Google Ads Launches Automated Report Generation Tool

Google Ads Launches Automated Report Generation Tool

The free “Solutions” tool in Google Ads’ Tools section allows you to simply customize your reports.

Google Ads has announced a new tool that simplifies job management and automation within your account.

The “Solutions” tool, which is accessible for free in Google Ads under Tools, allows you to quickly and simply produce reports that indicate how your campaigns are doing against your business goals, as well as automate simple management activities.

The solutions are explained. The solution is an easy-to-use script that is appropriate for people of all technological backgrounds. It provides customizable features for easy report customization, including the ability to:

  • Filter your results by campaign, ad group, keyword, and other factors.
  • Create flexible budgets.
  • Manage negative keyword lists throughout your account.
  • Sort your data using any metric.
  • Export your reports in many formats, including CSV and XLSX.

Why should we care? Solutions provide reports quickly, saving you time and effort while making it easier to track the success of your campaign and fulfill your goals.

Let’s get started. To begin, install the solution from the Google Ads Solutions gallery.

Sunset in the solutions library. Google Ads has stated that its manual solutions library would be phased down in the coming months to give the best possible experience and reduce duplication of work.

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