Why is Link Building Hard? What are Link Building Challenges?

Why do you believe someone will allow you to include a link to your website on their blog or website?

Many individuals believe that building quality backlinks is easy and does not require any strategic planning.

Let me tell you, guys. That is fantasizing! Nothing else.

Many individuals, particularly novices, are unaware of the different link building challenges associated with link development.

We’ve written this post to educate you on the numerous link building challenges you’ll face when developing connections.

Let’s talk about those challenges and how to overcome them.

What is Link Building?

Link building entails obtaining backlinks from other legitimate websites to your own. It is a critical component of any successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

However, it is not only about obtaining as many backlinks as possible. To obtain SEO benefits from your plan, you must first develop links from reputable and relevant websites.

This includes discovering and contacting websites and bloggers in your field, producing high-quality content that organically generates backlinks, and constantly analyzing and improving your link profile.

Why is Link Building Difficult?

One of the most difficult aspects of white hat link building is that it requires your website’s backlinks to be present on other websites that Google completely trusts. Furthermore, Google prevents you from paying for these backlinks. If Google discovers that you bought for backlinks, your website will immediately receive a Link Spam penalty. 

So, to develop authentic connections, websites must willingly link to your website without receiving monetary incentives. In these situations, the best way to reciprocate is to link back. 

If the external website entirely trusts you, it may supply you with a do-follow backlink, which implies it will transfer its authority to you. Do-follows from high-authority websites are frequently seen as critical for ranking higher in search engine results. However, the difficulties in establishing links do not end here. 

What Are The Link Building Challenges?

The following are some of the most difficult link building challenges you may encounter when you begin link building:

a. Creating outreach pitch

Coming up with an outreach pitch is likely to be one of the first link-building challenges you’ll face when starting to create links. While novices may believe that identifying relevant websites to reach out to is difficult, those who have been in the SEO game for a year or more will know that gaining a response via outreach email maybe 10 times more difficult.

The basic purpose of outreach is to contact and initiate a conversation with the website’s content representative. As a result, you must strike a balance between formality and politeness, as well as discussion. You may break your email into three paragraphs, each focusing on a single theme. 

Finding relevant sites that provide information on your subject is as simple as conducting a Google search. Simply put your specialty and the phrase Blog in inverted commas (“). You will receive a list of blogs related to your field. 

b. Quantity & quality of backlinks

When developing your backlinking strategy, you should also identify the quality and amount of backlinks you require. Acquiring high-quality backlinks might take a significant amount of resources and effort. A single high-quality link is worth more than 100 backlinks from low-quality resources.

Most backlinking tactics are simply focused on ranking higher in the SERPs, making it tough to set particular quality and quantity goals. However, with a clear metric for backlink quality and quantity, you may obtain a good indication of how your website’s SEO will improve after a year of backlinking activities.

c. Using the right anchor text

The next link building challenge is the use of anchor text. Anchor text is the clickable text that you may find on various content elements. Your anchor text must be precisely aligned with the material where it is put. 

Making anchor text based on your keywords is one of the most prevalent methods used by experienced SEO specialists. However, there is no hard and fast rule about solely utilizing anchor texts with keywords. However, if you do not use your anchor text correctly, your website is likely to start ranking for the wrong keywords, or even phrases that are completely irrelevant to your specialty.

d. Balancing between do-follows and no-follows

One of the most common link-building challenge techniques among SEOs in their backlinking tactics is to focus on link-building prospects for do-follow links. These connections are frequently seen as valuable since the website effectively transfers its authority to the destination site. 

However, focusing solely on do-follow links is not only difficult, but it can also harm your link-building approach. Even if solely do-follows in your backlink profile may help you gain authority faster, without no-follows, your efforts may be futile.

e. Staying updated with Google’s policies

Google’s many regulations make it clear how important link-building is for SEO. Even after a decade, link-building remains one of Google’s greatest signs of a website’s authority.

As a result, it is critical that your website and SEO consistently adhere to Google’s regulations. There cannot be any errors here. 

Final Thoughts

Link building might feel like a difficult challenge, right?

But, hey, addressing it can help your site rank higher!

First and foremost, it is critical to follow Google’s guidelines. They change often, but staying current ensures you’re always in the game.

Then there’s the matter of identifying the appropriate websites to link to. It’s similar to a treasure hunt, looking for the ideal locations to highlight your website.

Remember that it’s more than just grabbing any old link. It’s about choosing high-quality ones that are appropriate for your website.

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1. Are backlinks from any website beneficial to my site?

Instead, focus on quality and relevance. Links from credible, related websites are more useful.

2. Is guest blogging an effective approach for link building?

Yes, if done correctly. Choose credible websites that are relevant to your market and offer quality material.

3. Can I repurpose previous material to create new backlinks?

Yes, upgrading and reusing existing material may generate new connections, especially if it is evergreen and relevant.

4. How frequently should I assess my link-building strategy?


At least every several months, or whenever Google releases a big algorithm update.

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