Alibaba Cloud Expands with New Global Innovation Center

Alibaba Cloud Expands with New Global Innovation Center

To further improve customer services and better support customers’ digitalization journeys, Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence core of the Alibaba Group has launched its first international partner management center and product innovation center.

In response to persistent consumer requests from throughout the world, the new Product Innovation Center will manage product updates and support upcoming road maps for creating more market-specific solutions.

In order to better address the needs of regional customers, the Partner Management Center will engage in local partnerships to deepen the sharing of cutting-edge technology and subject expertise among partners.

These new efforts won’t just broaden the range of employment opportunities for Singaporean people; they will also help enterprises grow as the global digital economy continues to thrive.

The Innovation Accelerator Program aims to bring together business leaders and subject matter experts to support the development of more innovative and resilient firms in Singapore. This is accomplished through the exchange of real-world information and ideas as well as by making access to the most recent cloud technologies simple.

Each program-eligible company will also receive cost-free technical support and training from Alibaba Cloud and other industry experts.

The program offers businesses the chance to join the dynamic global ecosystem of Alibaba Cloud, which is created to further empower businesses to explore and realize their growth ambitions not only locally but also internationally, by assisting them with their digital transformation and innovation journey through upskilling, retraining, and technical upgrading.

According to Dr. Wang Jian, a member of the Chinese Engineering Academy and the creator of Alibaba Cloud, “We are now in a very early stage of digitalization.” “In the next five to ten years, computer consumption will drive and define the economy. 

Cloud computing will play the same function in the era of digitalization that electricity did in the era of electrification. The digital economy is the economy of computing. The cloud is becoming a methodology that most people use for their job, not simply for cloud computing.

In an attempt to support sustainable business practices, Alibaba Cloud will collaborate with partners to help 10,000 international companies accelerate their sustainability journeys over the course of the next three years. Businesses in Singapore will have access to a pilot program called Energy Expert to help them reduce their carbon footprints.

Alibaba Cloud unveiled its exclusive software-as-a-service sustainability platform called Energy Expert in June of last year. It offers businesses practical information and advice on how to reduce their energy use while measuring, analyzing, and managing the carbon emissions of corporate operations and goods.

Selina Yuan, vice president of Alibaba Group and president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International Business Unit, said, “With the establishment of our first International Product Innovation Center and Partner Management Center in Singapore, our global headquarters for Alibaba Cloud, we are committed to continuously supporting global businesses in their journey toward digital transformation.”

“The new efforts and the strengthening of our expert team further underline our assistance for worldwide customers with aspirations to deliver on their sustainability goals while extending and updating their inventive capabilities,” the company’s statement reads.

Using Technology for Innovation to Support Customer Growth

Gadget MIX is a Singapore-based store that focuses on high-tech digital items. It has more than 20 locations across the country and a significant online presence. Modern cloud technology from Alibaba Cloud has helped Gadget MIX adapt its retail strategy in a digital way.

By collaborating with Alibaba Cloud, Gadget MIX has been able to speed up its business transformation. This has improved internal communication, optimized business processes, and allowed for a seamless transition to the cloud.

In order to provide a secure environment for its customers, Project Twelve (P12), a web3 gaming platform with headquarters in Singapore, is now able to concentrate on scalable game distribution. This is made possible by leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s game accelerator solution and security products like Game Shield and Anti-DDos.

P12 also makes use of PolarDB, a cloud-native database from Alibaba Cloud, to improve maintenance procedures and increase uptime dependability.

Project Twelve’s founder, Boyang, stated: “With the extra security of a secure gaming experience within the P12 platform, we can concentrate our efforts on elevating the platform with top-notch games and a sustainable economy in the quickly developing and dynamic web3 gaming sector. Our capacity to grow our operations to meet peak demand with high availability and low latency has been made possible by Alibaba Cloud’s solutions.

Alibaba Cloud has also been collaborating with numerous logistics businesses to intensify their digital transformation efforts due to Singapore’s dynamic logistics center and its importance to the Singaporean economy. This includes JUSTI Pte. Ltd. (JUSTI), a local investment holding firm with a last-mile delivery business as one of its primary investments. 

Thanks to Alibaba Cloud’s technologies, they have been able to digitalize and streamline their logistical networks.

JUSTI’s MD, Li ChaoMing, stated: “Our field dispatch capabilities and efficiency are enhanced in real time by Alibaba Cloud’s AI-driven EasyDispatch solution with an embedded vehicle routing problem (VRP) capacity.

We can have better visibility and control over each stage of our delivery chains by utilizing Alibaba Cloud’s services, including task scheduling, real-time AI route creation, and package status tracking. The cost of our labor has been significantly decreased, and customer satisfaction has increased.

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