OpenAI Faces Scrutiny Over YouTube Data Use

OpenAI Faces Scrutiny Over YouTube Data Use

Google and YouTube executives both highlighted in recent days that scraping content from the platforms was a violation of the Terms of Service, but did not specifically accuse OpenAI of doing so.

According to The Verge, executives from Google and YouTube have highlighted that OpenAI collecting users’ data from their platforms for AI training would be a violation of the company’s Terms of Service.

OpenAI has been accused of transcribing massive amounts of YouTube video footage using their Whisper audio transcription algorithm.

In a recent media interview, OpenAI’s CTO Mira Murati declined to address queries about whether the company used YouTube videos to train its recently announced text-to-video model Sora.

According to The Verge, Google spokesperson Matt Bryant has seen “unconfirmed reports” of OpenAI’s conduct, but the company has not specifically accused OpenAI of data collecting.

Google has also faced comparable legal action and criticism for its AI services, such as the Gemini model, as well as the suspected misuse of user data for AI training.

Previously, OpenAI defended its use of content as approved by the fair use concept, but it also highlighted its collaborations with numerous media outlets and claimed to collect data from public sources.

Over the weekend, people criticized Adobe’s text-to-image generators, calling for a boycott. Those pushing for a boycott alleged that such generative AI-enabled features were an unoriginal appropriation of numerous artists’ works without permission or pay.

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