The Impact of Advertising on Teens: Strategies for Protection

The Impact of Advertising on Teens

The removal of gender as a factor in how advertisers can reach people under the age of 18 on Facebook and Instagram is one of the new changes that Meta has stated it would make to its ad system.

Advertisers will only be able to target minors using age and geography as of February, the business announced in a blog post on Tuesday.

The company will only utilize a teen’s age and location to determine what commercials to show them, ensuring that teens only view ads for things appropriate for their age and close to where they reside.

Users under the age of 18 will also have more control over the kinds of advertisements they view on Facebook and Instagram starting in March thanks to Ad Topic Controls.

Teenagers have the option of hiding some or all of the adverts from a certain advertiser.

To prevent teenagers from choosing to opt into stuff that might not be age-appropriate, Meta Said, “the topics we already prohibit in our policy will be defaulted to See Less.”

In order to provide teens with more information about the tools and privacy settings available across our technologies, we’ve established a new privacy website.

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