Using ChatGPT to transform YOUR BUSINESS

ChatGPT and business

Now when every business considers automation of its processes for effective work, ChatGPT attracts more and more attention from business owners. The model launched in November 2022 by OpenAI can be a perfect alternative to replace customer support agents and sales reps in several tasks. Below we’ll discuss these functions in detail.

But first, let’s review what ChatGPT is!

ChatGPT is a conversational chatbot that uses human language to reply to follow-up questions, keep up a dialogue, and answer clients’ responses. The Al platform empowers you to provide accurate answers in natural language, ensure relevant product recommendations, and guide users during their onboarding process. 

Sales performance depends on the productivity of employees and at Elephas, we believe that productivity can be ensured by incorporating AI integrated apps such as AI keyboard for iPhone.

According to statistics, when people’s work is mentally draining, they are most productive for 2-3 hours. Since sales require constant communication with potential customers who react differently to salespeople’s calls, emails, and messages, they tire workers very quickly. Moreover, their productivity drops drastically if sales reps face rejections, dissatisfaction, and arguments. 


Business owners look for additional tools that can automate multiple tasks of salespeople and reduce the workload. ChatGPT is a perfect solution because it helps automate specific tasks and provide instant answers to inquiries using human language.

Benefits of ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT development can be useful for companies from completely different fields.
  • This machine-learning model helps a lot with language tasks.
  • The bot is designed to create texts, news reports, poetry, stories, and dialogues.
  • Users need short text to generate big volumes of text.
  • The model produces natural and human-like text. 
  • Companies can also benefit from hiring a skilled ChatGPT developer to customize the model for their specific needs.

Let’s discuss the benefits of ChatGPT for sales teams in more detail.

This conversational AI platform is trained to provide accurate, relevant answers to users’ questions. It can be used as a source of information for prospective customers. If leads want to receive more information about your product, they can chat with the bot and receive detailed answers immediately.

You can also set up ChatGPT to provide customers with product recommendations. The bot will find relevant products based on consumers’ shopping history and dialogue messages and send them via a Telegram, WhatsApp, or Messenger chatbot. 

The model is crucial for customer support. Both prospect and sales rep can save time. Your company can connect the bot to the knowledge base to serve as a source of information. Once users text the bot, it will search the knowledge base to find the necessary information. The model reduces users’ wait time by responding to customers’ inquiries in a flash.

By answering clients’ questions in detail, ChatGPT allows you to improve customer experience and encourage customers to recommend your brand to family and friends.

After establishing an FAQ database and connecting GPT-3 to your chatbot on Instagram, Telegram, Messenger, or WhatsApp. Customer support agents no longer need to answer basic questions. Instead, customer support can focus on solving more complex problems like technical issues with a product, personal assistance of VIP clients, customer onboarding for starters, etc.

In this situation, people need face-to-face communication or at least some communication through a contact centre solution with specialists. There are even more industries where technology comes in handy. Educators use it to reap the benefits.

ChatGPT supports your departments’ productivity, automates specific tasks, provides customers with accurate answers, and transforms your working process. 

With SendPulse, GPT-3 will help you reach your business goals. The platform empowers you to choose one of four AI models to generate the replies of your bot. You can create a business Q&A bot to give relevant answers. An encyclopedia to provide facts, solve life problems, help with math-related tasks, optimize text, create summaries, generate new texts, and decrypt code. 

The tool will be useful for online learning. It can help both teachers and students. ChatGPT helps online school owners develop personalized lesson plans and create assignments. After setting the tool up, you can provide students with all the necessary materials for the lessons, send assignments, and ensure the curriculum.

If you connect GPT-3 to your chatbot, you can integrate the bot with your instructional support material. When students need additional information related to specific lessons, tasks, or topics. They can send questions to the chatbot and get the essential answers. Let’s discuss how you can use the bot for programming learning.


ChatGPT enables you to decrypt code. If you have a code programming academy, consider recommending your students to use the technology. They can leverage the bot to find out how to decode parts of code or errors and unveil how specific elements function.

This way, students will be able to learn more about code decryption and how each function within the code works. They can practice their knowledge and skills at home to gain experience in programming.

With this new model, you can create content for your website. The technology requires you to write a short text to generate a long copy for the topic you are interested in.

With copywriting ChatGPT prompts, you can explore new ideas, experiment with different tones, and overcome creative obstacles. ChatGPT’s language looks natural and very human. However, you should ask your editor to check the text for plagiarism because it’s created using machine intelligence.

Check out the article to uncover how to connect your chatbot to GPT-3. Hope that you’ll manage to bring your business to the next level and optimize the work of your company’s departments with SendPulse and GPT-3. Register with SendPulse, create a chatbot, and connect GPT-3.

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