Future of Marketing: Google Cloud’s Next-Gen AI Solution

The Future of Marketing: Google Cloud's Next-Gen AI Solution

Typeface and GrowthLoop are teaming up with Google Cloud to expedite the development of marketing campaigns. 

They have collaborated to create the GenAI Marketing Solution, with the primary goal of accelerating the creation and execution of innovative marketing campaigns. 

Typeface, a generative AI-powered content creation solution, and GrowthLoop (formerly Flywheel), a segmentation, orchestration, and measurement platform, are the key contributors to this venture.

This new solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with Google’s BigQuery and GenAI Foundation models to establish a comprehensive campaign creation workflow. 

The GenAI Marketing Solution offers several essential features, including:

  1. Profiling customers based on data from BigQuery, encompassing advertising, sales, consumer, and product data.
  1. We are formulating audience segments by employing Growth Loops natural language processing on BigQuery datasets.
  1. Generating personalized content using Typeface’s GenAI capabilities applied to the audience segments developed by GrowthLoop.
  1. Monitoring performance through Growth Loops ROI metrics and A/B testing measures.

The significance of this development lies in its ability to streamline the marketing workflow.


In the fast-paced world of marketing, the demand for speed and flexibility often clashes with the necessity of transitioning from one solution to another. Managing customer data, segmenting audiences, and generating creative content using separate tools.

There’s no instant solution to merge all these aspects seamlessly. It is heartening to witness collaborative efforts among vendors with complementary solutions.

They aim to create an end-to-end workflow, leveraging a robust cloud solution and its extensive dataset resources.

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The GenAI Marketing Solution is available in a private preview exclusively for BigQuery users. 

Typeface’s founder and CEO, Abhay Paransis, emphasized, “Collectively, we’re addressing a fundamental challenge that enterprises have grappled with for years—the ability to consistently tell their stories and engage with customers with compelling content quickly.

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