Why Reddit Backlinks Impact Your SEO

Reddit is a piece of American social news, content rating, and discussion website. The content (links, text posts, images, and videos) submitted by Redditors is voted up or down by other members. The posts are organized by subject into communities or subreddits. The content with more upvotes will appear towards the top of the subreddit and if it has enough upvotes, it will eventually appear on the site’s front page.

As per Semrush, Reddit ranks as the 9th-most-visited website in the world and 6th most-visited website in the US, as of March 2022.

reddit backlinks

Reddit backlinks are those backlinks that your website gets from the Reddit platform and they can be a direct link from a link post, in a subreddit with a URL in a post, or as a contextual backlink in the comments section.

In order to start link building on Reddit firstly you need to create a Reddit account then you need to be an active Reddit user for a month, you need to build up Karma before posting any Reddit backlinks. After that, you need to create your subreddit for backlinks, choose the best subreddits for link building, and post comments regularly. You need to post backlinks relevant to the content and the content should get more upvotes.

Karma: Karma is considered an important backbone of Reddit, it is a user scoring metric that uses a proprietary algorithm to measure your participation and engagement on this social media platform. Karma is directly related to your user reputation so the higher your karma score, the more trust your users place in your content.

Reddit backlinks start as no-follow links to protect the system from unnatural link-building practices through user-generated data. Reddit users will upvote only meaningful content and a minimum number of upvotes is required to make a backlink do-follow. Some users report that at least 5-7 upvotes are required but others say more than 10-20 upvotes are needed. If your content is spammy or useless then Reddit users will downvote such content which may lead to the suspension of your account.

Nofollow links are links with a rel=’’nofollow’’ HTML tag applied to them. The no-follow tag tells search engines to ignore that link. So basically if you are building backlinks via Reddit. They will start off as no-follow and no-follow links have almost zero impact in SEO

forum comments

As per Google’s Quality Guidelines, forum backlinks are unnatural links that violate the quality guidelines of Google.

Let’s dive into some of the ways by which you can get dofollow backlinks from Reddit.

Create meaningful content:

In order to get any kind of success with Reddit. You need to make sure that you create meaningful content for your fellow Redditors.

create meaningful content

If you will randomly pick a subreddit (It is a Reddit forum you create that’s dedicated to a specific topic where you are the moderator) and share content with your link with no information. It is very unlikely that your link will receive the right kind of attention. The main aim of posting content on Reddit should be to get the maximum amount of upvotes on your posts. If your content isn’t meaningful and is spam. You will likely receive a flood of downvotes which can affect your overall karma on the site. Also, this may hamper you from being successful on Reddit.

Initially, your link will remain a no-follow link. In order to get a do-follow link, you have to be one of the hottest posts on that subreddit. If your content is exceptionally good, it will soon appear on the front page of subreddits.

Be an active participant:

You don’t have to share links only from your first day but you have to explore your target subreddit. There are certain rules and regulations for each subreddit so you need to make sure to follow them before posting.

You need to remain engaged in these posts for at least two to four weeks before you post or share something that links back to your website. Be active and participate in upvotemarket subreddit debates to establish yourself as a recognized member before buying a premium Reddit karma account.

Promote your content:

Now that you’ve been active long enough, it is time to share your content. Usually, the audience prefers content in the form of Q & A, Infographics, Videos, and Interviews. Then you need to pay attention to what type of content your target subreddit is paying attention to. If you see video content getting a lot of attention on your subreddit then you can post video content.

For maximum outreach, you need to use a good title and tags on Reddit. If you have a title that doesn’t attract an audience, it doesn’t matter how great your content is.

You can either make a ‘link post’ or a ‘text post’ and you need to make sure your post is genuine. If readers are hooked to your content then earning do-follow backlinks won’t be much trouble.

It is helpful to look into other alternative methods of gaining backlinks. You may be able to look for ideas that you can use on Reddit. You can even search or ask Reddit directly as there is a lot of helpful information about Reddit on the site. In this way, you can get to know the type of content you should be creating to get the most Reddit traffic.


Reddit is a unique link-building platform because it is an authoritative site. However, in order to build a do-follow backlink, it will require substantial effort and time. If you are participating in the community, sharing valuable content, using the right subreddits for you, strategizing, thoughtfully, conducting some light research before you start, and earning do follow links from the subreddit sidebar. Reddit is a good source for quality backlinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is a great platform to get some high-quality backlinks. You can increase the number of organic backlinks that your website gets for SEO. Its strict content policy makes it one of the most trusted sites on the internet. This trust factor enables it to have one of the highest DA for SEO.

Is Reddit good for SEO?

Yes, it is good for SEO because it helps you to get more targeted website traffic. You can attract organic backlinks from other website owners. It is one of the most popular sites with more than 48 million users worldwide. On Reddit, your links can get a lot of exposure from the relevant audience.

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