Enhancing Sales Efficiency: Oracle’s New AI Features

Enhancing Sales Efficiency: Oracle’s New AI Features

Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX) now includes additional artificial intelligence (AI) features to assist marketers, sellers, and support agents speed up deal cycles.

The new AI capabilities will help businesses increase sales quicker by automating time-consuming operations and allowing front-office staff to target, engage, and service buyers more accurately.

According to Katrina Gosek, VP of product strategy at Oracle Cloud CX, AI is constantly demonstrating its power to improve user experiences, and we are only scratching the surface of what this technology can do for customer service, sales, and marketing.

“The new AI capabilities embedded within Oracle Cloud CX will enable organizations to enhance customer satisfaction and drive more sales by automating processes that enable marketing, sales, and service professionals to spend their quality time on more meaningful tasks while the technology is helping to engage and serve buyers in a more precise manner.”

Oracle provides approximately 50 generative AI use cases incorporated inside the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite, which are meant to protect clients’ enterprise data, privacy, and security. With the OCI Generative AI Service, no client data is shared with large language model (LLM) providers or visible to other customers. In addition, only an individual client is permitted to utilize bespoke models trained on its data. Role-based security is built directly into Oracle Fusion Applications processes to secure sensitive information further, recommending only items that end users have permission to see.

The new AI capabilities in Oracle Cloud CX extend the AI capabilities in Oracle Fusion Applications, allowing businesses to become more competitive, increase productivity, and decrease business costs. Oracle Cloud CX now offers the following new AI capabilities:

Gen AI-Assisted Answer Generation: Automates the creation of contextually informed replies to client questions, reducing service agents’ workloads. This new generative AI feature in Oracle support will enhance customer response times and allow support agents to focus on more difficult scenarios by employing Oracle Digital Assistant to manage and respond to client requests.

Assisted Scheduling for Field Service: This feature assists field service technicians in optimizing their schedules by automatically selecting suitable assignments based on key identifiers such as availability, location, skills, billing status, and more. This new feature in Oracle Service uses AI to boost service efficiency and overall customer happiness by automatically proposing jobs based on projected job length and travel time. 

Opportunity Identification: Assists marketers and salespeople in closing more B2B deals and increasing account-based revenue by identifying the appropriate contacts at target accounts to increase successful cross-sell and upsell activities. Oracle Unity CDP’s new AI models include look-alike modeling for contacts, job title normalization, and subject interest mapping, all of which assist in predictably identifying and classifying the proper members of a purchasing group, resulting in increased activation and sales engagement.

Gen AI-Assisted Authoring for Marketing and Sales: Allows marketers and salespeople to swiftly develop appealing content to better engage customers and shorten the length of transactions. The new generative AI capabilities in Oracle Marketing and Oracle Sales improve buyer engagement by creating customized content for marketing and sales assets, such as email and landing page text.

Seller Engagement Ideas: Helps sellers enhance customer interaction and quicken buying decisions. Oracle Sales’ new AI capabilities help sellers close more transactions by providing highly focused suggestions on specific goods to offer, insights into the buyer’s job and engagement level, and extra contacts for critical prospects.

According to Aly Pinder, research vice president at IDC, “Service resources are finite, so organizations must predict, plan, and proactively activate the parts of service that can be automated.” This would also free up time for more difficult and business-critical tasks that require human intervention.

“The latest updates to Oracle Service are good examples of how AI and machine learning models can improve customer experiences and create the efficiencies needed for service workers to be more productive.”

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