Strategies for Using Data to Tailor Approach & Close More Deals

Meta description: Data holds the key to getting more leads and closing final deals. This is why your data collection and usage strategy has to be smart and goal-oriented. 

Personalization in B2B marketing is important in increasing lead generation. The strategy offers brands opportunities to convert more leads. Marketers may target potential customers with unique offers. They create sales messages specifically designed to address their needs.

Personalized messages in B2B environments allow teams to address the exact customer pain points. Prospects change perception and view themselves as attention recipients. Marketing teams may use AI and CRM tools to create data-driven customized outreach.

Automation strategies and tailoring industry-specific content can help improve results. The teams need to conduct research and keenly listen to what customers are saying.

Why Personalization in B2B Sales is Important?

The business sector today is driven by data in all aspects. Marketers must change their approach and embrace tailor-made content. In B2B sales, personalization focuses on creating customized ads and offers.

Teams make communication efforts that address the B2B customer needs. Marketers adopt strategies that promise quick action. They create content that is relevant to meet company expectations. 

This approach is important because B2B sales always deal with real people. The person on the other end could play an important role in making decisions. These individuals are expected to be treated like real humans.

In a Salesforce report, 84% of customers appreciate when they are treated like real humans. Many companies adopt bots for customer service and communication. However, personalized communication has a big impact on ROI. 

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Strategies for B2B sales Personalization

Many sales teams understand the critical role of personalization. However, most of them do not understand how to use the strategy. They might not know how to use it because they do not understand what it means.

Personalization is all about creating a customized sales workflow. The strategy considers the unique preferences and needs of each customer. The strategies range from understanding what customers need to using AI. 

a. Identify the customer pain points

As long as a B2B customer has pains, they will take action to find solutions. The customer will connect with any company that is willing to eliminate the pain. You cannot offer tangible solutions if you do not understand the pains.  A report by Oro Inc. lists several key B2B customer pain points as follows.

  • Lengthy buying processes
  • Lack of self-service options
  • Lack of customization of services
  • Minimal or no digital interactions between buyers and sellers
  • Lack of real-time stock data
  • Lack of personalized prices and discount data
  • Poor communication

There are many pain points that you can address such as the need to automate workflows. When you understand the pains, you can offer empathy to the customer. This allows you to connect with them before you offer a solution.  The best way to learn the pains and address them is to do research. Be keen to listen to what the customer has to say. 

b. Understand the role of automation in B2B marketing

The goal of automation in B2B sales is to improve workflows. The process increases efficiency and results. Sales teams use automation software to achieve this goal. The work of the application is to gather, assess, and manage leads. Automation software helps with content creation and distribution. 

They allow sales teams to qualify leads and perform analytics. Through the tools, the team can create automated replies. They get a view of the lead journey, activities, and engagement. They help offer insights into making decisions and improve campaign strategies. 

c. Identify the right channels

An impactful B2B sales strategy requires sales teams to make use of different channels. The channels may include social media, email, and SEO marketing. There are several non-digital channels that teams can use too.

They include conferences, events, and traditional advertising. Personalization brings better results when it is done on the right channels. If you choose to use social media, personalize it. Do the same with emails, websites, and streaming channels. 

d. Know the customer journey 

Understand the journey your B2B customers take while online. The journey they follow is driven by the pain points they are looking for. To understand this journey, know who makes decisions in the specific company.

Create customized content for each phase of the journey. Automation can help you deliver the content right on time. Create unique content for the following phases.

  • Awareness phase
  • Consideration
  • Acquisition
  • Service
  • Loyalty

e. Create a marketing and personalization plan

Customization goes hand in hand with creating a plan. Have a roadmap to guide you in the personalization process. It can be easier if you understand how the customer operates. Know the types of customers they target. Learn their vision and mission. Create a personalization timeline. You need to have a time within which the entire plan must be completed. 

f. Use data in personalization

Data generated by CRM, social media, and other tools is important. When it is in the right volume, you can use it to tailor-make your messages. Data is useful for insights and analysis. Use it to learn the different patterns of different companies. Databased personalization can help drive sales higher. Use AI-based analytics, and CRM systems to collect data for personalization. 


Personalization in B2B sales can help increase lead generation outcomes. Brands receive more conversions and increased ROI. Using the right personalization strategies helps increase efficiency. Identify the customer pain points and suggest relevant solutions.

Know the channels to find the clients and use automation to improve results. Having a personalization plan can help sales teams understand the customer journey and guide them through. 

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