Link Whisper Review -Is It Worthy In 2024?

What is Link Whisper?

A WordPress plugin called Link Whisper makes it simple to add internal links between the various pages of your website.

It analyzes your website using NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to comprehend the content and relationships among them, and depending on your settings and customizations, it makes suggestions for internal link-building opportunities.

The links you select to include will subsequently be automatically inserted into your article by Link Whisper.

In fact, Link Whisper may have shown up in your search for “how to add an internal link in WordPress.”

How To Install And Activate Link Whisper?

Link Whisper

Downloading Link Whisper

It must first be downloaded to your computer before you can install Link Whisper on your website. Link Whisper is available for download from a variety of sources. Following your purchase, you may access the download link on the Order Confirmation page

You can also download it from the activation email that is provided after a successful purchase or from’s My Account page.

The License Key should be copied to your clipboard once you download Link Whisper. Later, to enable Link Whisper on your website, you will require the License Key.

Link Whisper Installation On Your Website.

It’s time to add Link Whisper to your website after you’ve downloaded it to your PC. To accomplish this, open the WordPress Admin and select the “Add New” link under the Plugins menu item.

A button labeled “Upload Plugins” is located at the top of the “Add New” page. To access the form for adding a plugin, click on it.

Upload Plugin

You’ll find a “Choose File” button inside the plugin upload form; click it to launch a file browsing window. Find and select the Link Whisper files that you just downloaded inside the window, then click “Open.”

Once the files have been opened, select “Install Now” to put the Link Whisper files on your website.

The rest of the file installation will be handled by your website. Click the “Activate Plugin” button after the installation is complete. Before Link Whisper is completely functional, there are still a few stages to complete, but we’re getting there.

Install Plugin

Activating The Link Whisper License.

As long as the License Key is not submitted, Link Whisper is not actually operational on your website. It is inactive and awaiting activation up to that moment.

Click on the Link Whisper menu option to turn Link Whisper on. Your destination will be the Link Whisper Licensing page.

The form for activating the Link Whisper license may be found on the Link Whisper Licensing website. Copy the License Key from the Activation Email and paste it in the “License Key” form to activate your license. Then, to activate, click “Activate License.”

You may find out if the activation was successful or not using Link Whisper. Link Whisper will alert you to any activation-related issues in the “License Message” section.

Running a link scan is the last step to putting Link Whisper into full operation after the license has been properly authorized. It must undergo a link scan in order to collect information from your website.

Go to the Dashboard page and choose the “Complete Install” option to launch the scan.

Link Whisper Settings

You’ll find a straightforward form with a button to start the initial scan on the Dashboard page. By pressing the button, Link Whisper will start looking for links in the text of your website. Additionally, it uses this time to complete the setup of a few database tables that it will require in order to function.

Most sites can be scanned quite quickly, but bigger ones will take longer. The scan will terminate if you dismiss the active browser tab and will need to be resumed later.

After you finish the scan, you will get access to the entire Dashboard and all of Link Whisper’s capabilities.

Link Whisper Dashboard

Link Whisper Features

Automatic Link Suggestions As You Write

Link Whisper is a clever internal linking tool that provides automatic link suggestions as you write. Link Whisper, a tool powered by artificial intelligence, begins recommending pertinent internal links as soon as you begin writing your content directly in the WordPress editor.

Depending on the number of articles you have on your site and the quality of your current content, Link Whisper may suggest hundreds or even thousands of internal links from the content you are editing.

Simply tick the box and press save. We’ve finished the internal linkages.

Quickly Find And Build Internal Links To Old Posts That Need More

Internal link building case study

Did you wonder whether you have any “orphan” material online that isn’t connecting to any internal links?

You may rapidly identify pages that have few or no internal links pointing at them using Link Whisper.

But it goes further than that! You can easily reach those articles with a small number of internal links connecting to them by clicking “add” new internal links.

Automatic Links From Keywords Of Your Choice

Automatic links from Keywords

Want to create internal links for SEO more quickly? Try out the “Auto-Linking” function in Link Whisper!

Enter the term you wish to use as the foundation for your links, and then provide the URL you want those links to point to. Simply said, Link Whisper will instantly create links to the website of your choosing from all current and upcoming mentions of the selected keywords.

Internal Links Reporting

You can control your site’s structure and obtain the information you need to effectively optimize it with the help of in-depth link reporting.

It may not show only see a comprehensive overview of your whole website, but you can also check how many inbound and outgoing connections each post is generating. You may get a thorough grasp of internal and external links as well as any broken or incorrect links as well as posts that could utilize more internal links from the links metrics dashboard.

Repair Broken Links

I’m curious whether your website contains any 404 pages or broken links. It’s really simple to examine all of your broken internal and external connections using Link Whisper.

You can easily update or get rid of any broken links within Link Whisper.

To Get Even Better Internal Links, Add Target Keywords

Link Whisper will provide the most pertinent links for your articles based on the goal SEO keywords you’re aiming to rank for in Google.

Already use plugins to specify your target keywords, such as Yoast SEO, Rank Math, or All in One SEO? You won’t have to repeat any effort since Link Whisper will automatically bring in those desired keywords!

Get Traffic Data From Google Search Console

You may connect to Link Whisper’s optional setting and download traffic information from Google Search Console.

This makes it easy for you to monitor the organic traffic, average position, and keywords that are driving traffic to your content. To optimize results for SEO, you may adjust target keywords and internal links with the use of this keyword data.

Get Internal Link Suggestions For Other Sites You Own

You may “connect” various websites you own that use Link Whisper so that you can begin receiving link ideas between them. If you run several websites in the same niche, this can be very effective.

Link Whisper Pricing

The below screenshot gives an overview of the plans offered by Link Whisper.

Link Whisper Pricing

Link Whisper Pros and Cons

✅Saves time❌No external linking suggestions
✅Compatible with WordPress page builders❌Only available for Shopify and WordPress
✅ User-friendly❌Slight learning curve for beginners
✅Supports multiple languages❌Suggested links not always relevant
✅Lightweight plugin with no impact on page speed


With the help of the effective plugin Link Whisper, you can quickly create internal links to your website, which will save you time, work, and aggravation.

Even if its link recommendations may require adjustment, it remains one of the most effective plugins you can employ to improve your SEO.

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