What Is Domain Authority? Is It Important For Website Ranking?

Domain authority is a critical essential in online marketing. But, why is it so important, and how can you establish it?

Marketers and businesses are working around the clock to find online prowess. In 2021, 82% of marketers turned to content marketing. This percentage is up 70% from 2020, indicating the importance of content. So, why is content becoming more important each passing day?

Because of domain authorities, whenever you google a brand, business, or any related query, one business would stand out against the others. 

When Googling “Apple,” you will notice only the information related to Apple’s websites, pages, and other online presence on the first page. This is Apple’s domain authority, and that one simple keyword generates only the related results to it.

So, how can you achieve the same for your brand? Moreover, is it imperative to do so? To answer all these questions, we will have to dive in deeper. So, let’s dig in. 

What is Domain Authority?

Moz introduced the idea of Domain Authority or DA score. Some people like to call it thought leadership. As it also specifies the first thought in search engines upon particular queries. Domain authority can be of various types.

As mentioned before, upon searching “Apple,” you will not get any fruit-related results on Google. This authority results from constant optimization, SEM, and SEO techniques. The higher the domain authority, the higher the ranks in search engines.

Simply put, domain authority is merely an SEO technique that puts your website at the top search engine result. Preferably on the first one. However, the most important thing to understand about DA is that it’s uncertain of industries or niches.

Meaning that a website, as long as it features viable content, good links, and good SEO features, will be one of the top results. So, if you search for “tech giant,” the chances of Apple showing up in the search results are significantly less.

While if you search for a product, such as “Phone,” or “tablet,” then Apple’s product might be of the first few results. So, if you’re an eCommerce business, your chances of standing out as your product or brand name are a lot higher than simply as a name in a vast industry. 

Importance of Domain Authority

Domain authority signifies the prowess of a website in search engines. While it’s good to see your business appear in the first few results, does it yield any significant results? 

Yes, it does. It helps new businesses go to the next level. While it assists established businesses in standing out against their close competitors. Hence, the term domain authority. Here is how:

High Ranks

As we have already established, a website’s domain authority puts it on the top of search results. Therefore, any related search query would put that specific website at the top.

Whether it’s a product, a blog post, or a service page, all would benefit from this. This high rank will generate more leads, and consequently, more business. 

Better Visibility

Brand visibility in the online world is an essential factor in building awareness. Audiences find businesses only once the company establishes its visibility in the online world.

Whether you talk about social media presence, mobile app, or blog, a website’s domain authority affects it all. So, higher domain authority will collectively increase the visibility of a business.

Organic Traffic

Both higher visibility and top ranks generate organic traffic. It’s a circling loop, as you need all these elements for one another. A good DA is what draws this circle. 

You need a higher rank for organic traffic, and for a higher rank, you need better website visibility. This loop is what makes domain authority a necessary marketing achievement. 

Brand Credibility 

If your brand is showing up in the top search results and drawing traffic, Google prioritizes it over others in your niche. Mainly because of the content integrity, impressions and clicks.

So, for businesses looking to stand out against bigger competitors, building DA is one of the top priorities. 

Page Authority 

Domain authority is the collective prowess of a website. However, page authority deals with the dexterity of a single page, whether it’s a blog or a product page. 

Building domain authority naturally embellishes each one of the pages on your website with this factor. Helping your pages stand out against pages from other domains. 

You can see the score of both PA & DA with the domain authority checker.

Check web authority

How to Ensure Better DA?

Domain authority is necessary for any business in any industry, but how do you build domain authority? Is it just about picking a good name?

It is not because various essential elements go into making an authoritative domain/website. To make it easier for you, here’s a list of things you can do to ensure better DA>

Easy Domain Name

While it’s not the only thing you need, picking an accessible domain name is one of the most critical factors in building DA. Easy-sounding brand names are naturally good at domain authority.

While this phase falls more into the creative marketing category, it certainly overlaps your need to create a viable domain name. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is THE essential aspect of building domain authority. If you wish to outdo your competition, you need a thorough SEO strategy.

Optimization should include website optimization, content creation, keyword research, audience research, et cetera. So, once you pick your domain name, shift your focus to SEO. 

Content Integrity 

Your content needs to be top-notch to help push your DA score. Moz usually bases these scores on the content prowess of a website. Does the content provide information?

Moreover, does it feature proven stats? Does the content have images and other optimization elements? All these elements in your content can ensure a high-scoring domain authority. 

Linkable Content (Use stats)

The more linkable your content is, the better. You need higher domain authority because it’s an essential tool for generating organic traffic.

If your blog post or website copy features stats, then it becomes easier to interlink your content with one another. Bear in mind that it is essential to increase the DA score. So, once you do, look up your score with the DA PA checker.

DA Checker

Remove Orphan Pages & Broken Links

Orphan pages or broken links will ruin your website’s DA. It would be best if you were above the score of 50 at least to stand out in the first five results.

The inclusion of orphaned pages and broken links will draw your score down. Therefore, getting rid of broken links and orphaned pages should help.

Cross-Platform Support

A mobile-friendly website will naturally score high domain authority. Optimizing your website for mobile phones will help you draw more traffic, and consequently, increase your DA.


Domain authority is a necessary element for digital marketing these days. It’s a sum of content, SEO, and other marketing practices. Therefore, a proper strategy to score high DA should be your priority. 

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