Waze Upgrades Navigation with Coolwalk on Android Auto


Following its beta release at the end of last year, Waze, one of Google’s own navigation apps, now fully supports the redesigned Android Auto “Coolwalk” dashboard.

The mapping service now includes functionality for the Android Auto dashboard as part of its most recent beta release. Many users saw the change earlier today, but it won’t be available to everyone until it hits the Waze stable update channel, which is probably going to happen in the next weeks.

Waze was not supported when the “Coolwalk” facelift of the Android Auto interface originally appeared in beta. Users were still able to use the mapping app, but the new paned design on the Android Auto home screen, which could display a mapping app alongside music applications and other information, was not supported. Instead, a pop-up announcing Waze compatibility began to surface a few weeks into the test.

It’s unknown when this capability will be added to the Waze app’s stable version, but it doesn’t really matter for now.

Despite announcing the rollout of the update shortly after the New Year, Google still hasn’t extended support for “Coolwalk” to the great majority of users as of late January.

 According to a recent poll we conducted, upwards of 80–90% of Android Auto customers still do not have access to the redesigned interface.

Things also don’t seem to be moving more quickly. Nevertheless, Waze has long been a crucial app for Android Auto, so it seems sensible that Google would have been waiting for this update to be accessible before turning the switch. It will be interesting to watch whether it occurs.

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