Microsoft to Discontinue Publisher

Microsoft to Discontinue Publisher

Microsoft has revealed that Publisher, the company’s publication layout service, will be gradually phased out and fully abandoned by 2026. With this, the business reveals that the expectations for this service, which has been in operation for over 30 years, have yet to be satisfied for some time, so Microsoft has decided to withdraw it from consideration.

Microsoft Publisher has long been included as part of the Office 365 professional suite. Many people are likely unaware of this service, as it is currently underutilized and only offered to paying subscribers.

Publisher Support will End in 2026

Microsoft announced in a post on their official site that Publisher will no longer be a part of their future service plans. As always, to provide a smooth transition for individuals and businesses, they will continue to supply the service for a reasonable period so that users can choose other alternatives. However, in October 2026, the service will be formally ended.

When the service expires, it will no longer be available through Microsoft 365. Meanwhile, customers who use this service will have two and a half years to locate an alternative that meets their needs.

Copilot is the New Star

On the other hand, while certain services have already been discontinued, others are still expanding. That is the situation with Microsoft Copilot, the Artificial Intelligence on which the business is focusing a significant amount of its marketing. In truth, the Microsoft Teams de Chat 365 service was recently renamed as such, while Bing Chat was discontinued months ago so that Copilot could take charge.

This is an aggressive strategy by Microsoft, which wants to follow the lead of the technology industry, which has concentrated the majority of its attention on everything linked to artificial intelligence. And it is that Copilot, despite having only one name, encompasses a very broad array of services and is becoming increasingly integrated into more Microsoft apps.

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