New HubSpot Solution Streamlines Customer Support

New HubSpot Solution Streamlines Customer Support

From economic downturns to the emergence of new social channels, companies must constantly adapt to changing conditions. However, the AI era is different. SMBs are working in a new world, and it takes more than just adjusting to change. It has to be reinvented.

HubSpot, as a customer platform, helps SMBs anticipate what lies ahead. We create products that change customer-facing teams and promote company development. That is exactly why we are offering Spotlight. Twice a year, we’ll showcase our most recent ideas to help SMBs succeed.

“As technology and consumer expectations grow, marketing, sales, and service teams are seeing significant changes. Businesses will not develop if these customer-facing teams lack the necessary tools, according to Andy Pitre, Executive Vice President of Product at HubSpot. “Right now, innovation happens in days, not years.” It’s a fantastic opportunity for SMBs, but keeping up with the rate of innovation may be difficult. That’s why we introduced Spotlight: to make it simple for our clients to leverage everything HubSpot has built for their reinvention.”

All-new Service Hub Transforms CX Teams into Revenue Generators

The customer experience is broken. Most customers will not hear from an organization after they purchase unless there is an issue. This reactive strategy isn’t working, and SMBs should focus on keeping existing customers satisfied because recruiting a new one can cost up to 25 times more*. This is just one of the many reasons why customer service and success teams are so important to a company’s bottom line. So, why has this field experienced so little innovation?

At HubSpot, we are not just concentrating on customer experience (CX), but also on linking service with marketing and sales and transforming service teams from cost centers to revenue generators. The all-new Service Hub, powered by HubSpot AI, is the only solution that unifies support and success for the first time, allowing CX leaders to grow support while driving retention.

To help CX executives grow support, Service Hub now includes:

Help Desk Workspace: A workspace that allows representatives to maximize productivity by providing an at-a-glance view of everything that matters most, from real-time ticket updates to omnichannel interactions, as well as the ability to organize, search, and filter for better discovery.

Tools that help firms scale:

  • Advanced service level agreements allow improved, more complicated reporting and operations.
  • Robust routing features to ensure tickets are sent to the correct reps at the appropriate time.
  • Workforce management settings and APIs allow users to specify their availability, working hours, and abilities.

To assist success teams with retention, Service Hub now includes:

Customer Success Workspace: For the first time, we are providing a home for success teams in HubSpot, which is now in beta. Customer Success Managers (CSMs) can manage their entire book of business in one location, including actionable insights and bespoke segments. The workspace contains:

  • Account activity and pipelines tailored to each CSM’s portfolio provide fast access to the most critical information.
  • Customer health ratings enable CSMs to assess churn risk, prioritize outreach, and address needs proactively.
  • Product use interfaces with key programs such as Pendo, Amplitude, Segment, and HubSpot’s Custom Events API.

And Service Hub includes more than a dozen AI-powered solutions, including:

  • GPT-powered chatbot provides 24/7 service, allowing representatives to focus on challenging issues.
  • Real-time reply recommendations and conversation summaries, as well as multilingual assistance, help to reduce resolution time.
  • Suggested next steps for salespeople to take after receiving consumer calls.

“With Service Hub, our reps hit the ground running thanks to a complete view of the customer journey,” remarked Jennifer Cummings, Sr. Director of Customer Engagement at Kaplan. “Since bringing our marketing, sales, and service teams together on HubSpot, it’s completely removed the guesswork for our leaders, giving them visibility and confidence that customers are getting what they need, quickly.”

We’re Revolutionising Content Marketing Again: Introducing Content Hub

Customers may now be found almost anywhere. Their purchasing process is splintered across several platforms, leaving marketers with two significant challenges: reach and relevancy. And, while marketing remains the key driver of a B2B company’s ROI, the bar is rising: They must effectively contact customers wherever they are, and do it with quality content that is on brand and valuable. More than half of all content marketers are failing to fulfill demand.** On average, they are responsible for creating five distinct forms of material using five different technologies.

HubSpot revolutionized marketing by inventing inbound marketing, and we’re doing it again. Content Hub is an all-in-one content marketing solution powered by HubSpot AI that creates and manages content across the customer experience.

Content Hub includes:

  • AI Content Creation simplifies the process of producing high-quality multilingual content, from idea generation to blog post writing and picture creation.
  • Content Remix allows you to simply develop a whole content pipeline from a single source. Sixty-five percent of marketers think that this is exactly the type of tool they require.
  • Brand Voice is used to define and generate content with a consistent brand voice across several platforms, including blogs, social media, and email.
  • Audio technology for creating, hosting, and distributing podcasts, as well as Post Narration for converting text to audio for easier content accessibility.
  • Members Blog and Gated Content Library for content management, premium content offerings, and lead capturing.

Commerce Hub Expands Globally with Stripe Collaboration

B2B commerce is unconnected. And it’s making one of the most fundamental parts of business growth – conversion — far more difficult than necessary. Commerce Hub integrates commerce with the rest of the go-to-market teams, allowing B2B buyers to buy whenever and however they want.

We’re now providing unified commerce to more SMBs by offering Commerce Hub to HubSpot’s free users, and we’re expanding Commerce Hub globally in collaboration with Stripe to provide more businesses with local payment options and multicurrency features. HubSpot users may utilize Stripe’s Financial Connections to accept bank account payments, and the Stripe Payment Element, which is part of the optimized checkout suite, allows consumers to see the most appropriate payment methods based on their device type, location, language, and other variables.

The Commerce Hub includes:

  • Improved tools for handling invoices, subscriptions, and payment schedules.
  • Local payment methods provide a flexible checkout experience by accepting credit cards or bank transfers.
  • Finance and accounting teams may now benefit from a new Quickbooks integration that provides a two-way sync of invoices and payments.
  • New API for payments, invoicing, and subscriptions to simply increase Commerce Hub’s capabilities.

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