Best SEO Content Optimization Tools For Agencies

Every search engine is stocked with billions of content pieces. And every new day is causing a higher concentration of competitors on the internet. In this scenario, just writing and publishing will not make your content come up with the expected results.For better results, you have to do SEO content optimization of all the work you are publishing. However, another problem that jumps here is how to optimize your content pieces. The effective way to do so is by utilizing online tools. 

We will go over each of the top seven SEO content optimisation tools for agencies in-depth in this post.

7 Best SEO Content Optimization Tools For Agencies

Utilizing online SEO optimization tools is beneficial for every individual especially when we are talking about agencies. Since agencies usually have to handle a large work of content optimization leveraging a digital content strategy becomes crucial.. In these scenarios, the below-mentioned tools will not only streamline their productivity but effectively do content optimization.

1. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a feature-rich tool for optimising material online. It analyses the on-page SEO strength of a given content and provides suggestions to improve its optimization.

How Surfer SEO Can Help Agencies to Optimize Content?

Below are some points that explain how Surfer SEO can be helpful for agencies:

  • Agencies can utilize the tool to discover dozens of keywords for their content.
  • They can optimize the length of content following the recommended word count by the tool.
  • Agencies can fix the keyword density at an optimal level with the help of the tool.
  • The tool can automatically generate SEO-optimized content outlines.

Let us suggest a practical example to explore one of the beneficial uses of the tool.

Practical Example:

We wanted to create an optimized content outline for the below Blog Title. To do so, we used the Outline Generator Option of the Surfer SEO.

Blog Title:

“A Comprehensive Guide to Boost Your Website’s Visibility and Drive Traffic”


surfer seo

Top Features:

Below are prominent features of the tool that make it the best for agencies:

  • SERPs Analysis: It can determine the position of your content search engine result pages.
  • Keywords research: To find the best relevant and LSI keywords.
  • Content Audit: Provides a detailed report for negative and positive traits of your content.
  • Content Editing: This feature provides guidelines and suggestions about the content.
  • AI Content Generation: To automatically generate SEO-optimized content pieces on any topic.

2. Plagiarism Checking Tool by EditPad

The purpose of the plagiarism checker is to find and underline occurrences of plagiarism in a particular piece of writing. The unlawful practice of taking someone else’s words or works as your own without getting their consent or giving them credit is known as plagiarism.

It will not only hurt the credibility of your content but make it penalized by search engines if left unchecked.

How the Plagiarism Checker is Useful In Content Optimization?

Below are the ways through which the utilization of the Plagiarism Checker is useful for Agencies:

  • Ensures Originality: The tool ensures the originality of your content.
  • Avoid Plagiarism: With the utilization of the Checker, agencies can avoid the occasion of plagiarism.
  • Incorrect Citation: The Checker can assist you in finding improper or incorrect citations.
  • Save Time: It streamlines the process of identifying the plagiarised text pieces and saves a lot of time.

Practical Example:

We passed the below text with the tool. It automatically highlighted all the plagiarised text pieces from our text.

Out Text:

“Improving your writing abilities is an ongoing effort, and there are various ways you may use to do so. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to become a better writer.


Edit pad

Cutting Edge Features:

The Plagiarism Checker’s salient features are as follows:

  • Result With Percentage: The tool provides a percentage report about the uniqueness and duplication of the content.
  • Accurate: It is equipped with advanced AI algorithms to effectively match input with all the published content pieces. And provides accurate results.
  • Sources of Plagiarism: The tool lists the links of all the sources with which your content matches.
  • Citation: The tool provides with citation option to automatically cite the source and get rid of plagiarism.

3. Paraphrase Online

Paraphrase Online is a rephrasing tool that works to restate a given content into a new form. For rephrasing the tool harness NLP and ML technology. The former helps in the apprehension of original context, sentences, and wording while the latter helps in the creation of rephrased output.

How Agencies Can Optimize Content With the Paraphrasing Tool?

