The Future Without Google’s Disavow Tool

The Future Without Google's Disavow Tool

John Mueller stated, “At some point, I’m sure we’ll remove it,” referring to Google Search Console’s disavow link function.

Google may remove the disavow link function from Google Search Console. John Mueller, a Senior Search Analyst at Google, stated on X, “At some point, I’m sure we’ll remove it,” referring to the disavow link tool.

What Google said. When asked about the disavow function, John Mueller reiterated that most websites do not need to use it. Here are the posts:

Bing deleted it. Earlier this year, Bing Webmaster Tools withdrew its disavow link feature. Fabrice Canel from Microsoft noted that the disavow links tool is no longer required since Bing Search engines are very good at determining which connections to count and which to disregard. “Times have changed, and so has our technology,” Canel wrote.

More. Google introduced the disavow link tool in October 2012, which was then relocated to the new Google Search Console interface in 2020. Back then, we described why you would want to utilize this tool:

If you are concerned that you have poor links connecting to your site, which might harm its performance in Google Search, you can provide Google with a list of URLs or domains to disregard. According to Google, this can be done manually, but it is unlikely to be necessary for algorithmic difficulties because Google mainly overlooks broken links rather than penalizes them algorithmically.

“If you have a manual action against your site for unnatural links, or if you think that you’re about to get one because of paid links or link schemes that violate our quality guidelines, ask the other site to remove those links,” added Google. “If you can’t get these links removed, then disavow those sites using this tool.”

Why we care. Many SEOs spend effort disavowing links from Google Search Console. If and when Google removes the link disavow tool from Google Search Console, SEOs will no longer need to deal with it. The truth is, based on Google’s statements over the last few years, most SEOs should not be devoting much time to this activity right now.

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