YouTube Music Poll: Choose the Free Feature You Want Most

YouTube Music Poll: Choose the Free Feature You Want Most

This afternoon, Team YouTube is asking Twitter users “what feature do you desire the most on ad-supported” YouTube Music?”

1/5/23 Update: In December, background play easily prevailed, but the YouTube Music team is re-asking on Reddit. The options remain the same: Sleep Timer, Improved Lyrics, More Relevant Music Recommendations, and Background Play for Ad-Supported Listeners.

I was hoping to get direct input from this community on the top features you’d want to see on YouTube Music so I could pass it along to the product teams!

Initial 12/15/22: The YouTube Music poll is closing in six days, and the feature choices include better suggestions, a sleep timer, background play, and improved lyrics.

Starting with the latter, YouTube Music hinted that after cooperation with MusixMatch to broaden coverage, users may anticipate “even more Lyric features in the future.”

Since its debut, Google has had a “good influence on lyrical consumption rates.” The accessible lyrics on YouTube Music are static and don’t get emphasized as the song plays, unlike Spotify and Apple. The most obvious improvement to the service would be this.

We discovered that YouTube Music for Android was developing a sleep timer back in July, and it will probably show up in the Now Playing overflow menu. Although it hasn’t launched yet, the inclusion is overdue. And last, “better recommendations” seem like a never-ending need.


It is hardly unexpected that background play is the current champion with around 400 votes as of Thursday afternoon. You can tweet other features as well.

YouTube conducted a comparable survey on televisions and gaming consoles for the client in late October. The option to Post + View comments emerged as the victor, and YouTube said in a separate post that it would consider community feedback when prioritizing development.

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