Google Begins Testing AI Overviews From SGE in Google Search

Google Begins Testing AI Overviews From SGE in Google Search

Some users not using the Google Search Labs SGE feature may see AI overview replies in their search results.

Google is currently testing AI overviews in the regular Google Search results, even if you have not signed up for the Google Search Generative Experience Labs feature. A Google official informed Search Engine Land that this is an experience with a “subset of queries, on a small percentage of search traffic in the United States.”

In May 2023, Google launched a Search Labs area where searchers could opt-in to see and utilize Google SGE results, which included AI overviews. Some users in the United States may now receive these AI replies without opting in.

What the searchers will see. Google will provide AI overviews to a restricted number of US customers.

  • Google is starting with a selection of inquiries where it believes generative AI can be beneficial.
  • These inquiries are often more complex or contain concerns that require information from a variety of web pages, such as “How do I get marks off painted walls.”
  • Google expressed strong confidence in the quality and value these searches provide to consumers. In general, Google stated that it would provide AI overviews when they were additive and when users would receive a better result than what they now see on Search.
  • Google will test a few different variations, so what searchers see in the tests may not be available to all users through this test.

Why now? Google stated that they welcome feedback from searchers who have not expressly opted into SGE. Google noted that this allows them to collect feedback and discover how a larger audience can benefit from this technology.

Ads. Google will continue to display advertisements in and around the new AI overview sessions.

Why we care. These AI replies may reduce the visibility of both organic and regular search advertising. It may result in less, or maybe more, traffic to your website, depending on where the citations are mentioned and where Google positions the advertisements. These experiences are expected to offer less total site traffic than Google’s existing search results.

Time will tell whether Google completely publishes this, but for now, you do not need to be in the SGE labs to get AI overviews; Google is testing it in the field.

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