Automated Link Building Services: New Ways to Do Link Building

Link building has always been an important challenge for businesses looking to go ahead online. Anyone familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) understands the importance of link-building strategies. Link building outreach increases your visibility and helps you gain authority and rank higher.

However, traditional link building methods are costly, time-consuming, and may result in inconsistent results. A new generation of automated link building technologies has developed in recent years, promising to transform how companies approach this essential activity.

These innovative services use complex algorithms, machine learning, and large datasets of high-quality websites to find and explore link opportunities at scale. By automating prospecting, outreach, and link placement, they provide a simplified and effective solution for businesses looking to boost online presence and search engine rankings.

What could automated link building help you with?

Well, nearly everything. You may create personalized emails, analyze complicated backlink profiles, and even filter out harmful links.

Automated link building can help you check various Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and identify significant possibilities to develop links.

However, automated link building has more to offer than that. The best part is that it’s both faster and more efficient.

So, to help you avoid immersing in possibilities and save your research, we’ve compiled a tested list of the 10 best Automated Link Building Services.

Automated Link Building Services


semrush homepage

Semrush is a tool that allows you to manage all aspects of SEO, including link-building activities. It has a strong backlink analysis tool enables you to conduct detailed link audits.

The tool will display all of the links pointing to your website and their anchor texts, geolocation, and referring site authority.

It has three significant link-building features: backlink analytics, backlink audit, and link-building tool.

a. Backlink Analytics

Backlink Analytics provides useful insights into your backlink profile, including who connects to you, what type of website they are, and how authoritative they are. It helps you identify which links are beneficial to your SEO efforts and which may harm them.

Backlink Analytics also allows you to spy on competitors and look into their backlink profiles using competition backlink research. It lets you discover secret chances and tactics to outwit them in SEO.

Semrush also gives practical advice to help you enhance your backlink profile and, eventually, your search engine rankings.

semrush backlink analytics

b. Backlink Audit

This tool examines your backlink profile and notifies you of links that might hurt your website as you can see in the example below of Marketing Lad

You may email site owners and request that they delete the links from within the tool, or you can generate a disavow file and send it to Google.

What is the best part?

Backlink Audit is about more than just cleaning up your trash. You can also track competitors to check if they are misusing their backlinks.

semrush backlink audit

c. Link Building Tool

The basis of Semrush’s link-building stack is the Link Building Tool. This is your all-in-one resource for turbocharging your link-building efforts.

For starters, it facilitates the discovery of new link opportunities. With its huge database and extensive search criteria, you may find many possible link opportunities customized to your specialty and preferences.

Once you’ve chosen your targets, the Link Building Tool will help you reach out and make those important relationships. Semrush automates the whole outreach process, from email outreach to social media involvement, making it easier than ever to get those desired backlinks.

Finally, the tool will allow you to monitor your progress and assess your success. With extensive information and analytics, you can see how well your link-building efforts are paying off and make data-driven decisions to improve your approach even further.

semrush link building tool

Besides links, Semrush includes a LOT of additional capabilities, like as:

  • An effective keyword research tool
  • On-page SEO checker
  • Tracking your position
  • Content optimization tool

Their UI is straightforward, making it easy to access all of their capabilities.

Pricing: $129.95 – $499.95 per month.

2. Respona

respona home page

Respona is a strong link-building and outreach software that helps businesses gain high-quality backlinks to their website.

Suppose you need to identify relevant link-building chances and the proper person’s contact information and make a personalized pitch to them on auto-pilot, all in a matter of minutes. In that case, Respona is the way to go.

Its main advantage is that it automates the whole link-building process from start to finish, including templates for outreach initiatives. It also automatically locates each website’s appropriate contact person, verified email address, and LinkedIn profile.

This application is excellent for both business owners with less SEO understanding and agencies looking for advanced functionality. 

respona templates

There are many pre-built campaigns to pick from. Some of them are:

  • Skyscraper Technique: You enter competitor articles, and they give a list of URLs that connect to them.
  • Product Review: You enter competitor URLs, and they provide a list of blogs that have recently evaluated them.
  • Guest Post: You enter themes, and they provide a list of websites that allow guest articles.
  • Podcast Outreach: Enter a person in your field, and they will provide you a list of all the podcasts on which they have appeared.
  • Resource Pages: You enter keywords and they provide top resource lists on particular topics.

