Mobile Proxy – Masks Are Not Just for Pandemics

People often do not realize that wearing a mask for protection is not the only kind of mask. There are also masks for protecting your smartphone. Once, people used masks to protect their mobile phones from hackers. Now, the hackers themselves are using masks to hide their real IP addresses. Earlier, these covers were available only for computers.

Today, they are available for even smartphones.

Hide your head like an ostrich

Smartphones get their IP addresses from their nearest phone towers. If your phone belongs to the same phone tower as the others, the same IP address would be assigned by the software. When you buy mobile proxy, you can connect your device to it through not just another device but even from a dongle, for instance.

The carrier of your smartphone will know all the IP addresses since they are the ones who assign IP addresses in the first place. The only problem is that there is no assignment of unique addresses, which will give anyone and everyone the chance to hide themselves and their true intentions. 

Setting it up is easy


Those who provide these masking software programs develop software that turns an ordinary device into a special masking node. In some cases, people are not even aware that the software program is already present in their devices. There are also SIM card farms that gather all the dongles meant for providing data and any other relevant software.

The moment it is set up, the software program, as well as the SIM card farms, are sold to all those who are interested in accessing the internet through a phone mask. There will be absolutely no hassle in even setting it up and using it.

IPs are always assigned differently

Because of the way smartphones function, the assignment of IP addresses is also not done with one address per device. In case there is a huge workload, the same IP address is assigned to many devices. The primary reason behind these problems is that carrier-grade CGNs are used to handle these issues on phone data networks.

Due to this, there is absolutely no banning of certain IP addresses, and this becomes an advantage for scammers and fraudsters. The assignments for personal computers and phones are different from one another. This is why it is important to know how they function.

Stop the fraud on your phone

Irrespective of the way certain phones behave, it is important to remember that banning even a single IP address can bring down several customers. It is what causes hackers, fraudsters, and scammers to get away with their crimes. In fact, this kind of protection is sometimes just not enough since filtering IP addresses with a bad reputation is not always possible. Instead, you should try scanning your device for risks as well as hackers.

Performing this action can help you protect your devices from fraud and also help you get your phone masked from various antisocial elements. 

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