10 Best Alternatives to Slack in 2024 for Businesses

Slack is a famous work managing and collaboration tool among project managers and team members. This software helps crack the challenge of improving team performance by achieving organizational collaboration, especially during remote work hours, which is now considered normal. This allows teams to communicate, file share, and collaborate between departments and projects via instant messaging or voice/video calls.

While Slack has many attractions, including the list of integrations and the powerful search capabilities, many other collaboration tools offer free versions and can be suitable for your business.

Why Look for Slack Alternatives? 

Slack has grown in popularity with the remote workforce increasing each passing day. However, just because it’s popular doesn’t mean that it’s the best option for your business needs.

If Slack isn’t just working for you, we have found some great alternatives. If you are picking Google Meet or Zoom – we have got you covered. For those considering Google Meet or Hangouts, understanding the nuances between these platforms can be crucial for optimal team communication.

Here are the 10 Best Slack Alternatives

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based online communication forum that enables communication and collaboration between teams who are working remotely. A few of the typical characteristics of Microsoft Teams include one-on-one instant messaging or voice/video calls, audio conferencing, group chat, and file sharing. The software also allows video calls for as many as 250 users.

The tool has upgraded its enterprise chat process with Microsoft Teams, a tool focused on cloud-based collaboration and real-time messaging. Microsoft has released a free version of the Teams app to encourage adoption by non-Office 365 users.


  • Calendaring and scheduling
  • Direct message and team message
  • Voice and video calls
  • File sharing



Chanty is an AI-powered and affordable option for teams of all sizes. Their software is designed to provide businesses with all the features needed for a communications platform at little or no cost.

Chanty’s paid features cost about half as much as Slack’s paid features. It also provides many of the same features as Slack, but also includes a built-in task management system that lets you create and assign tasks.

There is a feature called Team Book that systematizes your workspace by organizing tasks, files, and conversations into folders.

Chanty syncs all messages between Chanty Mobile and your web browser. 

You can also choose from bright or dark theme options and the ability to get immediate attention by mentioning your peers on the channel. 

But it’s not merely business with Chanty; You can add animated GIFs and emojis to your messages to enjoy with your colleagues and allow users to communicate on public and private channels. 

Chanty also enables integration with well-known platforms such as Trello, Asana, and Mailchimp.



Asana is also an online task management and collaboration software just like others that allow users to supervise and cooperate on tasks and projects. This tool also enables communication between teams and allows team members to share ideas and discuss work.

 Asana users can comment directly on tasks,  assign tasks to specific team members, and provide feedback on images. The recent integration of Asana and Vimeo allows users to record, transfer, and embed videos in Asana projects. . You can use this software to send messages to individuals or teams.  

It lets you share files, creates customizable to-do lists, organizes your work documents, and monitors the progress of your projects. The platform is integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, so you can add attachments from your existing platforms. You can also look into some Asana Alternatives for a better comparison of services according to requirements.

Google Chat 

Google Chat

Formerly known as Google Hangouts, Google Chat is a team communication tool that simplifies business communication within the Google Workspace ecosystem. The platform allows users to collaborate via text messages, create chat rooms, and video chats, and share documents.

This platform allows you to pick the conversation threads you want to follow. You can also unfollow threads that you don`t want to be notified about.  By default, chat sends a push notification for every reply to the thread you’re following. You can also mute these threads.   

Google Chat also lets you format your messages and add bots to particular chat rooms. The platform predicts text to automate replies.



Fleep is ideal for companies looking for a hosted communication platform with a focus on task management. 

Organize communication channels around “conversations”. You can use it to organize your project and highlight important decisions on the conversation’s pinboard.

The pinboard and task management capabilities of Fleep are an advantage for businesses managing multiple projects at the same time. 

With Fleep, you can develop tasks and monitor their progress with their task management system. You can access Fleep from your web browser or its app.

All messages are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device. 

With a Whereby integration, you can do video and audio calls.

However, some users complain that the interface can look messy, so keep this in mind if your team prefers a clean, unobtrusive platform. 

Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is a collaboration tool that harnesses the power of video. Chime offers outstanding video quality and reliability. 

If your team needs to keep in touch with face-to-face interactions, Chime is a great answer. Powered by Amazon Web Services, Chime has a built-in chat tool and screen sharing tool, and the app will automatically call each participant when it’s time for a meeting, this eliminates the need to remember complicated sign-in PINs and provides a visual list of everyone in the call.  In addition, if there is a lot of background noise on the line, you can see who is talking and mute the participants. 

Chime Pro, the parent plan of Chime, provides a very useful enterprise user management tool.  In addition to all the features of the base plan, Pro extends more advanced features with screen sharing, custom meeting URLs, and the ability to schedule and host meetings for up to 250 participants. 

The participants can also record and lock meetings. 

Some other features of Chime include:

  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Meeting schedules
  • Meeting recordings
  • Content sharing, 
  • Video tiles

Workplace by Meta

Workplace by meta

Workplace by Meta is the model of the world’s most popular social media channel, Facebook, meeting the needs of modern business. By combining targeted company news feeds with instant messaging and live video, Workplace is an easy way to stay connected to your team.

In addition to standard collaboration features such as file sharing, Workplace also includes features such as “automatic translation” for cross-country groups. 

Other features include:



Hive is an application that tries to relieve the stress of switching between multiple apps throughout the day by putting everything you need on the same page.

In the same environment, you can see everything from real-time conversations to files and to-do lists. There is also an integration between Slack and Hive that brings Slack functionality to the Hive space. 

Other features are:

  • Direct and group messaging (private and public groups) 
  • File integration with Google Drive / Documents, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive 
  • Email integration
  • Task management
  • Notes



A missive is an online collaboration application that looks like an email inbox. It Combines asynchronous messages with real-time chats to ensure you won’t lose track of the conversation.

With Missive, you can assign users to specific tasks to increase workplace productivity and organize conversations with team labels. Where most online collaboration platforms push the conversation away from email, Missive embraces email, SMS, and other social media. 

Important features include:

  • Social Media and Email Inbox Collaboration 
  • Workflow Automation
  • Thread Chat 
  • Snooze
  • SMS Account Integration

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a solution for office team communication that facilitates audio and video calls, meetings, and collaboration through its distinctive messaging features. It is one of the best teamwork tools available, and business owners of both small and large companies may use it to give their staff the skills they need for effective teamwork. Sales teams can add clients and customers to the program as guest users, giving them restricted access to the tool’s users and capabilities.

It offers distinct variations in SaaS, On-premise, Chat API, and Custom apps to assist businesses in choosing a service model that works with their ecosystem. This quickest enterprise instant messaging platform has 2FA, UNITs, Burnout Chat, LDAP/SSO, and End-to-End encryption in addition to End-to-End encryption. This defence-validated application enables SMEs, governments, startups, and others to collaborate on a single platform for conducting office-related interactions.

Troop Messenger Features:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Audio & Video Calling
  • Remote Screen Share
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Files Sharing

Final words:

There is no error in any of these platforms. The best for you will depend on the requirements of your team. Every business has new communication software priorities. But in our humble opinion, Chanty is the best option in terms of price, collaboration, and functionality. 

With AI-powered software, you can access the same features as Slack for half the price. 

Compared to Slack, it is more affordable and has better search and robust task management capabilities.

Now you can chat, expand your business, and collaborate on the platform of your choice. We are confident that you have one of these options.

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