The Best Loom Alternatives to check out in 2022

Best Loom Alternatives

There are varieties of concerns that occur in the profession, education, business or even in regular life where you may have to record the things that appear on your computer screen and share with others which may even include the movement of your cursor.

Sometimes you need to make a training video for a co-worker or an employee walking them through a straightforward process you operate on the PC. Or perhaps you are recording your screen on your computer and appending voiceover to a PowerPoint presentation or Google Slides. Or say, if you are a gamer and want to share some gameplay shots with your friends on social media.

While Loom is one of the famous platforms for screen recordings, users often face technical snags and other problems that prompt considering alternatives. Loom’s free version has a restriction of up to five minutes of video recording with no editing provision. Also, you won’t be able to view your engagement insights in the free version. Full-screen video recording will be of poor quality. 

Hence, Loom can disarray your productivity with video limitation, bad-quality full-screen recording, lagging, and no editing provision (for the free version). 

Fortunately, there are lots of excellent Loom alternatives that will allow you to record your screen, edit your captured video, and share it along with your audience. You can use them to fulfil your video messaging and overall engagement needs. 

So, let’s drive in:


fullfeel is a single integrated platform that allows businesses to create, share, manage, and analyze their digital sales to complete more deals, faster.

fullfeel empowers you to easily create narratives by recording your screen, webcam and sales content simultaneously.

It is the top-most alternative to Loom because it is enterprise secure, app download is not needed, and Browser plugins also are not required.

Narratives make your sales content easier to comprehend and unforgettable.

fullfeel focuses on empowering your sales institution to engage prospects, effectively present, and close sales under any circumstances. Its explanation works beautifully both in-person and remote. 

fullfeel helps you to manage PDFs, Images, Videos, Presentations, virtual tours, Audio, 3D content, Web pages, etc.

Among all the other alternatives that are to be mentioned below, fullfeel is exclusively the one that provides a broad framework that is oriented toward business lead generation and marketing. 

It’s also the best Loom alternative available today.

An outstanding feature of fullfeel is that you can track who watched your video, how long they watched it, and if they shared it.

Moreover, it also offers integrations with some important tools like Google Sheets, Hubspot CRM, Salesforce, Zoho, etc.

When it comes to pricing, fullfeel only asks you to pay for content storage and Sales Engagement.

For detailed pricing, click here.



Vidyard allows you to record your screen on Mac, Windows, as well as on mobile devices. It comes as a Desktop application for Windows and Mac users. Additionally, It supports Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser extensions.

The video-sharing characteristic contains the options to send videos via email, website embedding, and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

There is a video optimization feature additionally that works just like a search engine optimization technique where the program processes the data of the video and metadata to rank your videos better (in case, you want them to be available to the public).

The engagement notifications feature keeps you updated by reporting you if anyone watched your videos.

Vidyard has several features that make it a perfect alternative to Loom.

Although Vidyard features a rich offering for lead generation and other sorts of businesses, its free version offers more features than Loom’s free version. Its flexible video format support (WMV, MP4, MOV, etc.) makes it active to suit various personal needs with its free plan version.

Unlike Vidyard, Loom lacks marketing tools for campaign scheduling and automation. Moreover, the Loom analytics capabilities are restricted compared to Vidyard which is in real-time.

Did we say that Vidyard is free?

While there are paid Vidyard plans available, the free version offers everything a person needs for screen recording and video sharing.

This makes it quite a competitor for Loom within the contemporary market.

For detailed pricing, click here.

Cloud App

cloud app

CloudApp is additionally one of the renowned alternative platforms of screen-recording to Loom. It lets you capture your screen and webcam. A distinguishing feature that it offers is that you can upload content directly to the cloud.

The webcam also allows you to add your face for a better-personalized experience for your associates. It also backs annotations so as to feature texts or videos to your final product. An extra feature that makes CloudApp more fascinating is its ability to create gifs.

CloudApp also has one of the most significant features which is its easy editing feature that allows you to cut and trim videos.

Its feature of link sharing will make your video available to anyone you share the link with. 

Also, your video will be secure on the cloud, and you’ll share it with no fear of losing it. Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks to this otherwise fascinating tool. For instance, you won’t be able to edit or crop your own video recordings.

Moreover, its free version limits the scale of the video to 90 minutes. The user interface is likewise not very easy to get familiar with for a beginner, hence it’d take a while to get acquainted. 

For pricing, CloudApp has free as well as many paid plans.

For detailed pricing click here.



If you’re trying to find a screen recorder with decent video editing functionality geared towards the growth of tutorials, then Camtasia is a good choice without any brainstorming.

This is simply the best-paid alternative to Loom out there straightaway.

In Camtasia, you can record the entire screen, part of it, or simply an application window as per your requirements and convenience. This makes it plenty more customizable than most of its competitors.

Another compelling characteristic is its video templates that are already built in the form of a library. These templates will enable you to produce and edit your videos easily.

On the other hand, a huge library of royalty-free music and sound effects will make your video more enchanting to your audience.

It comes with great distinctive icons for all the functionalities that it delivers. This makes it easier for a beginner to become a pro in Camtasia without much difficulty. 

One of the more unique features of Camtasia is that it is oriented towards video tutorial making. That is why it offers interactive tools to be added to the videos.

One of the limitations of Camtasia is that it comes without a free plan while also being somewhat expensive when it involves comparing it with other screen recording tools.

There is also a bit of negative feedback from the users that it shows delays between video and audio while recording.

Given the other spectacular features of this great tool, I think that some of its downsides can easily be overlooked.

For detailed pricing, click here.



For recording videos and capturing the screen, Snagit is another Loom alternative with verifying features. Like others, it enables you to record your screen as an MP4 video or as a GIF. 

On the opposite hand, as far as capturing images of the screen is concerned, Snagit strides forward and provides a panoramic view development ability that guides to the functionality of capturing full-page scrolling screenshots of your screen. 

Annotations also are permitted apace with the addition of the functionality of drawing pictures on top of your video.

One of the exceptional features of Snagit is that it can extract text when an image is within the library.

However, there are some drawbacks to Snagit.

Mainly, because of the existence of plenty of new features, Snagit is overwhelming at first.

Additionally, Snagit doesn’t have any free plan, while the paid plans are costly and, hence, are very inconvenient for SMEs.

Users also cannot share the video link with a copy-paste directly without the usage of

For detailed pricing, click here.

Final words

Your best Loom alternative will rely upon your distinctive requirements and budget. For instance, you can choose Camtasia for its flexibility in editing. For school and e-learning platforms also, Camtasia can be the best choice.

But if you are looking to manage your business and empower your sales, the best Loom alternative you should depend upon is fullfeel, which not only takes care of your local needs but also keeps track of your video viewers(your colleagues).

Although I believe, CloudApp’s distinctive features are reasonable for case-specific and people-specific situations. Cloud App is ideal for office purposes given its cloud hosting features. Additionally, a cloud feature could also be necessary if you’re handling an outsized volume of videos.

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