Agencies can optimize their content pieces with the paraphraser in the following ways:

  • Remove Duplicate Content: The rephrase can help in removing the plagiarised text pieces without harming the original context or theme.
  • Optimize Clarity: Agencies can optimize the clarity of their content by replacing most of their technical or complex terminology with simple words and phrases.
  • Repurpose Content: They can update and repurpose the old content pieces with the use of the tool.
  • Keyword Stuffing: The tool is efficient in removing keyword stuffing within no time.

Practical Example:

We pasted the below text with jargon terminology into the Paraphrase Online Tool. The tool restated it into an easily comprehensible version.

Original Text:

“Sustaining good health necessitates an integrated approach that considers your emotional, mental, and physical health. A nutritious whole-foods-rich diet provides the organism with essential nutrients to maintain its various biochemical activities.” 


Rephrased Text:

Maintaining good health requires an integrated approach that takes into account your emotional, mental, and physical health. A nutritious diet with a variety of whole foods will provide the body with the nutrients it needs to maintain various biochemical activities.”


paraphrase online

Best Features:

Here are the best features offered by the “Paraphrase Online.”

  • Multiple Modes: The rephrasing tool offers four distinct modes including Text Improver, Sentence Rephraser, Paraphrase Text, and Word Changer. All the modes of the tool provide unique outputs.
  • Advancements: It is stocked with innovative tech that keeps on updating to every time provide users with accurate results.
  • Highlight Changes: The tool highlights all the changes. This characteristic facilitates difference identification.
  • Human-Like Results:: It works like humans and provides human-like content that can bypass AI detection.
  • Multiple Languages: Most agencies have to work on multiple language projects. In this scenario, this feature is beneficial for them.

4. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is created for users to check the readability of their content. The tool determines the clarity of a given content based on multiple factors including Sentence length, use of adverbs, passive voice, hard sentences, etc. Moreover, the tool gives suggestions for improvements.

How Hemingway is Useful for Agencies?

Hemingway can improve content optimization in the following ways:

  • Agencies can automatically find the difficult parts of their content.
  • They can simplify and clarify their content by following the suggestions of the tool.
  • The tool is helpful to proofread their content before finalizing.

Practical Examples:

We checked the readability of our sample text through the Editor. The tool provided us with an in-depth report telling the clarity score and issues of our content.


Hemingway editor

Top Features:

Below are the top features of the “Hemingway Editor.”

  • Free: The tool is free to use.
  • Easier to Use: Agencies can navigate the Editor and easily edit their writing.
  • Highlight Issues: It highlights different issues with different colours.
  • Multiple stats: The tool provides multiple stats about the content such as Letters, Characters, Words, Paragraphs, and Reading Time.

5. Grammar Check

The Grammar Check is an advanced tool that works using the power of AI. Its function is to immediately hunt a given content for spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and preposition flaws. After recognizing the issues in the content, it highlights all of them.

How the Tool Can Help Agencies for SEO Content Optimization?

For SEO optimisation of content, it should be free of all the spelling, preposition, and grammar slip-ups. The grammar check can help agencies quickly check and remove all of these flaws.

Practical Example:

We checked our sample text for grammar flaws with the help of the tool. With just one click the tool highlighted all of our grammar and spelling mistakes.

Maintaing good helth is importent for a happy and fullfilling life. Eating a balanced diet and getting enough slep are to essential parts of a healthy lifestyle. You should also try to get reguler exercise and avoid smoking and excesive drinking.”



“Maintaining good health is important for a happy and fulfilling life. Eating a balanced diet and getting enough SLEP are the essential parts of a healthy lifestyle. You should also try to get regular exercise and avoid smoking and excessive drinking.”


Grammer check

Best Features:

Here are the best features of the Grammar Check:

  • Suggestions: The tool provides correct suggestions and guidelines for every mistake. You can learn from this and keep from making the same mistakes twice.
  • Accurate: The tool is driven by innovative AI technology which enables it to always provide accurate solutions.
  • Advanced: It is stocked with the most advanced set of grammar and spelling rules.
  • One Click Solution: The tool offers a click option to “Fix all the Errors.”

