring stories about the business, which can earn valuable links.

However, building successful PR links requires developing and maintaining relationships with journalists and writers from these media outlets. Simply reaching out and requesting a mention is unlikely to yield results. 

To build a strong relationship, invest time and resources in helping them with stories or tasks unrelated to your business, such as providing sources for current stories or assisting with research.

It’s important to remember that PR campaigns require a long-term investment, so patience is key. If your marketing team is small, your budget is limited, or you’re seeking fast growth, partnering with a digital PR agency may be your best option. 

These agencies have already established relationships with multiple publications and journalists, allowing you to skip the queue and gain more visibility.



You might wonder how search engines can discover your website through a podcast and how this is related to building high-quality backlinks. 

Surprisingly, podcasts can be an effective strategy for both increasing brand awareness among your target audience and building backlinks for your SaaS website.

To clarify, the process is similar to guest posting: many podcasts have accompanying websites where episodes are published, and when you participate in a podcast, the website will typically include links to the websites mentioned during the conversation.

 As a result, your website will likely be linked to the podcast’s website.

Link Insertions

Inserting links into relevant content can be an effective way to obtain backlinks to your SaaS website.

To acquire these links, it’s important to identify prospects that are relevant to your industry, such as news sites, blogs, and other digital publications with high domain authority and rankings. 

After identifying potential prospects, locate high-quality content that is relevant to your target audience on each website.

The next step is to contact the webmaster of each website and request link insertions. When making this request, be sure to explain the value that a link to your SaaS website would provide to the website and its readers.

Earning niche edits this way can boost your link juice and help drive traffic to your site.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is another effective method for building links to your SaaS website. 

To leverage this strategy, we suggest reaching out to relevant review sites and requesting an evaluation. Many review bloggers and content contributors are willing to analyze SaaS platforms in exchange for a free trial. 

However, ensuring that the review site you partner with is relevant and authoritative in your niche is important.

Additionally, be sure to request a backlink in the review, as some review sites include links automatically while others do not.

Add a Blog to a SaaS Website


While this approach is not exclusive to SaaS websites, it’s worth mentioning here because many SaaS tools don’t fully utilize blogs. A well-maintained blog can offer a platform for your company to share updates and highlights of your SaaS product. 

Additionally, blogs can establish your authority in the industry and enable you to connect with customers in new ways.

The advantages of this are substantial. In SaaS, trust is crucial, and if customers are uncertain about your product, customer service, or expertise, they may choose to do business with one of your numerous competitors.

Ahrefs, a top SaaS company, is a prime example of this strategy. Ahrefs comprehends the importance of informative content that’s extremely beneficial to its readers and customers. 

The Ahrefs team’s blog is brilliant since they choose subjects that not only assist their readers but also present their written content in a manner that highlights their product as the solution to their readers’ issues.

CEO Interviews

CEO Interviews

“CEO Interviews” can be a good strategy for SaaS link building because it provides an opportunity for the CEO of the SaaS company to share their insights and expertise with industry publications, blogs, and websites.

By conducting interviews with CEOs, these publications and websites can offer their readers valuable insights and perspectives from experts in the SaaS industry.

As a result, the SaaS company can gain valuable exposure and backlinks to its website from reputable sources in the industry. This can increase their website’s domain authority and improve their search engine rankings, which can ultimately lead to more traffic and potential customers.

In addition, CEO interviews can also help to establish the SaaS company as a thought leader in their industry and increase its brand awareness among potential customers. 

This can lead to more opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and referrals, which can ultimately contribute to the growth and success of the SaaS business. With enterprise call centre software this processes can be made easier to conduct.



Infographics can be a great strategy for SaaS link-building for several reasons:

Attractive and Shareable Content: Infographics are visually appealing and easily digestible, which makes them highly shareable on social media platforms. This can lead to more visibility for your brand and potentially more links to your website.

Links from Relevant Websites: Infographics are often shared on websites that are relevant to your industry or niche. This means that the links you receive from these websites are likely to be high-quality and relevant, which can have a positive impact on your search engine rankings.

Brand Awareness: Infographics can help to increase brand awareness and recognition, especially if they are shared widely across social media platforms. This can lead to more traffic to your website and potentially more customers.

Versatile Content: Infographics can be repurposed and shared across multiple channels, including social media, email marketing, and content marketing. This can help to maximize the reach of your content and increase the likelihood of it being shared and linked to by others.

Overall, infographics can be an effective strategy for SaaS link building because they offer a unique and shareable format for presenting information, which can help to attract links and drive traffic to your website.



Many SaaS companies tend to disregard the usefulness of badges as an effective means of generating high-quality backlinks. By offering badges to users, your platform can obtain a significant number of referring domains within a short period. 

G2 is a prime example of the success of “badge link building” as they regularly release software company rankings. Adding the G2 badge to your website can enhance your link profile and improve conversions as it is a highly regarded and prestigious distinction among leading brands.

Product Reviews

Product Review

By implementing this tactic, you can obtain links, social validation, and acquire new customers. Additionally, product reviews often contain numerous references to your target or related keywords.

The technique of product review link building involves reaching out to bloggers in your industry and providing them with three months of free access to your SaaS tool in exchange for a review post on their website within two weeks. 

Offering freebies is a widely accepted approach and may lead to a long-term paying customer. This link-building approach for SaaS businesses is effective in multiple ways and saves time and resources compared to traditional guest blogging methods.


In conclusion, link building is a crucial aspect of SaaS marketing that can significantly impact a company’s success. By implementing effective link-building strategies, SaaS companies can increase their online visibility, attract more traffic, and ultimately generate more revenue. 

The tips, tools, and best practices mentioned in this guide can help SaaS businesses create high-quality backlinks, improve their search engine ranking, and enhance their online reputation. 

Whether through guest blogging, broken link building, or product review link building, the key is to focus on providing value and building relationships with industry influencers and bloggers. By adopting a strategic and consistent approach to link building, SaaS companies can establish themselves as leaders in their niche and achieve long-term success.

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