Once you’ve selected a template, it will guide you through the whole process, from identifying high-quality prospects and gathering contact information to delivering personalized emails.

Pricing: $99 – $399 per month

3. Ahrefs

ahrefs homepage

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO toolkit that allows you to optimize your website, analyze your competition, research your industry, and increase your search traffic. It provides a set of tools for backlink analysis, keyword research, rank tracking, and site auditing.

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer is an excellent tool for analysing competitor backlink profiles and identifying new link possibilities. You can see which sites link to your competitors, what content they link to, and the anchor text they use.

The Content Explorer tool is another noteworthy feature. It allows you to look for the most popular material in your niche and see who connects to it. This might help you produce ideas for link-worthy material and identify prospective link opportunities.

Ahrefs also includes powerful on-page and technical SEO tools, providing a complete solution for increasing your search ranks.

Pricing: $129 – $14990 per month

4. Pitchbox

pitchbox homepage

Pitchbox is an outreach tool designed for expert link builders. It’s ideal for those with a large outreach team, given the cost is a bit high.

It provides a variety of outreach alternatives for prospects. Plug-and-play templates for common link-building tactics, such as broken link-building and resource page outreach, allow you to create campaigns rapidly. You may also design your bespoke campaigns by importing a CSV file containing a list of prospects.

This tool is ideal for creating email outreach sequences for link development and automatic follow-ups. It facilitates cooperation and delegation since several individuals may engage in the same campaign. 

There are various reasons to choose Pitchbox:

  • The UX makes it simple to build and send campaigns.
  • You may plan follow-up emails at predetermined intervals.
  • You may quickly view SEO stats for websites in your list.
  • You may reply to opportunities inside Pitchbox.
  • The opportunity pipeline provides an outstanding picture of your outreach strategy.

Pitchbox has the added benefit of allowing several persons to take part in the same campaign. For example, you can designate particular team members to only create emails, while others to only personalize them.

Pricing: $550-$1500 per month (annual commitment)

5. Majestic

majestic homepage

Ahrefs is an all-around SEO powerhouse, whereas Majestic focuses on backlinks. While it may have fewer features than Ahrefs, it does offer some valuable link-building metrics that Ahrefs does not.

Here are three of the more useful ones:

  • Trust Flow is a rating out of 100 that indicates the quality of links pointing to a website.
  • Citation Flow quantifies the number of connections. Using these ratings together is an excellent technique to identify spammy websites from which you may wish to avoid receiving links.
  • Topical Trust Flow displays a website’s ranking across categories. This is an effective statistic for looking for relevant link-building chances.

Majestic SEO maintains a vast link database. However, the user interface is out of date and difficult to use. That being said, you certainly get your money’s worth at $50 per month.

Pricing: $49 – $399 per month

6. Hunter

hunter homepage

Hunter is an email outreach tool that may be used for a variety of business relations needs. It is an expert at finding emails almost instantly using proprietary technologies and AI. With its cold emailing campaigns, you may expand the potential of your prospecting lists and raise your chances of obtaining more responses.

The tool scans the internet for contact information for websites or professionals in seconds. Simply submit a list of sites, and you’re good to go.

While you won’t receive email addresses for every website, the program has a high success rate because it searches several sources.

The website also lists the sources it uses to get email addresses so you may do your checks.


Hunter automatically checks each email it sends you. When it comes to identifying email addresses for outreach, Hunter’s accuracy is difficult to top.

Pricing: Free – $399 per month

7. Moz

moz homepage

Moz’s Link Explorer is a popular tool for analyzing your website’s backlink profile.

Moz is a tool that covers several facets of SEO, including keyword research, competitor analysis, and more.

The most useful tool for link building is the Link Explorer. This displays which websites connect to a domain or URL. You also get access to other essential data like keywords and domain authority.

Use this data to reverse engineer your competitor’s backlink profile. Consider contacting the sites that link to your rivals to see if they will link to you.

Another useful feature is the Spam Score. Whether you’re concerned about your own website’s backlink profile, enter your URL into Link Explorer to discover whether you have too many low-quality links.