6. Summarizer

Text Summarizer is mainly developed to do the work of summarizing, concising, or condensing the given content. It compiles all the key details of content in a very short number of words.

How Does the Text Summarizer Help Agencies?

Below are multiple uses of the “Text Summarizing Tool”:

  • Concise Content: Agencies can concise their wordy content pieces to make it user-friendly.
  • Meta description: They can easily craft optimal length meta description with the summarizer.
  • Remove Extra Details: The summarizer can remove the extra or unnecessary details from the content.
  • Conclusion: Utilizing the summarizer, agencies can better craft their content conclusion and summaries.

Practical Example:

We summarized the below text with the help of the tool:


“In recent years, the rate of technological advancement has advanced at an unprecedented rate, altering our lives in previously imagined ways. Technological innovations have invaded every part of our everyday lives, from the introduction of smartphones to the birth of artificial intelligence, presenting both benefits and challenges.”



“From smartphones to artificial intelligence, innovations have become a part of our daily existence.”


summarizing tool

Pioneering Features:

Below are some pioneering features offered by the “Text Summarizer.”

  • Set Summary Length: You can specify the length of summaries manually with the help of the scroll bar offered by the tool.
  • Offer Multiple Language: It offers six different languages including English, Dutch, Franchise, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Spanish. 
  • Modes: The summarizer provides two different modes i.e., Summarizer and AI Summarizer.
  • Bullets and Best Line: Another unique feature offered by the tool is the options for Best lines and Bullets. By clicking the best line option, the tool will show you the best sentences from your content.

7. Chat GPT

Chat GPT is one of the most widely used online tools throughout the world. It is a conversational chatbot that answers the questions of users like a human. Whenever a question or prompt is given to the tool, it interprets the command with the help of NLP. After that, the tool responds with contextually relevant and coherent answers in text form.

How is Chat GPT Useful for Agencies to Optimize Content?

There are various ways that agencies can use Chat GPT. Below are some of the prominent uses of Chat GPT in content optimization:

  • Keyword Fixing: Agencies can fix the target keywords in their content with the help of Chat GPT. They will just have to input a piece of content and ask the chatbot to naturally fix their Focus keywords in it.
  • Meta Descriptions: The tool is efficient at immediately crafting compelling and SEO-optimized meta descriptions for content.
  • Content Expansion: Chat GPT can assist agencies in expanding their provided content. The tool will add further details, explanations, or relevant examples. In this way, agencies can improve the depth as well as the quality of their content within no time.

And so on…

Practical Example:

To check the functionality of Chat GPT, we asked it to write an SEO-optimized “Meta-description” for this post.

Our Prompt: 

“Create an SEO-optimized meta-description for our inputted content.”

Generated Meta-description: 

“Optimize agency content effortlessly with 7 key tools: Surfer SEO, Plagiarism Checker, Paraphrase Online, Hemingway Editor, Grammar Check, Text Summarizer, and Chat GPT. Elevate your SEO game.”


chat gpt

Powerful Features:

Chat GPT is improving day by day with its features. However, below are the most common and powerful features acquired by the tool:

  • Vast Data Storage: Chat GPT  acquires vast data storage. This feature makes it capable of answering every question or prompt.
  • Accurate: The Chatbot is innovating its tech with every passing day. Its advanced machine learning tech enables it to give accurate answers.
  • Multiple Niche Coverage: It can generate content for multiple niches, including Business, Tech, Living, Health, etc.
  • Customized output: You can personalize the outputs by writing guidelines or needs in the prompt.


Tech has simplified and streamlined the process of SEO optimization of content pieces by developing multiple online tools. Utilizing these tools for content optimization will be an effective strategy for uplifting their content in SERPs. To better guide agencies we listed and deeply explained the 7 best online tools in the post. We hope utilizing them will make their content pieces easily beat the competitors.

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