Supercharge Your PPC Strategy with ChatGPT

Supercharge Your PPC Strategy with ChatGPT: A Step-by-Step Guide

Generative AI, when employed by PPC specialists, can enhance their efforts in managing and optimizing campaigns.

Here are four ways in which this can be achieved:

Our routine optimization work incorporates machine learning and AI to enhance efficiency and performance.

This includes automated bidding, recommendations, and data-driven attribution.

Now, how can PPC practitioners leverage generative AI tools like ChatGPT to augment their campaign management and optimization endeavors?

ChatGPT expedites the analysis and delivery of vast datasets across diverse formats.

Here are several ways I apply it in my daily operations:

1. Conducting Product Research

A significant challenge for PPC practitioners is the struggle of not possessing expertise in every product, service, industry, or brand they handle.

Even in-house managers might rely on product managers and others to educate them on specific product specifications, applications, and technical jargon.

One approach involves investing considerable time in researching and studying each specialized field being marketed.

Alternatively, using generative AI as a foundational resource for research can conserve valuable time.

For instance, consider the scenario of rapidly accelerating your preliminary research while delving into understanding a product you’re promoting (such as bulk industrial citric acid).

Engaging in critical thinking is essential for employing this research approach.

It serves as an excellent foundation for comprehending subjects where your expertise might be limited but necessitates functional knowledge to construct a PPC strategy.

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2. Ad copywriting

Every responsive search ad has 15 headlines and four descriptions, so we can create and test a lot of ad material at once.

However, writing ad content by hand might take a lot of time. It might be difficult if you are still learning about that specific product, too.

This tool will produce alternatives for you to carefully evaluate and change as necessary while saving you time upfront if you provide it with some particular criteria about character count.

You might even be more precise and request that it include some of the competitive advantages you wish to emphasize.

ChatGPT won’t often produce flawless ad copy.

However, this remains a substantial time-saving solution and will probably produce a greater number of variations while integrating more keywords than you would if you were doing it manually.

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3. Exploring Keywords

Using AI to brainstorm creatively and save time is another approach for investigating novel keyword variations.

Numerous keyword research tools are available, spanning both paid and free options. However, ChatGPT can offer a fresh perspective on keyword research.

It can be as straightforward as soliciting preliminary concepts while constructing a new ad group.

Experiment with diverse prompts and precisely define your research objectives.

The objective is to employ the tool to stimulate novel perspectives.

Considering the instance mentioned earlier, I might not have thoroughly explored certain suggested qualifying keywords, such as “one-day” or “black tie.”

Incorporating broad-match keywords could assist in encompassing a more extensive array of these peripheral keywords.

Nevertheless, this exploration could also yield benefits in other aspects, like crafting ad copy or refining landing page content.

4. Researching Target Audiences and Personas

The significance of audiences has escalated, particularly as we strive to convey accurate messages to campaigns, especially in the context of Performance Max campaigns.

Going beyond the direct application of audiences to campaigns, it’s imperative not to disregard the comprehension of the target audience while devising landing page encounters and crafting cohesive ad content.

Leveraging AI, you can swiftly and informally conduct persona research, gaining enhanced insights into key audience segments that warrant your attention.

This prompt has the potential to assist you in various ways, including:

  • You can identify specific demographics you wish to target or bid differently towards.
  • It encourages you to consider a fresh approach when crafting diverse landing page content for A/B testing.
  • You’ll be able to uncover novel keywords and ad copy, which might aid in the creation of entirely new ad groups.

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Incorporating ChatGPT into your PPC toolkit offers valuable advantages. 

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT can spare us from laborious and inefficient tasks that demand substantial resources for accuracy.

Similar to how automated bidding enhances bid effectiveness and time efficiency, tools like ChatGPT and other AI functionalities will further refine our marketing strategies and the formulation of paid approaches.

As practitioners of PPC, the crucial aspect is mastering its utilization to deliver the most potent advertising strategies conceivable.

Even though an effective marketing strategy necessitates human thought and creative troubleshooting, computers are not exempt from errors.

However, harnessing their power and speed allows us to allocate more time to critical tasks and less to routine ones.

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