Google Marketing Platform Releases a New Version of its API

Google Marketing Platform Releases a New Version of its API

Marketers can now gain deeper insights by transferring properties between standard and Analytics 360 properties thanks to the new API.

Google Marketing Platform has launched a new API, providing organizational admins with more options. At present, administrators can:

  • Upgrade or downgrade properties from standard to Analytics 360.
  • Connect Google Analytics accounts to organizations.

Why should we care? The new tools let marketers track their efforts and gain greater insights about key properties for more efficient optimization.

Administrator update. Organization details are now included in the accounts list in the Admin API, allowing for a direct link between the previous Admin API and the new Google Marketing Platform Admin API.

What exactly is Google’s Marketing Platform? Google Marketing Platform brings together DoubleClick’s advertising services with Google’s own advertising and analytics technologies in one location. The platform is designed to make it easier to plan, acquire, measure, and optimize digital advertising and customer experiences all in one location. According to Google,

  • “Google Marketing Platform combines advertising and analytics to help you build quality interactions with customers, uncover deeper insights, and improve marketing outcomes.”

Accessibility. To use the tools offered by the Google Marketing Platform, professionals must get the necessary credentials. Companies must have qualified professionals, either on staff or as contractors.

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