New Search Technology From Google is Unveiled, Including In-Video Searching

Google's new search technology update

Google introduces brand-new search features, including the capacity to search inside YouTube videos, which are first made accessible in India.

One of the largest markets for the search giant, India, is getting brand-new search technology, such as bilingual search results and in-video search.

At its eighth Google For India event this week, Google introduced the following search features:

  • A video search
  • Results of bilingual search
  • Language-based voice searching
  • Google Pay’s natural language searching
  • Google Lens’s handwriting-to-text translations

It’s important to keep an eye out for these characteristics since they might someday arrive in North America.

Here is further information regarding the features stated above, which will be available in India first.

A video search

Searching within YouTube videos is now available, thanks to Google.

On YouTube, click “Search in the video” while you’re watching a video and type the phrase you wish to skip to.

Google writes on its blog:

“Videos, like photos, are a rich source of visual information, but it can be difficult to find specific information within a lengthy film. For example, after watching a lengthy film about Agra, you might be interested in learning more about Fatehpur Sikri. Thanks to a new feature we’re testing, you can now search for anything mentioned in a video directly from Search. Use the ‘Search in the video’ function to quickly locate what you’re searching for by entering a search keyword”.

Results of bilingual Search

In India, Google is making search results bilingual by providing both English results and results in the user’s native language.

Google writes on its blog:

“The varied and dynamic nature of language demands in India is mirrored in how people seek information. Notably, Google users in India are primarily multilingual.

We now offer bilingual search results pages for those who like it, making it simpler for multilingual users to look up and explore content”.

Language-based voice searching 

For those who speak Hinglish, a language that combines Hindi and English, Google is advancing speech recognition technology.

In India, users can use both Hindi and English in the same voice search, and Google will be able to comprehend what they’re looking for.

Google writes on its blog:

“We want to assist more people, particularly Indians, in naturally and intuitively asking questions with their voice. We’re releasing a new speech recognition model today that can better understand people who speak Hinglish. This is accomplished through the use of a new, neural-network inspired speech recognition model that considers the individual’s accents, surrounding sounds, context, and speaking styles.”

Google Pay’s natural language searching

In India, Google Pay is introducing a feature that enables users to search using natural language.

Google Lens’s handwriting-to-text translation

Google is developing a function for Google Lens that converts medical professionals’ handwriting into readable text.

Google has not specified a release date for this feature, but it is intended for medical professionals.

However, the advancement of this technology may lead to other applications in the future.

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