If you do, tell Google to disregard the links to lessen the likelihood of being penalized by the algorithm.

Moz also includes a tonne of other useful SEO tools, such as a Link Intersect tool comparable to Ahrefs’. This shows you which domains connect to rivals but not to your site.

Moz Link Explorer is the third-best link-analyzing tool on the market. However, a Moz membership includes many additional features (like as an on-page assessor), which might make the purchase worthwhile.

Pricing: $99-$599 per month

8. SE Ranking

SE Ranking homepage

If you want an all-in-one solution with an advanced backlink analysis capability, SE Ranking can help you learn about the quality of your own or a competitor’s backlink profile.

Simply enter the name you wish to explore, and you will see its name and Page Trust – the company’s patented measurements that forecast if the site is appropriate for a high rank.

You may also view the dynamics of new and deleted backlinks, referring domains, and the dofollow/nofollow ratio for all links found by the algorithm for the page.

Also, the tool allows you to track the locations where your pages are most frequently referred to. Data on anchor text distribution is also accessible and may be simply visualized.

When it comes to competition research, SE Ranking’s Backlink Gap Analyzer can compare your domain to up to five competitors. You can identify where they have backlinks and you don’t, and then organize your next outreach approach appropriately.

Pricing: $44 – $191.20 per month

9. Linkody

linkody homepage

Your link profile is always evolving. Linkody makes it simple for you to keep track of any changes connected to your link-building initiatives. Linkody notifies you when you earn or lose a backlink.

The software gives visibility into the results of your link-building effort. It monitors important variables such as:

  • DA
  • The spam score
  • The link’s anchor text
  • Page authority

You may generate reports that include each of these details. The advantage of this is that you can see what works and change what doesn’t.

You may also guarantee that your link-building activities seem natural and do not increase your spam score. The program also includes a variety of standard link-building options.

It also makes it easy to remove spammy and low-quality links. It has a daily report function, allowing you to constantly monitor the health of your link profile.

Pricing: $14.90 – $147.90 per month

10. HARO


HARO is a platform for connecting journalists with sources. It is a vital component of any link-building effort since you usually receive a backlink when a writer picks you as a source.

Journalists from numerous DR 80+ websites utilize HARO, making it an excellent way to get high authority links—if you have a decent approach.

The disadvantage of HARO is that website owners are aware that it is an effective approach for gaining links, which can lead to intense rivalry. That is why you must understand the secret to an effective reaction. This includes:

  • Journalists are usually in a rush, therefore you want to be one of the first comments they read.
  • Keep your comments succinct. Only include the most necessary information.
  • Be quotable. You should write in a style that allows the writer to easily include your response in their piece.

One of the best things about HARO is that signing up as a source is completely free. As long as you have the time to write quality comments, it’s an excellent strategy to gain links.

Pricing: Free – $149 per month


Mastering the art of link building is important for anybody trying to improve their website’s exposure and authority in the eyes of search engines. With the appropriate tools, you can unleash a world of chances to improve your SEO approach, discover useful insights, and form relevant relationships in your business.

Whether you’re an experienced SEO professional or just getting started, investing in these top-tier link-building tools can pave the path for increased success and reputation online. So, arm yourself with the finest and watch your website skyrocket to new levels of digital popularity.


1. What are the automatic link-building services?

Automated link-building services are systems or platforms that employ powerful algorithms, machine learning, and large databases to find, pursue, and collect backlinks from relevant websites on your behalf. These services automate many of the time-consuming operations associated with traditional manual link building, including prospecting, outreach, and link insertion.

2. How do automated link-building services work?

These services often look at your website’s content, target keywords, and industry to uncover prospective link chances. They then utilize customized outreach programs, which frequently include personalized email templates and automated follow-ups, to obtain important backlinks from those sources. The algorithms are always learning and adapting to increase the relevance and quality of the connection opportunities.

3. How much do automated link-building services normally cost?

Pricing for automated link-building services varies greatly based on the features, capabilities, and service provider. Some firms charge monthly or annual memberships, while others charge based on the quantity of backlinks collected or campaigns run. Expect to pay more for high-quality, reputable services that value quality over quantity.

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